Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Valley Primitives First Giveaway!

Hi everyone!

Just had to let you know about a GREAT giveaway by my dear blogging friend, Kim of Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe.

I'm excited coz even though I live in the UK, Kim has so thoughtfully thought of that and is offering
TWO prizes, one for those in the US and another for international followers - now how generous is that?

Kim is offering these wonderful gifts for US followers - just lovely!

These two sweet- as- can- be pillows are mine - I hope! lol! They are the prizes for the overseas followers~

So hurry on over now and sign up - the drawing is on Fri. 16 Dec. Click here!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Quick Peek in through the door...

Welcome one and all! It's been a week of this, that and the other for me -rather disorganised, I must confess and not as much accomplished as I hoped.

As I was coming back to my wee craft den after lunch today the door was slightly ajar and the sun was streaming in so I thought, 'Oh, why not?!!' Just a quick peek in through the door where I like to mess about! As you can see there is no room to sit on the rocker - it's still full of fall pillows etc! and there's stuff on the floor as that's where I end up most of the time!

I just got a couple of things finished that have been lying around.
This stocking is from a Country Stitches pattern but still needs tea dyed~

And the only other thing I tried was making a twiggy wreath - I've been wanting to try this for ages. It takes alot of practise and I'll have to try again... more twigs needed.

Before I go I'd appreciate help from my blogging friends. I'm looking for wood turned bases for makedo's, something to use instead of spindles. If you know of an internet site where I could buy some please let me know as I can't find anything.

Warm winter wishes to you all! It's always good to know you're reading my blog and let me know what you think!


Monday, 21 November 2011

More and more like Christmas!

Hello again! Another weekend past and a new week before us... and the countdown to Christmas well and truly underway in our house. It's the main topic of conversation amongst the kids and they have written lists and put in requests .... now all we need is the good behavior! LOL!

I did manage to complete one more thing from my list. It had to be a quickie and this snowman nodder was just the ticket~

I picked up a little treat for myself when out shopping - a lantern for my shelf

We went to the Christmas tree lighting up parade on Friday night but the town was packed and it was difficult to get a good view but we moved on up the route and saw the parade better. I think the theme was Christmas from around the world. There were some amazing costumes and decorated floats but my pics don't do them justice.

Santa waving to the crowds..
Hope you enjoyed your visit! Remember to be on your best behavior! Santa will be checking his list soon!

Have a lovely week and hope to hear from you!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Pinkeeps Done!

Happy Friday, folks! I'm ready for a nice weekend as it's been a hectic week!

I've been stitching furiously to get these pinkeeps done and get 2 more things ticked off my list!
These are the first Pineberry Lane x stitch patterns I've used and I have to say I love them, they really are primitive, and the subdued colors used really take you back to a simpler Christmas!

I am listing these on my selling blog so if you're interested pop on over to the Primitive Shelf and get them before Christmas!

Tonight we are going into town for the switching on of the Christmas Tree lights and there is always a parade with the primary school children in it and wonderful costumes and lots of good cheer of course!
So it's time for dinner and then off we go!
Have a merry weekend whatever you do and keep safe!
Best wishes

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Friendship Crossing Giveaway!

Here's a wonderful giveaway you won't want to miss! Tanya at Friendship Crossing blog is hosting a great giveaway where you get lots of entries and get to choose your gift if you win!

Just click here to go enter!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Two more checked off the list!

Hello dear blogging friends! How are things with you?

I think I detect a bit of the Christmas spirit creeping in to blogland lately and I'm enjoying it.
I know Thanksgiving is still to come for those in the US, but as we don't have such a tradition in the UK, ( I'm thankful no matter!) it's full steam ahead for Christmas with us!

I read last week in Cathy of Tolentreasures blog of her challenge list with 30 things onit that she would like to get done before Dec. 25. Now I think her list is more like 50 things but she's getting thru things so quickly, go check out her blog, if you haven't already!

Well I may have taken leave of my senses but I've decided to join in this challenge - yes you can say, MAD as a Hatter! but it just might help me to stay focused and accomplish more and finish up those UFO's. Now I had to give myself a reality check and although I had 30 things on my list, I am aiming to get at least 20 things done.

Here are the 2 things checked off my list today - this is a punch needle tree and snowman - remember in my last post I said I needed white DMC floss? STILL none in my local sewing shop and as I was desperate to finish this I used the DMC sparkly thread instead which is good for snow but it's so much harder to work with.

Thanks to Shazy and Jordan for help with the pattern!

And secondly here is one pillow I'm glad to finish for my ever-patient 12 y.o. daughter! She has wanted me to make her an owl pillow for her bedroom for ages and I put it off long enough, feeling bad about not keeping my word so it's done! What do you think? I love it myself!

LinkIt fits in so nicely with her bedroom color scheme~ she choose it all from IKEA last year.
(Why is it I only just noticed the pictures need straightening? lol)

The list is still long so I'd better get to it!
Have a wonderful day and thanks for your visit! You all blessed me with your lovely comments on my last post, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Best wishes

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

It's started again...

It's started again... I'm talking about that seasonal disorder that overtakes me in the weeks before Christmas. I seem to go into a spin and start too many things at once!

I just love Christmas decorating and all the usual things like snowmen, gingerbread men, Santas and Christmas trees.

So today I was a bit more disciplined and made myself finish off these - they've been sitting around in various stages of completion...

The Santa on a spool (above) was a free pattern from the Chocolate Crow Trader and I made the tree too.

Remember the pattern tutorial from the Primitive Pantry for the mouse? I got 2 made so far~

They are really easy to make! And that suits me as I need to get things moving along!

Another free pattern from the Chocolate Crow Trader which I adapted and created these sleepy time owlets
finally here's a cute mouse getting ready for Christmas with some greenery and a giant candy cane~
How are your Christmas preparations coming along?

Stay tuned for I have some new ideas to share soon but first I need more supplies.

Yesterday I went to my local sewing shop but they were out of white DMC floss!!
I NEED lots of it for the items I'm trying to finish.
Oh well, patience is a virtue so I'm told!

Thanks for dropping by - it'd be great to hear from you!
Have a lovely week!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Nov 1st and a Breath of Fresh Air!

Here we are on the 1st of Nov and I hope we all have a good one!

My kiddos are off school all this week for half term break and am I glad to see blue skies and sunshine today! It was so lovely to get out and about in the country side lanes around our home and make some use of our bicycles!

I just thought you might enjoy some sunshine and blue skies so I snapped some pics of our countryside in Autumn glory!

Across the fields and rolling hills where sheep graze and you can just see a red barn tucked in there too...

I love the rickety old barn across the glen~

Had to snap a pic of the ivy blossom filling the hedgerow~
We cycled to an ancient landmark and beauty spot a few miles from home.
It's called a motte and bailey and were ancient fortifications built almost 900 years ago to defend against marauders and rival clans in Ireland. Huge mounds of earth were created as obviously height was an advantage.

This gives a better idea of how it was made and used~

It is almost like a fairy glen but that just me and my day dreaming imagination!!
See the old horse chestnut tree~

This is a view east from the top of the bailey to an old mill which has since been converted into apartments. The old chimney still stands.
My kids love climbing to the top and in summer they slide down the near vertical sides!
This is the view down towards the river so it really was a good spot to build a fort.

Now I just need to catch my breath though I have so enjoyed the fresh air today!
Glad you could join us and hope you have a great day!

Best wishes