Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday Display Chain - Mary, Mary How does your Garden Grow?

For Misi's last in the present series of Tuesday Display Chain, the theme is 'Mary, how does your garden grow?'
Let me introduce you to Mary my faceless prairie doll who loves gardening

- she's not a bit like me... I can pot some pre-grown plants and mow the lawn and even pull weeds but that's my limit unfortunately.
The sun has come out this afternoon after heavy rain and thunder but look how refreshed the front lawn looks now!

These trees are in full leaf now
I took this shot early in the morning - can you spot the little robin red-breast on the branch? There are several couples nesting nearby and their twittering is lovely to listen to.

Those little robins better keep an eye open for Mitzi our neighbor's cat! She comes over to me during the day for some company.

I've enjoyed participating for the last few weeks in the display chain and want to thank Misi for organizing it so well.
Make sure you stop by her blog and check out all the other posts this week! Click here
Thanks so much for your visits and comments too!
Best wishes and hope you enjoy your garden!


  1. Christine I can barely mow and weed. I have allergies so bad that I end up a runny, red mess, lol!!! Thank you for sharing! Katie

  2. Hi Christine... Wow, your lawn is just as green as can be! Love your pretty trees and your "Mary" doll too. Watch out Robin's for the kitty ;) Blessings, Traci

  3. Love your Mary doll! Perfect!! You have such a pretty yard! I love this time of year with new growth and the birdies coming back!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Mary is pretty enough to steal the show..smile..Boy your lawn is lush and green.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. I was just thinking about you and wondering what you have been up to and if you got your cast off, is your wrist all better now?
    I like you little doll. I think your yard looks so pretty.
    It is always so nice to stop by and see what you have been doing.

  6. Christine~ love your doll~beautiful captures~ your kitty is adorable~
    thanks for sharing~ I can never see enough of gardening, outdoors and animals~

  7. Ofcourse your lawn is green ;-) , you're probably having lots of rain like we've been having? I like the doll!!


  8. I want to know if your doll can grow carrots ?
    :-) ah, she's lovely :-) X X X

  9. Cute little dolly Christine and your lawn/yard looks so nice! Looks like spring has sprung on the Emerald Isle!


  10. Oh my gosh how green everything is. Your yard is beautiful. "Hi" cute kitty kitty. It's been fun having you join in the display chain. -Steph-

  11. Love your little doll!! And your yard looks beautiful!!

  12. Very Nice Prairie doll. I like that she is faceless. Wish my lawn was as green as yours!

  13. Christine, Everything is looking so "springy". I love how things look right after a rain. Love your prairie doll too! OLM

  14. I like the apron the doll has on. The added embroidery makes for a sweet look.

  15. ....And you are nothing like me as I would be stealing that adorable little putty kat for my own.... ;o) Sweet post Christine - your yard is amazing! Have you no weeds there? Yikes - looks like a putting green!!! Have enjoyed your company during the chain.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  16. Mary is adorable. So sweet and a hard worker also. Your yard looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us. Blessings ~Sara

  17. Morning Sweet Friend
    Oh I love your faceless doll.
    Beautiful. Your garden is too. How wonderful to have a furry friend stop by for a visit too.
    Hugs to you


  18. Hi Christine...wonderful contribution to Misi's display chain.


  19. Hi Christine..Oh how I would love to have your
    beautiful green lawn...Mary is sooo sweet..love her little apron. Mary

  20. Mitzi has picked a beautiful place to visit... those blooming trees are gorgeous, I can't wait to see those colors in my neck of the woods. Thanks so much for sharing along in the Tuesday Display Chain

  21. What beautiful grass you have!!! We like to call ours green weeds! Enjoy!

  22. I love to listen to robins singing, it is so spring to me. Love your prairie doll Mary too cute and your lawn is gorgeous! Have a great day from your newest follower.
    Be blessed!


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