Friday, 24 February 2012

Nearly a Friday finish!

Hi everyone! I was having lunch today - nothing special - just homemade vegetable broth - I'm on a sugar free as possible diet!! - seriously!! And it was whilst slurping my soup that I realised I haven't got my Friday finish finished!!! Help! What to do when I need wheels to finish my pull toy Easter bunny - you remember the one Angi was offering as a freebie.

Well I'm still searching for wheels but I quickly painted the base and stitched on the bunny's ears , eyes and nose and glued it to the base and here it is ~

Bit of a cutie, I think! Thanks Angi for the pattern - really easy to make!! I made him from some over- dyed wool~
I can hardly say I've got a collection of pull toys, but I'll show you the other two in my home.
This sheep is unfortunately not hand made but it is pretty big and I love Americana.... so I brought him home~

And another farm animal pull toy - a lovely fat cow made from resin but a special gift from a friend who knows all the things I love to decorate with!
So there you go from a mild spring like N. Ireland!
Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Welcome to all my new stitching followers - so many talented crafters, I'm delighted to meet you! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes


  1. Hi, Christine:
    Your bunny pull toy turned out to be so adorable and it's a beautiful finish. I don't care if the wheels aren't on yet!

  2. I love your almost done bunny pull toy. Maybe you should just let the wheels of.


  3. Your handmade bunny pull toy is just so cute. The whool you used gives him such a beautiful prim look. Blessings!

  4. I love your bunny.. So prim..
    I love pull toys and the cow one is lovely, too..
    Have a good weekend, dear friend..

  5. Oh...I love me my bunnies - and this little fellow is positively ADORABLE Christine....You did Angi all kinds of proud! Love your sheep and cow too....Hey, 3 is all it takes for an official collection! Thanks so much for your kind visit and sweet comments....I'm running forever behind it seems, so I hope you'll forgive me....Have some catching up to do here it looks like! Have a grand weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. So very sweet and adorable Christine~you did a great job on Mr. Bunny!


  7. Hi Christine, love the bunny!! Great job!! Love your other pull toys too.

  8. wowwwwwww i love the bunny so much..he is so cute..i love your other pull toys too..very cutee..
    big hugs cucki xx

  9. Christine, I downloaded that same pattern and was just looking at it last night and was overwhelmed by where I would find wheels. I love yours!! It looks so awesome. You did such a great job. Now I really want to get mine done. Even if it doesn't become a pull toy:) I also love the other pull toys you have. 3 makes a collection you know:) -Steph-

  10. Hey Christine.. did you figure out where to find some wheels for your most adorable Bunny..So perfectly Prim..
    Maybe I can help..if you have any kind of craft store around you go to the packaged wood section.Not sure i can explain them to you but You should be able to find a package of wood circles with a hole in the center.They are used for small Candle stick bases. about a 3/4" circle x 1/4 thick.
    They are ridged/rounded so they look just like a wheel. Now if that doesn't work you can also use thick wood buttons. Actually the candle stick base looks like a button on it has a larger hole in the center for the screw or nail rather then two in a button. If you use a button simply use a drill to drill out the denter of the button to make it a single hole big enough for a screw or nail. They work just as well & easier to find generally.
    If I can remember I will take a picture of one and email it to you. Anyway you simply use a nail with a large head or a screw to attach it to your base, leaving it loose enough that it can spin and waa-laa wheels for your pull toys.
    send me a reminder to take a pic of one and send it to you.. I have used them for wheels for years..
    Hope that helps!

    Have a Great Day!


  11. Hi Christine your bunny is fantastic..If you check out on the back of the pattern I added the link to where to purchase the metal wheels from..It is in the states but they only take a week to get all the way over here and they are a great company to deal with..XX

  12. G'day Christine love your rabbit, they are a bit of a fav, along with sheep, cows, goats oh and pigs.
    LiBBiE in Oz

  13. Hi Christine,
    Your rabbit is so cute, I hope you find some wheels soon.

    I finally have my new blog up and running, I hope you can stop by soon and see my changes.

  14. Great stuff - always fun to see your work.

  15. Your bunny is so cute! I like all of your pull toys, especially the sheep :)

  16. The bunny turned out very are such a talent!1 I love the other two...I love I think that ones especially nice. It must be the dairy farmer in me...all my ancestors were dairy farmers until my dad moved out West!


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