Friday, 30 March 2012

Happy 3rd Blog Birthday!

Could it really be 3 years since I started this blog?

Seems so according to the calendar!

I have enjoyed this wonderful blogging journey and each one of you who make it so much fun!

It's a huge blessing to know others I've never met care to share and pray and comment and just keep in touch, even with our busy schedules!

And to each of you, I say THANK YOU!

So in time honored blogging tradition, this blogiversary needs to be celebrated with a giveaway!

Now as you know I've a broken wrist and I would've loved to make and create something new for this giveaway but I hope we can makedo in true prim spirit with this humble little offering
My homespun cutter quilt Spring ditty bag and also this pinkeep for Easter from Primitive Betty's design~

If you'd like to enter there are just a couple of rules:

You need to be a follower of my blog - old or new welcome!

Please leave a comment on this post only saying you'd like to be entered.

I'll draw a winner on April 10.

Once again I thank you for your friendship, and hope you and I stick around a lot longer!

Best wishes

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday Display Chain: Sprucing & Springing!

Today I'm joining in Misi's Tuesday Display chain and this week's theme is Sprucing and Springing!

So here goes with my first ever interpretation of the theme and I really had to think hard!!!

Last year when we cut back some trees after spring nesting time was past, this tiny little nest fell out and I saved it for spring decorating this year and quite literally its springing on an old rusty spring! That'a a chocolate egg in it and I could only find pink!
Of course there's lot's springing up in the garden~

My strawberry plants~

And of course lots of dandelions~

A 'spring chicken'

And just this morning our delivery came! We are sprucing up our master bath/shower room with new tiling, sink and taps and countertop.This is the white countertop~
So we're sprucing up our nest for spring!
For other great posts visit Misi's blog
Thanks for the visit and join in the fun!

Best wishes

Thursday, 22 March 2012

A SET back

I've been looking forward to starting a new sampler for a while now. It's by Margaret & Margaret called Phebe Allen 1817 reproduction sampler and have this much done so far...

Until I suffered THIS set back - yesterday whilst playing badminton I stumbled and fell onto my wrist and with the pain mounting, DH took me to hospital and to my dismay was told my wrist is broken.

Oh no, I can't stitch, never mind drive or cook or clean (too much) - funny that last one doesn't bother me so much!!!lol!

I'm managing because at least I can still follow all your blogs and I'm thankful it wasn't my ankle so I can still walk but time might just be more tricky to fill without any sewing :-(

And there's always reading which I love. A blessing my Amazon order came yesterday and I've got more Amish fiction to read!

When the swelling goes down I've to have a hard cast put on - just pray that I heal quickly as it means I can get back to being a full time mum again and stitch some!!!

Thanks for your friendly comments - you make my day brighter!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring has Sprung!


It's a gloriously bright spring day here, though it's blustery too, but great for blowing away the cobwebs!
I always think of the funny nursery rhyme at this time of the year; Do you know it?

Spring has sprung
The grass is riz
I wonder where
the birdies is?
There he is
Up in the sky
He dropped some whitewash in my eye!
I'm alright I won't cry
I'm just glad that cows don't fly!

Amen to that!!LOL!

I'm quietly welcoming spring to my home with not alot of rearranging or decorating - at this time of the year it's hard enough just cleaning and that's what I did yesterday, But last evening I fancied making just one more wee bunny~

He's made from the old quilt I cut up last year to make spring things with so I hoked them out from hibernating in the cupboards and set them out.

This is the Easter egg makedo though it's so bright here today it looks washed out when really its darker stained~
And here's the cutter quilt ditty bag~
Not forgetting Miss Harriet Hare proudly wearing her cutter quilt apron

Set out my cross stitch spring pillow - click here to get the free pattern I made for it. (At end of post.)

And of course no spring decorating is complete without fresh cut flowers, some daffs on the table
And the forsythia I picked in full bloom!
I loved having you visit and sharing with you!
wishing you all a blessed spring!
A better verse to leave you with that the first rhyme-

It is spring time in my soul today
for when the Lord is near,
The dove of peace sings in my heart
the flowers of grace appear.

Amen to that! God is so faithful!
Best wishes

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bunny Basket Tutorial

Bunny Basket!

A project that will take you back to your early school days and all those projects using papier mache!

Here's what you need for this cheap and cheerful bunny:

lots of sheets of newspaper
sticky tape
flour and water to make a paste
paint brush
filler - also known as joint compound
brown paint or white if you prefer
lacquer/varnish to seal

Step one,
Make the basket part by shaping several layers of newspaper into a curve and hold in place with sticky tape~

The base will look like thisStep 2:
Shape newspaper into an oblong and stick firmly in place

Step 3:
Stick the base/basket part together with the oblong part to form front/neck of bunny

Step 4
By rolling short pieces of newspaper into sausage shapes and sticking you can make paws for bunny and stick on
Step 5
Now make a ball with the paper and stick on top of neck. To this ball for its head add a small lump of kitchenpaper/towel to give a more realist curved head and one for the nose~
A tip here is try to keep the sticky tape as flat as you can for a smoother end result.

Step 6
Cut out 2 ears from cardboard - I used a cereal packet - and cut into the ear along its base to make it easier to attach and sit better

Now it should look something like this though my kids roared with laughter and asked was I making a model of the Egyptian Sphinx!!! Hummmph - my cheeky kids! What an insult to my creativity!!LOL!
Step 7
Cut the newspaper into strips about 3/4" wide and several inches long. Dip into your flour and water paste which acts as your glue - I put a tbspn of flour in a tub and add water bit by bit to make a runny paste, cover the entire bunny in pieces of this papier mache making it as smooth as possible. It looks like this~
Let it dry until completely firm

Step 8
Mix a small amount of filler and fill in any dips and hollows for a smooth face and body and shape the face and any gaps at the leg joints.
Step 9
When completely dry, gently sand off any lumps. Brush off dust and you're ready to paint.
I used a Dulux emulsion called Brown sugar but just use what you like. It will probably take 3 coats of paint to give a good covering. Then seal with varnish when the paint dries.

Here's the eye detail you paint on~

The nose detail~

Then all you need to do is fill with spring goods like eggs on Spanish moss or grass or carrots or even a little potted plant and display for Spring!!
Have fun and show us your Bunny please! We could even have an Easter Bunny blog parade!

Thank you all for taking the time to comment last time - you are all so sweet! Thanks for caring!

Best wishes

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

It's Done!

Hurray - my bunny sampler is a WIP no longer!!! I finished all the stitching and cute little details yesterday evening. It's a pattern from Homespun Elegance - an old one from 2003!

Details like the topiary potted plant Bunny's holding - it's chain stitch~

Then his fluffy tail is done with colonial knots~

The colors are perfect for a soft spring day!

I was going through some patterns I've downloaded and came to this one by Primitive Betty's and just had to do it and make it into a pillow~

Simple yet lovely - I backed it in this Americana fabric - yes I love Americana!
So far this week I've been spring cleaning - one room done and too many still to clean!
I also got the lawn mowed today - oh the sweet scent of freshly cut grass!

Love to hear from you if you could spare a minute or two!
Have a blessed week!