Saturday, 24 December 2011


I wanted to stop by and wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
I trust you will know the real joy of the season and the love of the Christ who was born to save us from our sins! Glory to God in the Highest!

You have been so good to me as blog buddies this year! I thank you and am thankful for you!
God Bless this Christmas!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Some Christmas pictures in my Home

Welcome one, welcome all! Come in to the warmth and light as it's a cold dark evening!
I'm so pleased you called for a visit as I've just put the finishing touches to my Christmas decorating...would you like to see around a bit?
Down the hallway~

Here's my wee prim den/sewing room - a whimsical Christmas on this sideboard and shelves~

On the other wall on top of the computer cupboard and my bowl rack~ yes, it's a real pineapple!
(and aaarrrggghhh, I don't know what to do with cables always in the way!)

Well, come on through to the kitchen - yummy smell is an apple jack scented candle!
This is 'The Primitive Shelf' all aglow for Christmas - I LOVE twinkly lights! This one with candle lightAnd this with little fairy lights and you can see my Santa on the stacking stools beneath, waving the stars and stripes!

Here are some counter top gatherings in the kitchen~
I want to thank you all for visiting last time - so glad you like my little x stitch gift for you and thank you for your lovely comments
I've so enjoyed you coming in for a while today - your friendship warms me through and through!

Season's Blessings, sweet Friends!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My Christmas Gift to You!

Thank you all for following my dubious ramblings and cheering me on this year! I'm so glad to have a place to share my need for some sort of creativity and you've all been so encouraging!

So by way of thanks here's a freebie cross stitch for Christmas and I sincerely hope you enjoy stitching it up!

This is how I made mine up on 28ct natural pearl linen~I love how the red ticking makes it all the more festive!

So here's the pattern - I used DMC red 498 floss and white (blanc), 2 strands over 2.

I still need to put finishing touches to my Christmas decorating - I need more lights as some broke and I have to gather some more greenery for displays... so lots to enjoy!

Thanks again!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Here's how I painted it...

Hi everyone!
Susan over at Glen Oaks Primitives asked me to share a bit of a tutorial on how I painted my latest wall cupboard, which I showed you in my last post. I'm more than a bit shy of doing this as I'm no expert, but I'll gladly share with anyone who's interested just what steps I took and paint used in this make over.

If you know me at all, I'm the impatient - I want to have it finished before I've started kind of person so this was a relatively simple make over!!!

This was the only 'before shot I have of the cupboard which was purchased from ebay. It was shabby chic in style and my mother couldn't believe it when I 'ruined' it by painting it black!

First though, it needed a light sanding to remove the wax coating and residue paint but I didn't strip it right back.

Next I used Dulux Midnight Black matt emulsion paint and just gave it one coat of this and let it dry.

Here's the bit where I was tempted to throw it away when I applied the next coat of paint which was Dulux Ruby Red matt emulsion but it does go on in this lurid pinkish tone!

After letting it dry, all I had to do was stain it with a teak varnish but the best way I found to do it was to remove as much varnish from your brush as possible and paint the surface and then using a clean old rag, lightly wipe over it so that the stain is not too deep. It really does help kill the pinkish tone!
And there you have it!
Before I head off, I'll share what I got in the mail today- like an early Christmas!
Another ebay purchase (from a 'local' primitive saltbox lover!!) and a bit of a treat for myself - my very first hooked rug! Really pleased with my new snowman rug!

And I have sighed contentedly and stroked these gorgeous wool bundles which came all the way from Rhode Island -l you wool lovers out there know what I'm talking about!!

Now I need to put them to good use before the 25th! Watch this space!
Hugs and thanks again, dear friends!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Happy! Not just coz it's Friday!!

Eventually! I've finally got a few minutes to get onto my blog and play catch up! It's been another busy week but I don't really understand how we got to Dec 9th already?? And I can barely bring myself to confess it but I've not really got all the Christmas decorating finished!
I would like to thank all of you for your wonderful comments on my burlap tree - it's just so good to share with other who appreciate these things, so I was really thrilled by all of your comments THANK YOU!

But as the title of this post says, at least I'm happy! I'm not stressing about it - just going to simplify and enjoy my loved ones company and the blessedness of the Savior's birth.

I have a couple things to show you in preparation for our homespun Christmas as I'm calling it this year! I made a smaller burlap tree and also the green wool felt tree to add to my collection!and a feather tree also~
It definitely is homespun as you can see I used a tree branch and it makes it a bit misshapen but primitively so - that my reasoning anyhow!!!

Well, as usual with me, one thing leads to another! When I'd finished the tree I realised I'd nothing suitable to place it on! Soooo it was off to the wool collection to find bits and pieces for a more seasonal penny mat - you can see I'm really keeping it simple - I did say I was simplifying this year lol!Next thing I'm thinking is.... it's still kinda empty.... just needs something else to finish it off...
A little Christmas bird! So it's back to the wool pile, draw a quick bird template, stitch it up and add a few details and voila! A red wool bird to sit under the tree on the mat!
But I 've saved the best to last for my main reason for doing a happy dance is that I finally persuaded DH to hang not just one, but two!!! cupboards for me - this I have wanted for a verrrrryy loooonnnnggg time! I'm NOT going to tell you how long they've been languishing on the floor in a dusty corner!
This one I bought on ebay and repainted it to primify it~ first a coat of black:

Then red which I know looks a scary pink in this pic!

And the transformation is complete with some stain and I got myself a lovely little prim red cupboard to display little pots and jars! Whaddya think?It's in the family/den area just off the kitchen~ I'm trying to make it my Americana area:

Down in my craft room there was room in the corner for this old pine open shelf cupboard, into which I hastily placed a few things as I need to get stuck into the Christmas decorating proper!
So that was the week, that was! And am I ready for the weekend! LOTS to do so I'll be back with some more Christmassy pics soon!

Hope you all have a super weekend!
Best wishes

Thursday, 1 December 2011

New Burlap Tree LOVE!

Hey folks It's the month for all things CHRISTMAS!! Happy 1st of December, friends!

Well to explain the title of my post here's my latest creation and I am so pleased with it, I LOVE IT !! I love this burlap- created Christmas tree ! - what do you make of my new makedo tree for Christmas?

I placed it on the stairs to give you a better idea of its size - it's over 2 ft tall on an old spindle.

Burlap is GREAT for x stitch motifs which is what I did using Christmas colored flosses for Santa and his deer and the snowflakes!

Here's a close up~

I could have backed it in burlap but I had another idea if you want a reversible tree so to speak! On the reverse I sewed wool pennies on to the homespun for an alternative!

My littlest daughter likes this side better but I prefer the x stitch side -much more prim!
Hope you like too and let me know what you think!

Have a fun day and thanks for your lovely company!
Best wishes