Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Surprise in the Mail for ME!

Today is one of those days I am amazed and soooo, soooo blessed by a special blogging friend, whom I have never met in person but am thankful at least we have connected thru blogging!

Tanya of Friendship Crossing sent me a surprise b'day gift which has just landed on my door mat and when I saw the Kentucky address I couldn't speak for astonishment that someone would even send me sthg from all the way across the ocean!

Tanya is a wonderful cross stitcher and made this great sewing pouch in such fun fabric!
But it was filled with a cross stitcher's dream selection of linens in different tones and counts - something I wouldn't be able to find over here!

I LOVE these buttons!

And I can't wait to do this snowman cross stitch!
Tanya must have known I love vintage sewing pieces - isn't this great?

And there were more needles and ribbon and a cute notepad and even Stride spearmint gum!
It was an awesome package and I couldn't take it all in at once!

So Tanya THANK YOU so much for making my day - you brought tears to my eyes with your thoughtfulness and friendship! So glad our paths have crossed!

Please all stop by tomorrow as I have just to put the finishing stitches into something and will show you tomorrow!

Hugs and Best wishes


  1. What a nice surprise :)
    Have a great day~Stacy

  2. Now that's a SURPRISE! Enjoy your day!

  3. Wonderful surprise! Enjoy it! :o)


  4. Whoooza! That is a delightful package of goodies you got there Christine! Tanya is one generous and thoughtful person.......from one kind person to another kind person, is what I say! Enjoy!
    Sazy x

  5. What a wonderful birthday surprise for you Christine. Enjoy.


  6. What a wonderful surprise!!! Friends are such a blessing.

  7. Happy birthday! It's always wonderful to receive surprise packages!

  8. How very thoughtful and sweet of Tanya....and what fun for you! I'm sure you'll think of her every time you work on one of your stitcheries and have a smile in your heart....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. That was so nice of Tanya to send you such a sweet gift. Such fun it will be to put all those goodies to use.

  10. You are very welcome Christine! I'm sorry it was a bit late, but more of a surprise, I guess.

    It was fun putting a pkg. together for you!


  11. How wonderful Christine. Tanya is a sweet friend of mine as well and so very thoughtful! I was blessed with one of her surprise packages a while back and feel blessed to count her as a friend.
    I'm so glad it made your day. It's fun to get surprise goodies once in a while!

  12. It's always great to have a surprise through the post. There are some things that just aren't available this side of the pond. I know you'll make good use of them Christine.
    What a great blogger friend to have :-) x x x

  13. What a wonderful surprise!! Aren't bloggers wonderful!!

  14. What fun to have a late birthday surprise. It's funny how friendships can form across Oceans. -Steph-

  15. Blogging friends are great ! such a sweet thoughtful gift from across the pond ! have a great week !hugs lilraggedyangie


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