Friday, 25 November 2011

Quick Peek in through the door...

Welcome one and all! It's been a week of this, that and the other for me -rather disorganised, I must confess and not as much accomplished as I hoped.

As I was coming back to my wee craft den after lunch today the door was slightly ajar and the sun was streaming in so I thought, 'Oh, why not?!!' Just a quick peek in through the door where I like to mess about! As you can see there is no room to sit on the rocker - it's still full of fall pillows etc! and there's stuff on the floor as that's where I end up most of the time!

I just got a couple of things finished that have been lying around.
This stocking is from a Country Stitches pattern but still needs tea dyed~

And the only other thing I tried was making a twiggy wreath - I've been wanting to try this for ages. It takes alot of practise and I'll have to try again... more twigs needed.

Before I go I'd appreciate help from my blogging friends. I'm looking for wood turned bases for makedo's, something to use instead of spindles. If you know of an internet site where I could buy some please let me know as I can't find anything.

Warm winter wishes to you all! It's always good to know you're reading my blog and let me know what you think!



  1. Hi Miss Christine,

    Maybe Factory Direct Crafts - they are having a 20% sale on everything until midnight tonight.

    Oh, your craft room is as neat as a pin, you should see ours, you can't walk a straight line. This afternoon M promised to spend 1 hour straightening things up - yeah, I bet!

    Heaps of Hugs

  2. You should see my messy room, I can't find the floor, or the way back out when I go in! Have a great weekend! Love your stocking!

  3. Oh Christine, your room is not near as messy as mine. Stocking is cute and wreath looks great.


  4. Looks like a wonderful place to dream and create - so warm and cozy and inviting. I don't have my own space...It happens to be where I'm sitting or park myself at the time. I do have a "study" - which is a combination guess bedroom/office/craft space/and catcher-place for all things....hence, you can't really walk through it or sit anywhere. My hubby calls it the "hoarders' room." Nice. :o) Love your stocking and Santa - and I think your twiggy wreath turned out great...they're not as easy to do as they would seem, are they? Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (Sorry - can't help you out on the wood bases....I usually use old little oil cans for my make-do's....)

  5. Hello Dear Friend
    What a bright cozy nest you have. I just love the stocking Santa and twiggy wreath.
    HUGS to you Trace

  6. Christine, your room looks neat compared to a room/rooms I have. My daughter was home and she inspected the house and said I am a hoarder, so your room looks neat as a pin!!!!!
    I must do some cleaning up after Christmas!!!!
    Don't you have any Goodwill or Thrift stores in N. Ireland? I get wood candlesticks or even use the glass one and paint and roll in cinnamon.

  7. Christine, your craft space looks pretty good compared to the "dungeon" craft room I have! I'm in the basement which is best since I don't have to clean it up to set the table for a meal! But the downside is, it's always a huge mess. Creating with florals and collecting the supplies is an endless mess for me.
    Your stocking is so cute! Wish I could help out with the info you need. Like Lois said, I too find my things at TS and Goodwill.
    Warm hugz and blessings to you~

  8. Phew, I thought I was the only one with a messy room!

  9. Christine your craft area is divine just the right amout of "STUFF" kicking around LOL..I think we are all the same and the pic is lovely...twiggy wreaths seem to have a mind of there own I think but do look fab.. love the mouse in the santa hat hanging from the rail...♥

  10. hi Christine, I just dropped in from Kitty's blog. I love the things you are making and anything twiggy like your wreath. I think I will join you to see what you are making in Ireland. Could you use candlesticks (if you have thrift stores) for make-do's?

  11. Love the pictures of your room with the sun streaming in like that! Looks really homey! Hope you enjoyed a good day!

  12. I love the beams of sun coming in, too! Sure is fun to craft...I sure end up in a mess! Love the Santa in the stocking! ♥

  13. I love that little twiggy wreath. One of my twins was trying to make one today. Yours turned out better than his, but he thought his was wonderful, and that's all that matters :) I wish I could help you with the wood bases.
    Have a wonderful week!

  14. I love this post because it's so real. I craft on the floor most of the time too. Unless I am stitching and then it's on the family couch where I can still referee the fam. Thanks for the quick peek. -Steph-

  15. I love your pictures with the sun shining through the window. As I lay in bed this morning(to cold to get up)the sun was shining through my window and making dancing shadows on my chest of drawers. It was pretty..I just laid there and watched it for a while. I love finding pleasure in the most simplest of things.....blessings

  16. Hi Christine-thanks for the peep! definately tidier than mine!lol!
    Love the twig wreath idea-so many ideas around, just not enough time:(
    Shazy x

  17. It is fun to see where others create. Wonderful stocking & Santa. Blessings!


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