Saturday, 28 January 2012

Fun Read


I've had my nose stuck in this book all week so I've no stitching to share, sadly but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book. My SIL let me borrow it and I've been lost to the 21st century this week to be immersed in pioneer times in America. I love historical novels and romances - my excuse is it might be entitled' A Log Cabin Christmas', but it's almost Feb 14 and we love some romance in the air!

So if you love Little House on the Prairie etc and you want a fun , light but uplifting read, I can recommend this collection of short stories.

I just want to give you all a smile this weekend by quoting some of the funny children's sayings from the first story in the book - but don't worry, I won't give the story away!
Remember it's set at Christmas time so the children have been asked to relate something from the Christmas nativity.

Miss Parker's class 1885~

By Priscilla, age 8: When Jesus was born, Mary wrapped him in swatting clothes because of all the flies in the stable.

By Casey, age 7: Jesus had twelve opossums, which went out into the world to preach.
Our opossum just hangs from the tree in the back yard.

By Charles, age 6: After Jesus was born, the sky was filled with heavenly holes.

By Robert, age 8: The three wise men brought Jesus Francis and mirth for his birthday, but he really wanted tin soldiers.

George age 6: When God said there should be peace on earth, I don't think he meant us to eat them.

Don't kids say the funniest things?
I enjoyed them and hope you do too!

Have a great weekend!


  1. How sweet, Christine. I'm reading the diary of
    Anna Winslow, from 1770. Isn't it wonderful
    to read these stories and "transport" ourselves
    back in time?
    Your book is delightful.

  2. Hello Christine!
    Your book sounds wonderful and I enjoyed the children's quotes. They are so honest!
    Hope you are doing well.

  3. That book sounds like something I would want to read. I'll have to look for it. Such funny kid's amazing what they can come up with!

  4. Quotes: Too funny!!!! Sounds like a good book. When I retire from crafting, I will be reading, reading, reading. No time to read now, or if I do, nothing would get done!!!!
    Thnaks for stopping by my blog. You have a no- reply and have no e-mail for you, as I always want to reply.
    Take care,

  5. Me again. I just realized, I wasn't able to reply to your posts, but you fixed that now!!!! I'm so glad I can talk to you here.

  6. Hi my dear... I gave that book to a friend for Christmas... She called me and said she loved it.. smile..
    Enjoy your weekend..

  7. I gave that same book to a good friend last Nov. for her b'day and she had already bought the same book for me for Christmas!!! LOL
    I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I plan to. How nice that you were able to.


  8. this book sound so nice..i will look for it here too.
    happy reading xxx

  9. Morning Friend
    Ive been wanting to read that book. I saw it at the store but it was Christmas time. SO I could not buy it for me. I will look it up for my kindle. My hubby bought for me.
    Loved the cute children quotes. Like a big hug.
    Blessings Friend

  10. I too bought this book, only 20 or so pages in and I love it so far!

  11. Someone else was just talking about this book and I read a lot of Wanda's books! I'll have to keep this one in mind for when I'm in the bookstore soon! Thanks! Have a nice Sunday!

  12. How fun. That book sounds just like something I would love to have my nose stuck in. Thanks for sharing. I love recommended reads.-Steph-

  13. The Winter, especially January is the time for reading books. Loved the kids comments :-) Book and a good one that makes you smile :-) What more could you ask for :-) X X X

  14. That book is great and so is the Prairie Christmas book too. Couldn't put them down. I loved the simple living conditions and how the ladies trusted God and he Provided! Ah, simpler times. Of course, I am sure they didn't have much time to read for pleasure. Love your hearts. They make me smile.

  15. Just saw this today. My daughter gave me this book for Christmas and I absolutely loved it as well. We own a log cabin that dh has restored in our back yard and I love reading about that era. I was sad when I finished Those are my favorite types of books to read.


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