Thursday, 31 May 2012

Last stitches for May...

Was May a crazy month for you? It certainly has been for me though I don't know why things just started to go haywire and time slips by...

Happily I finished a UFO project that I started last June and pulled out and got it done today so 'Hurray!' for that at least!
This is a freebie from Gettysburg Homestead which I love and will probably end up as a pouch bag - I definitely go on prim fads. I mean, one month I can't get enough of strawberry fobs, the next of prairie bonnets, after that I go crazy for ditty bags etc. etc.! You get the idea!
Here's a little glimpse into my darkened sewing room as I prepare to go to bed tonight - and no, they're not voodoo dolls even though one poor shape has a needle jabbed into it at a vicious looking angle!!!

More about these critters next month, so stay tuned folks!

May's been crazy, let's hope June is more settled!
Thanks for joining me!

Best wishes

Friday, 25 May 2012

True Colors

It's been a beautiful week weather wise in N. Ireland - great since it was my youngest two kids' summer sports day at school not so for my eldest who had exams all week and had to try to revise for them instead for sunbathing!

I have been enjoying the outdoors and so neglected my sewing for a bit but I'm really in the mood for stars and stripes, so here's a few pics of some Americana stars and stripes I've pulled out so far~

I did get a Friday finish !! YAYY! I made a prim Americana Kitty who is based on our neighbor's cat Mitzi who likes to come by and visit us especially when it's Sunday roast time!

She's extremely patriotic waving her flag and wearing a matching dress with a wee star necklace!

Wishing everyone in the USA a great Memorial weekend!
Thanks for coming by - hope to hear from you too!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Drakestone Country Primitives Giveaway!

Hello friends!

Just wanted to let you all know about Angi's wonderful Americana giveaway which runs until June 3rd.

You just need to be a follower but believe me you'll love all her fab prim creations!

Here's what's in the giveaway~Just click here to go over and sign up!!

Best wishes

Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday Finishes

Wheww! I just about made this post for Friday finishes! I've barely been able to pick up a needle this past week what with appointments and kids' events and family concerns all in the mix.

This is my first finish - it's a sweet pear pattern from Samplers and Santas blog~
And the other pattern I finished was also from Samplers and Santas - really love the wool bag it's stitched onto~

This is a better picture without the flash as it shows it as it really looks - the frayed edge was a nice touch that I saw on the original by Marly~

I've a wish list of things to make that is longer than my arm so we'll have to see if things even out somewhat!

Hope you are all well and have a great weekend!

Best wishes

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Bluebells are one of my favorite flowers.
They take me back to my childhood. Up until I was 5 years of age, I lived in town in a fairly average street near shops and school. But my dad always had a hankering for the country and he bought a small farm down a long narrow lane with only fields surrounding us. We moved to our wee cottage in the month of May and all down the sides of the lane the bluebells were welcoming us
to our new home and a slice of paradise. That was one of the first things I did - I picked mummy a bouquet of bluebells and now my own sweet son picks me bluebells~I've them sitting on my windowsill and they help me enjoy washing up the dishes!! I also put some of this wild flower in my posy - they are extra special as they led me to the Lord in salvation - to read how I gave my heart to the Savior just click here
I re worked my bluebell pattern to make this but now I'm not sure how to display it? Any suggestions other than framing it or making a pillow?

Summer's on it's way and we are enjoying summer fruit salad - simple and sweet!

It was great having you visit and a special welcome to new friends!
Have a great week and savor every moment!

Best wishes

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Merrie Month of May

Wow! It's the first of May already - a third of the year has slipped by so quickly!
The fisrt of May is a special day in our home as our littlest daughter has her birthday to day! She is now 8 - this is a picture taken last year - she loves animals and had to have a cat face painting done and then cried when I had to wash it off at bedtime!
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY my wee sweetheart! She's getting to be so grown up already as tonight she asked to picked a restaurant to go and have a birthday dinner at!Here's my first finish since getting the cast removed last week: it's a freebie sampler by Primitive Betty, stitched on 28ct natural linen~
I chose the name Katie - I was remembering reading the 'What Katie did' stories.

It definitely feels so good to be able to stitch again!

Here is my own freebie cross stitch chart from last year for any of you who didn't get it before.
Just click to enlarge and print off~Hope you enjoy - I'm going to go for a walk now and gather some beautiful bluebells - happy stitching!

Thanks again for your visit!
Best wishes