Friday, 18 February 2011

Spring Cross stitch Sampler & WIP update

Another weekend is here!

We have a few things lined up, the big one being a party for my FIL's 75th birthday tomorrow and I need to sort somethings out for it. But before things get too busy I just thought I'd let you see my progress on the Stacy Nash sampler I started a few weeks back. I'm making slow headway though as the osnaburg is tough on the old eyes.It should be worth the effort - I hope I can do it justice as I'm prone to making mistakes when counting stitches!

Another reason why the Stacy Nash sampler is coming along slowly is that I let myself be waylaid, because I've been trying my hand at designing a spring sampler based on a verse found in the Song of Solomon 2 v11~ this is my first attempt but it isn't prim enough for my liking ~

So it was back to the grid paper and a change of thread colors and this is what I finished up yesterday. I tea stained it for an aged look but not entirely sure about that lol!

The main thing I love about this is that for the first time I got to stitch on REAL linen 28ct and to my surprise (after a few false starts!!) I found it lovely to work on! So from now on I'll use linen and I have to thank Lisa for helping me out here and sending me some linens to try!
Thanks so much Lisa!

Here's wishing everyone a lovely (almost Spring like) weekend!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Been Junkin'...

in my attic! It's all stuff I had long since forgotten about and stored away whilst we were redecorating some rooms in our home years ago!

I think it just goes to show that loving 'primitive' style has always been in my nature - just who I am and what I feel akin to deep down... Annnnyhoooow aside from indepth psychological analysis, here's some of the stuff I found or rather rediscovered today pokin' about...

These are silhouettes of DH and me that we had made when on holiday many moons ago.

Seems I get alot of stuff on holiday as these beautiful crotchet pieces were bought on honeymoon
It's really fine work~
With a bit of tea staining it can help a little prim display...
There were quite a few picture frames in amongst the boxes and I know exactly what I'll do with them as i had these cards of Billy Jacob prints lined up...

So that's what I've been doing today aside from amusing the 3 kiddos who are off school for half term. We were rollerblading and then the rain came on so we played a good old favorite, Monopoly. Funny how old is sometimes best...

Best wishes and thanks for visiting your comments are a great treat to read! Thanks so much!

Monday, 14 February 2011



I'm relieved to have finished my little Valentine's pillow for the 14th! I think it was OK for a first attempt to design something myself -
Thanks so much to Tanya of Friendship Crossing for allowing me to share this pic of the pillow she stitched up - she is a wonderful cross-stitcher and friend and has a great blog!Isn't the lace a lovely addition? You did a terrific job, Tanya! Thanks for sharing it!

I've been thinking about 'love' all day, naturally enough as it is Feb 14!! Here are a few simple thoughts about what true love means to me~

Just a sweet little token of love from hubby - he knows exactly what chocolate I crave - can't beat a Cadbury's Creme Egg!

What could be more touching than my own wee children giving me handmade Valentine cards with notes of love?

But above all I've been thinking of the love of God to me - beyond compare that He should love me and give His Son for me John 3 verse 16 is TRUE LOVE
Love and hugs to all my blogging friends this Feb 14!
Best wishes!

Monday, 7 February 2011

A BIG Thank You!

Happy Monday, everyone!

I just want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who left lovely comments on my last post!

You are all so kind and a real blessing to know!

As you know if you left a comment you were automatically entered in my giveaway~ here's what the lucky winner receives~

A handmade ditty bag with Spring x stitched on to it

One of the Sampler Girl's x stitch patterns I made into a pin keep for Valentine's Day~

I wrote out everyone's name and folded them into this willow jar ~ my big paw wouldn't fit in so I asked my 9 y.o. son to pick a winner~
And here's the winner!! Congratulations I really hope you like !

Thanks for following Brenda! Just email me your details and I'll gladly mail off your winnings asap!

Once again let me thank you all for following -leaving comments that uplift and encourage!
You make me smile! That's a true gift of friendship!

Hugs for a happy week!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

WoW!! And This little Light of Mine!


I am thrilled to bits to find today that I have now 3oo yes 300! followers! Thank you all so much for
your interest, prayers, support and love!
And do you know what?


So in honor of this, I'm going to have a drawing for a surprise giveaway for my friends - all you need to do is leave a comment on this post, be a follower of my blog and your in!
Please don't post about it though, as I want to honor my faithful friends who visit regularly.

Now to the other part of my post which is all about my love/ obsession with lamps and lighting.

Ever since my husband and I set up home together, I was always on the look out for interesting lamps and lampshades for our home as I think they make a home cozy and inviting.
So when I fell in love with prim decor, I immediately started to look for lamps and as you know, there's no shortage of gorgeous prim light fixtures etc.
My only problem is that here in the UK, we use more voltage so I am having to buy lots of adapters or if I had ceiling fixtures I'd need an electrician! :-(

But little flickering battery operated candles are very effective and I love their glow~

This little lamplighter has very romantic memories for us as we got it on honeymoon!

But my favorite lamps have to be tin punched lamps! I had never come across them before but it was love at first sight! lol!

I specially love the pattern they cast on the wall behind.

And as you can probably tell I also love stars!
I only managed to get one stitchery finished this week so far another freebie from Primitive Betty's for Valentine's.

Thanks again for visiting and don't forget to leave a comment to be entered in my surprise giveaway!
Blessings and hugs