Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday Display Chain: Sprucing & Springing!

Today I'm joining in Misi's Tuesday Display chain and this week's theme is Sprucing and Springing!

So here goes with my first ever interpretation of the theme and I really had to think hard!!!

Last year when we cut back some trees after spring nesting time was past, this tiny little nest fell out and I saved it for spring decorating this year and quite literally its springing on an old rusty spring! That'a a chocolate egg in it and I could only find pink!
Of course there's lot's springing up in the garden~

My strawberry plants~

And of course lots of dandelions~

A 'spring chicken'

And just this morning our delivery came! We are sprucing up our master bath/shower room with new tiling, sink and taps and countertop.This is the white countertop~
So we're sprucing up our nest for spring!
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  1. I'm giggling at the dandelion. My five year old has a "concoction" brewing in my bathroom. It consists of one dandelion..a qtip, and some rubber band! I was giving strict orders not to touch in before he went to school today! Oh the joy of the dandelion!!!

  2. Amazing what ideas 'spring' into your mind. Very cute decor.

  3. great interpretation Christine.


  4. I love your bird nest.. What a great idea to put it on an old spring..Your chick is cute, too.
    Good luck with your bath.. You must be excited..
    I am sending you a separate email....

  5. So glad you joined in the chain Christine! Perfect interpretations - funny, but "springs" came to my mind as well, but, after I thought about it more, I realized I don't have but one - and it has a Halloween cat on it! That nest is amazing....I love the fluffy stuff mixed with the greens and twigs....What artisans those feathered creatures are!! I see I have a bit of catching up to do here on your blog again....yikes - how do I get behind so quickly??? Smiles & Tuesday Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Oh that is such a pretty nest.Don't think I've ever seen a natural one so pretty ever..smile..Glad you joined in.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. That little nest is so sweet. I left my christmas wreath out again that the robins used last year for their nest, I am hoping they use it again. I loved watching them. I think the only flower we have sprining up so far is the dandelion. How fun, sprucing up the bathroom! Kayleigh and I are going to paint her room during spring break.

  8. How fun to have you along Christine. That bird's nest is so pretty. I am glad you rescued it. I also think the rusty springs are clever. Have a happy day. -Steph-

  9. Looks like you are very busy "sprucing"!!! Love the birds nest!!! OLM

  10. Look at all your flowers, I even love the dandelions LOL! Still winter like here with snow hiding in the hollows. Have fun sprucing! Deb

  11. Christine... that nest that you rescued is beautiful and so adorable on the spring...How cute is that!
    I love the Spring chicken too way to cute..

    have fun redoing the Bathroom...it will be fun deorating it too... You might even need one of my Necessary room gatherings..Is that a suttle hint to go check them out or what??

    Have a great week!


  12. Christine, Thank you so much for following--I hope you will come often to visit me. I love your Springy springs!! How funny--never thought of THAT interpretation. --Jan

  13. Love your nest on a spring! Looks like the little birdies had quite a comfortable spot. Hope your bathroom redo goes much faster than mine! I think it will be three months from start to finish here. :-( ~Roberta

  14. Love the nest~ so naturally pretty~ wonderful flowers & greens springing up in your neck of the woods~
    looking forward to your bathroom redo

  15. Hi Christine,
    Beautiful displays of Sprucing and Springing.

  16. Hi Christine..I just love you're sweet nest and think you're interpretation was spot on..hugs X

  17. Love all your Spring time...Lovely natural nest & Even the summers pesky dandelion brings a smile in spring time ;0)
    Thanks so much for sharing along in the chain. I hope you will join in again..
    Thank you!

  18. Wow, love the real nest! It's so cute sitting on the spring, great idea!

    I'd be excited about the strawberries springing up, yum! My kids always bring me dandelions when they are out picking flowers so I've grown to love them even though my hubby doesn't, hehe.

    Congrats on getting a new bathroom. Lots of work but oh, so wonderful when it's completed. Enjoy~


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