Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring has Sprung!


It's a gloriously bright spring day here, though it's blustery too, but great for blowing away the cobwebs!
I always think of the funny nursery rhyme at this time of the year; Do you know it?

Spring has sprung
The grass is riz
I wonder where
the birdies is?
There he is
Up in the sky
He dropped some whitewash in my eye!
I'm alright I won't cry
I'm just glad that cows don't fly!

Amen to that!!LOL!

I'm quietly welcoming spring to my home with not alot of rearranging or decorating - at this time of the year it's hard enough just cleaning and that's what I did yesterday, But last evening I fancied making just one more wee bunny~

He's made from the old quilt I cut up last year to make spring things with so I hoked them out from hibernating in the cupboards and set them out.

This is the Easter egg makedo though it's so bright here today it looks washed out when really its darker stained~
And here's the cutter quilt ditty bag~
Not forgetting Miss Harriet Hare proudly wearing her cutter quilt apron

Set out my cross stitch spring pillow - click here to get the free pattern I made for it. (At end of post.)

And of course no spring decorating is complete without fresh cut flowers, some daffs on the table
And the forsythia I picked in full bloom!
I loved having you visit and sharing with you!
wishing you all a blessed spring!
A better verse to leave you with that the first rhyme-

It is spring time in my soul today
for when the Lord is near,
The dove of peace sings in my heart
the flowers of grace appear.

Amen to that! God is so faithful!
Best wishes


  1. Never heard the poem but certainly made me giggle.The quilt ditty is so wonderful.I've been enjoying all the pretty blooms when I take the dogs for a walk.Been so mild here for march.Warm Blessings!~Amy

    1. What a cute poem, I have never heard it before :) Great spring decorations and the flowers are just the right touch! Ours are not blooming yet so I have to wait awhile...
      Have a wonderful first day of Spring!

      hugs, Trish

  2. I love your Spring things. I never heard the poem, but it's cute! Love the phrasing near the end. We are 20 degrees above normal here all week, I hope summer doesnot rush in too quickly. I love Springtime!

  3. What a happy post. The bunny is just WAY too cute!

  4. Your wee bunny is adorable and the poem a hoot! Now that we live in Florida, it's pretty much spring most of the year..lol. I do need to plant some pretty flowers though, your daffodils look great :)

  5. Your sweet post made me smile, dear friend.. I love your bunnies, Christine.. I need to make some..
    And yes, He is so faithful and we are so blessed.. And getting to know you has been one blessing in my life...

  6. I love your chubby cutter quilt bunny!!! So cute! And now that I know the rest of that poem I enjoy it even more! I was only familiar with the first 4 lines of that... sooooo, thanks for the chuckles! :-)

  7. Love you fresh spring pictures Christine.


  8. What wonderful displays...it is all very nice..thanks so much for sharing...many blessings to you Christine.

  9. LOL! Your first poem made me smile. I love all of your decoration and I can't wait to see the flowers around here. Mine are just poking out of the ground. Have a wonderful first day of spring!!

  10. Loved your post. Such cute spring goodies. You have given me inspiration. I need to finish my spring decorating. Everything looks wonderful. Blessings and happy spring. ~Sara

  11. Thanks for the giggle ! Love your spring displays ! Happy Spring to you ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  12. Happy Spring and cute bunny. You are so creative, I love everything you do:) Your Forsythia is very pretty. -Steph-

  13. Haha! I know that first poem too!
    Your bunnies are very lovely and your spring flowers brightened up my autumn day :-)
    That last verse is so precious - yes indeed - He is always faithful!
    God bless...Trish

  14. I never did know the rest of that poem Christine~how sweet!
    Love all your darling spring-time decor~you've certainly put that old cutter quilt to good use!
    Have a great day/evening!

  15. I love everything but especially love the spring ditty bag. I've never heard that spring poem.

  16. Cute rhyme, Christine - never heard it before....now I likely won't forget it! Pretty touches of spring at your home - Love the new cutter quilt bunny - he's adorable! And your forsythia is gorgeous....We had been having some above normal warm temps for a few weeks (although it's taken a turn for the colder now)....but no blooms yet!! Happy Spring! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  17. Cute poem, haha! I love your spring decorations. All of your cutter quilt handmades are just darling, wonderful job you did on them!

    Oh goodness, loving your daffodils! They are one of my favorite flowers! The forsythia is beautiful too. Amen to that verse, love it! I enjoyed your pretty spring, thanks for sharing~


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