Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Nov 1st and a Breath of Fresh Air!

Here we are on the 1st of Nov and I hope we all have a good one!

My kiddos are off school all this week for half term break and am I glad to see blue skies and sunshine today! It was so lovely to get out and about in the country side lanes around our home and make some use of our bicycles!

I just thought you might enjoy some sunshine and blue skies so I snapped some pics of our countryside in Autumn glory!

Across the fields and rolling hills where sheep graze and you can just see a red barn tucked in there too...

I love the rickety old barn across the glen~

Had to snap a pic of the ivy blossom filling the hedgerow~
We cycled to an ancient landmark and beauty spot a few miles from home.
It's called a motte and bailey and were ancient fortifications built almost 900 years ago to defend against marauders and rival clans in Ireland. Huge mounds of earth were created as obviously height was an advantage.

This gives a better idea of how it was made and used~

It is almost like a fairy glen but that just me and my day dreaming imagination!!
See the old horse chestnut tree~

This is a view east from the top of the bailey to an old mill which has since been converted into apartments. The old chimney still stands.
My kids love climbing to the top and in summer they slide down the near vertical sides!
This is the view down towards the river so it really was a good spot to build a fort.

Now I just need to catch my breath though I have so enjoyed the fresh air today!
Glad you could join us and hope you have a great day!

Best wishes


  1. What beautiful countryside Ireland has Christine and lucky you to get to see it all in person!
    The kiddos look like they had so much fun!
    Happy Fall to you all!


  2. Christine, thanks so much for taking me along on your journey today , how beautiful , just makes me long to see Ireland even more ! Hope you have a wonderful week! hugs lilraggedyangie

  3. They slide down the side of that???? It must not look as steep in person as it does in the pictures! Beautiful countryside. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your little tour around your country! Enjoy the time off with the kids!

  4. Thank you for stopping by today, My Field of Dreams. Oh your pictures are beautiful and look the way I think the countryside should always look. Just so beautiful it makes me catch my breath. I love primitive too and I love the things you have made on your other blog. Just lovely.
    It is so nice to meet you,
    Thank you for stopping by today,

  5. What a beautiful area you live in...so green and pretty! What a great place to take the kids...I think I would have slid down that hill in my younger days too!

  6. What a beautiful place you have to visit! My boys would love that "slide"!!

  7. The photo's are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I always love to see where others live and the beauty of their own country. Especially the special places. Thanks Christine. By the look on the kids faces, they loved it too.
    :-) x x x

  9. What a magical place! It wouldn't surprise me one bit if you found a fairy or two :)

  10. Thanks for sharing those pictures with us. A lovely place to take a ride.

  11. I have always wanted to visit Ireland - and your photos renew that desire with earnest....Have you always lived there? (Sorry - I'm somewhat of a "newer" follower...) So gorgeous - and I do believe one could spy a fairie or two in the enchanted place. Smiles & November Hugs ~ Robin

  12. Oh how my Irish heart sings with this post! What beautiful countryside. Thanks for taking us on this fun field trip! I think fairies are always about...love them!

  13. Oh what beautiful pictures..Thank you so much for sharing..Katie

  14. What lovely countryside. Ireland is a beautiful land. Lucky you.


  15. How beautiful Christine. What fun to take an Autumn ride with your girls. I am glad you got a good day for it. Thanks for the ride. -Steph-

  16. Beautiful Christine!
    Thank you for sharing. Wish the grannys and I were with you and yours.
    Hugs Friend


  17. Lovely photos, thank you for sharing your day!

  18. Beautiful pictures Christine, so glad you had blue skies for the half term holiday, it wasn't too bad here, just a couple of days where it was dull and drizzly.

    Have a great weekend,

  19. Good Morning, Christine.. I don't know how I missed this post..Love love the pics...
    God bless...

  20. What beautiful scenery! We went to Europe for the first time last year and our next trip will most likely be to the British Isles. So much to see! Thanks for sharing a little bit about the history of the area! ~Roberta

  21. Oh Christine...you live in such a beautiful place! No wonder you had to stop to get your breath...the views are amazing! Thanks for the pictures!
    Love Karen x


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