Tuesday, 6 March 2012

this that and the Other...

Hello again! How's your week so far? Good I hope! Mine is ambling nicely as there's not a lot out of the ordinary going on this week, thankfully. So while I was doing my usual in town messages on Monday, I popped into the thrift store. I'm not good at delving through 'stuff' but these three stoneware bottles were just what I've been looking for. I wanted some jars to display stems and these fit the bill - they are taller than milk bottles and the narrow neck holds the stems in place together.

And as a book lover I couldn't resist buying two old and worn books by Charles Dickens, Martin Chuzzlewit and The Old Curiosity Shop. I really love the details that were put on these covers~

But back to the stone jars - what to fill them with - the forsythia's not quite in full bloom yet - I'll pick some next week but in the meantime I came across this wonderful idea to make pussy willow stems - you can see the tutorial from Teri of White Sheep farm blog here
Here's where I've put mine - The other thing I mentioned is that I've added the linky follower to my sidebar and i'd be grateful if you could become a follower there too. i'm also trying to get around your blogs and follow you too!
Well dinner's ready and hubby's just home from work - yes I'm trying to blog and make dinner - one of my favs too sweet and sour chicken and boiled rice!

Thanks so much for your comments i love to hear from you!
Best wishes


  1. Great display for your jugs and pussy willows. I am going to check out the tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Dinner sounds delish. Blessings ~Sara

  2. Following you on Linky. I have signed up for it also:) I will be purchasing Forsythia in silk form for now. I have never seen it grown around here. Love the bottles. Your books are pretty. I love old books.

  3. I love your old bottles and esp. the books too! The stems you made look wonderful in them, and that sweet dolly nearby!

  4. Love the bottles and books you found at the TS... great finds. Blessings, Traci

  5. I love those bottles, they are amazing. Not to mention those books. I think I would enjoy going to your thrift shop, I never see anything that good. I will go check out that site. I love pussy willow.

  6. Your stems look pretty & real in your new bottles. Blessings!

  7. Oh, I love your books especially but also your jugs and your pussy willows are sweet.. I think I recognized someone...grin.. She looks as though she likes Northern Ireland.. Lucky girl.. grin..
    Blessings dear friend...

  8. Hi Christine,
    You are so lucky to have TS near you. Everything here is consignment... and they want an arm and a leg or two for everything.
    And the only TS that I have found doesn't have anything as good as what you found.
    your pussy willows look GREAT in you jugs!
    Have a great day.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Ooooh, sweet and sour chicken is one of our favorite recipes. I like the stoneware bottles and the green Charles Dickens book is a great find. I loved the tutorial for the pussy willows. Wasn't it great? And so easy.

  10. congrats on your bottle find Christine. I'm checkin out the tutorial.


  11. those look like really cool old books - I bet they smell wonderfully old as well ;)

  12. Those are great books! I need to look for those more often when I am going through thrift stores...I never even think about that. Your pussy willows are so cute and they are perfect for your new bottles.

  13. What great finds at the thrift store! Those bottles are wonderful...the books too! Don would love to find old books like that. The pussy willows look great in the bottles...great job!! Have a great day!!

  14. What great finds! Those bottles are perfect and I love the books. The covers are just so pretty on those old books!

  15. Those pussy willows look very nice next to Raggedy Annie. I always put some Forsythia in a vase to prepare for Spring.


  16. Two of my favorites - old bottles and old books - and those books are wonderful indeed!! Love them! Your pussy willows are gorgeous - I was just looking at a display and decided I really need some pussy willows - but it will be a while before the real ones make an appearance here. Hmmmm...I'm long overdue for a visit to White Sheep Farm..... Thanks for the share! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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