Tuesday, 8 November 2011

It's started again...

It's started again... I'm talking about that seasonal disorder that overtakes me in the weeks before Christmas. I seem to go into a spin and start too many things at once!

I just love Christmas decorating and all the usual things like snowmen, gingerbread men, Santas and Christmas trees.

So today I was a bit more disciplined and made myself finish off these - they've been sitting around in various stages of completion...

The Santa on a spool (above) was a free pattern from the Chocolate Crow Trader and I made the tree too.

Remember the pattern tutorial from the Primitive Pantry for the mouse? I got 2 made so far~

They are really easy to make! And that suits me as I need to get things moving along!

Another free pattern from the Chocolate Crow Trader which I adapted and created these sleepy time owlets
finally here's a cute mouse getting ready for Christmas with some greenery and a giant candy cane~
How are your Christmas preparations coming along?

Stay tuned for I have some new ideas to share soon but first I need more supplies.

Yesterday I went to my local sewing shop but they were out of white DMC floss!!
I NEED lots of it for the items I'm trying to finish.
Oh well, patience is a virtue so I'm told!

Thanks for dropping by - it'd be great to hear from you!
Have a lovely week!


  1. Christine Girlfriend!
    Wow I so love them all. You are so talented.
    I cant wait to show my girls your owls..
    Great job.
    Hugs Trace


  2. I feel the panic starting to set in, always more things I want to make than there is time. I did find some things I want to make, I just need to sit and draw out the patterns.
    I love the mice you made. They are really cute. You say they are easy?
    Well have a lovely day, I hope you can find DMC floss in white. Here the stores seem to run out of black.

  3. You've been busy! Love all your projects, but Santa especially.


  4. Why is it that our idea lists are always way longer than there's enough time for. Looks like your off to a good start though ~ I especially love the little mouse in the cone ~ so cute!

  5. Hey Christine. I do the same thing, too many projects started and too many that I would love to start. I like your mice, I must have missed the tutorial. I love Christmas too, but I don't want to get ahead of Thanksgiving, although I have made snowmen for the shop.


  6. I just love all of your creations! You make mice look so cute!! If they only looked that cute in my basement I would be all set :D

  7. Ha! I know what you are talking about-so much to make, so little time!
    You sure have been busy though-a good start made there alright.
    Can't say what my favourite is-they all are lovely, but the mice are particularly cute.
    I see alovely little prim tree-feeling the need to make a few too,

  8. Love the little bunnies! So cute! Great projects! Enjoy your day!

  9. Oh how I know that feeling...so many things to make and get done...so little time! Your little mice are so adorable...everything is! It looks like you are off to a good start!

  10. Yes Christine,I always have more ideas than time.So many projects so little time.Love that santa and the little mice are too sweet.Thanks for the encouragement yesterday.You're a sweetie.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  11. Oh how cute Christine! You are really getting the Christmas Craftiness Disorder~ I must have it too~LOL
    Love them all, but esp. the mice. Good start!


  12. I always kick myself this time of year - I should start Christmas in June - then I might actually have time to do some of the things I want to do - it'll be all I can manage to get the Halloween decorations down, the Christmas ones up, baking, shopping and wrapping and cleaning done I fear.....When did things start to snowball so??? Love your new creations - especially the Santa and tree and the little mice cones!! Adorable!! Hope you're week is off to a good start! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  13. I am working on a few things for a Christmas Bazaar at our church..and also handmade gifts for my family....Your things are all very nice...love the Santa and tree......blessings

  14. Oh My!!! I just "found" your blog and it is WONDERFUL!! I can't wait to look up the mouse pattern and read all your past entries! Thanks for sharing

  15. Love all of them, but that mouse holding the candy cane is too much! He is so cute. You do beautiful work

  16. Patience? What is patience? Hmmm...pondering...I love your Santa. As for decorating..I refuse to put out one single thing, or even begin to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. It's always been my "tradition" to start my Christmas decorating the day after thanksgiving.

  17. Oh my you have bee sooo busy creative. I love all your Christmas creations. The Santa is to die for and I think I will pop on over and get myself that free pattern. I can't wait to be able to decorate for Christmas. Just a couple of more weeks. Yeah. -Steph-

  18. Christine I commend you for 'sticking to it' and finishing up your projects. I think we tend to think we are 'superwoman' and can 'do all' at once.
    I also think when we put something down to pick up later we have a new fresher take on it and it turns out better than if we would have put our nose to the grindstone and churned them out.
    Adorable Santa and as I scrolled down and got to the Owls I giggled...they are soooo cute.
    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Hi Christine.
    I couldnt reply back because you are a noreply
    ,but I do have help with butter in cookies.
    One stick is 4 0z. So 2 sticks would be 8oz.
    Love,joy and hugs to you dear friend!

  20. How precious is that little mouse? so cute! I am in love with those owls too! I've been seeing some prim owls around here and there, but these are adorable! love 'em!

  21. Hello Christine.. I have been away and am trying to catch up with the blogworld..
    I am so proud of you for getting soooo much finished... Such a great word.. finished..
    Something I need to do..
    Blessings sweet friend..

  22. I'm so impressed with all that you're getting completed. I haven't even begun to think about Christmas yet. I'm definitely a more "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of decorator this year :)
    Thank you so much for your prayers for Jordan. They are much appreciated!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  23. What a great Santa! And, love those mice in the hats! Maybe I'll give them a try! Thanks for visiting me and commenting on Kringle Frost! He sure was fun to stitch up! Is it too early to say Merry Christmas? ;-)


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