Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Two more checked off the list!

Hello dear blogging friends! How are things with you?

I think I detect a bit of the Christmas spirit creeping in to blogland lately and I'm enjoying it.
I know Thanksgiving is still to come for those in the US, but as we don't have such a tradition in the UK, ( I'm thankful no matter!) it's full steam ahead for Christmas with us!

I read last week in Cathy of Tolentreasures blog of her challenge list with 30 things onit that she would like to get done before Dec. 25. Now I think her list is more like 50 things but she's getting thru things so quickly, go check out her blog, if you haven't already!

Well I may have taken leave of my senses but I've decided to join in this challenge - yes you can say, MAD as a Hatter! but it just might help me to stay focused and accomplish more and finish up those UFO's. Now I had to give myself a reality check and although I had 30 things on my list, I am aiming to get at least 20 things done.

Here are the 2 things checked off my list today - this is a punch needle tree and snowman - remember in my last post I said I needed white DMC floss? STILL none in my local sewing shop and as I was desperate to finish this I used the DMC sparkly thread instead which is good for snow but it's so much harder to work with.

Thanks to Shazy and Jordan for help with the pattern!

And secondly here is one pillow I'm glad to finish for my ever-patient 12 y.o. daughter! She has wanted me to make her an owl pillow for her bedroom for ages and I put it off long enough, feeling bad about not keeping my word so it's done! What do you think? I love it myself!

LinkIt fits in so nicely with her bedroom color scheme~ she choose it all from IKEA last year.
(Why is it I only just noticed the pictures need straightening? lol)

The list is still long so I'd better get to it!
Have a wonderful day and thanks for your visit! You all blessed me with your lovely comments on my last post, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Best wishes


  1. Morning Christine...well I wish I was in on this 30 day challenge but I know if I was...I wouldn't finish - that's just how it is...lol
    But I do have goals - sometimes I reach them...but mostly NOT!

    I'm so looking forward to Christmas decorating. Fall is so pretty but - ENOUGH - ready to move on.

    Love the snowman - and the Owl...goodness your daughter must have been tickled 'red' - it's adorable.


  2. I love all the crafts shown but I'm flipping out over the owl! I LOOOOVE it!

  3. I love the Christmas tree!!! That is so beautiful! And the owl pillow is really nice too! I'm sure your daughter is enjoying it! I have a list way long of things to get done for Thanksgiving! Not worrying about Christmas yet!

  4. I am always amazed at how much you and Shazy get accomplished w/3 kids around! The tree turned out darling and the owl is just too cute for words! LOVE the red!! I'm sure your daughter couldn't be more happy w/it!


  5. Wonderful! I love them both...your daughter's room is so cute! Also...about the floss..what is the kind you want...I can pick some up here next time I'm out and about and ship it to you...just e-mail me your address. Have a great day!!

  6. Hey Christine, good to hear from you again. I love the owl pillow it is so cute. Good luck with the projects you want to finish. I dare not start something like that I would never get them done.


  7. As usual, Christine, I love your posting.. I am always so interested in all your doings.. smile.. You accomplish so much handwork.. It is wonderful.. Owls are so much and tell your sweet daughter that she is blessed...

  8. Great start, Christine! I love that tree and I have an owl item on my list that I have been looking for inspiration for. Did you have a pattern for it? So Cute! Thanks for joining in! I think that we are the only brave ones! Going home tonight to figure out project EIGHT! I'll be following along!


  9. Two adorable projects! . . . and 18 more to come? Wow! You're really motivated! Love that little owl ~ so cute!

  10. You go Girl! I definitely have 30+ projects, but know I'll never get them all done - and then add to it the extra picture-taking, posting at a time when I need to cut BACK on blogging, I decided I would wimp out on Cathy's challenge. But it's fun watching you two go....(I'm just shooting for getting my Halloween decorations out of sight by Christmas and the majority of my class tests prepared and typed up....) Love your punch needle tree - bet the sparkly thread looks great on it - but it is a bugger to work with. And that owl is adorable - perfect accent piece for your daughter's adorable room....Have a great evening - and a wonderful tomorrow! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. You know what?
    As time goes by I know my friends :-) Absolutely beautiful little owl Christine. Shazy is as always a star :-) X ( don't tell her I told you :-) )
    :-) x x x

  12. I'm a bit of an owl freak...so the pillow just captured my attention! Good luck on your challenge! There are so many wonderful projects, but only a few short weeks! Why don't we feel like Christmas in April?

  13. Oh gosh you are brave. I just got shudders thinking about a list like that. OH I know there would be at least 1000 things I would love to do between now and Christmas. :)
    I always have so many ideas and not enough time.
    I love the really cute things you made and that pillow is so very cute.
    I can't wait to see what else you will be making.

  14. I LOVE your punch needle tree Christine, and your daughter's owl is adorable! You have created so many lovely Christmas goodies in your previous post too, well done you! x

  15. First of all I have to say that I love the punch needle tree and the sparkly white (even though it wasn't your first choice) is probably preferable:) I love that owl. What a great Mom. Now's the time to ask her for favors. You are always making the greatest things. -Steph-

  16. Hi Christine,
    You go girl!! You are getting along fantastically with all your creations and the tree turned out just great-the white is perfect for snow. Great work on the owl and your daughters room is beautiful:)


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