Thursday, 31 May 2012

Last stitches for May...

Was May a crazy month for you? It certainly has been for me though I don't know why things just started to go haywire and time slips by...

Happily I finished a UFO project that I started last June and pulled out and got it done today so 'Hurray!' for that at least!
This is a freebie from Gettysburg Homestead which I love and will probably end up as a pouch bag - I definitely go on prim fads. I mean, one month I can't get enough of strawberry fobs, the next of prairie bonnets, after that I go crazy for ditty bags etc. etc.! You get the idea!
Here's a little glimpse into my darkened sewing room as I prepare to go to bed tonight - and no, they're not voodoo dolls even though one poor shape has a needle jabbed into it at a vicious looking angle!!!

More about these critters next month, so stay tuned folks!

May's been crazy, let's hope June is more settled!
Thanks for joining me!

Best wishes


  1. Love your OLDE GLORY!
    I can't wait to see your finished dolls.
    Happy Last Day of MAY.
    Hugs Trace

  2. It has been a crazy month. I told my husband this morning, I am so glad that May is over. I will need June to just return to normal.
    I always love seeing what you have been working on, I can't wait to see what you have there in the shadows.
    You do such nice work and It always makes me happy looking at it.
    Have a great June, Christine.

  3. Love your little flag tuck Christine. See you next month.


  4. Hi Christine!! Love your cross stitch!! Wish I had time for it--I used to do a little bit but that was years ago!! I used to be a dollmaker too--so I laughed when I saw your critters in the darkened room---I used to have bags of "body parts " around the house!!Love the peacock too!! Enjoy your weekend!!--Jan

  5. Always makes you feel good to finish UFO projects! I don't know, that needle jabbed into that poor doll does look pretty vicious!! lol

  6. I agree, May was crazy! But I loved being able to spend so much time in the yard and gardening! Your pillow turned out well! Hope to get my cross stitch WIP done this weekend! ~Roberta

  7. Hi, Christine:
    Your finishes are lovely as always.
    The UFO pinkeep project is especially nice. I'm anxious to see those critters!
    Thank you for the sweet and thoughtful comment you left on my blog. I missed talking to you!

  8. Love the flag pinkeep.Happy June!~Amy

  9. Great job on the pinkeep Christine-it feels so good to get a UFO no longer a UFO.
    I love the little bag pattern also and I sure am anxious to see what is lurking in the shadows of your craft room??
    Hope you are getting to enjoy the beautiful day today,
    Hugs, Shazy

  10. I am loving your Old glory too and like you feed my stitching craving with fads LOL.. Time passes so quickly and I too hope june has a slower pace.. X

  11. Loving that patriotic tuck. Just in time too....:) I can't wait to see what you are doing with your dolls. May was a crazy month now that you mention it. Seems like we had two field trips, 2 school picnincs, a carnival, and trying to sign the kids up for summer activities. Whew.....I can't wait for the summer. -Steph-

  12. Love the Old Glory...I just finished a little garden sign with Glory on it! I go in streaks like that too...Don says I even eat in streaks...right now I'm on a peanut butter toast kick!! Can't wait to see your little "voo doo" dolls done!! Have a great day!!

  13. Beautiful work! I hope to watch some of the festivities on TV this weekend! Must be exciting for you! Enjoy!

  14. Wonderful job Christine!!
    May is always a crazy month for us and I'm hoping that June settles down to a very quiet month!
    Enjoy your summer break!

  15. Hi, Christine~
    Beautiful stitches & love the pattern~Great work~
    curious to see you Voodoos~ giggles~
    have a great weekend~

  16. Missed this somehow Christine.. I am thinking June is crazier than May.. grin..
    Lovely stitching.. xoxo

  17. Love your Old Glorty Christine!!


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