Thursday, 1 September 2011

Feeling Torn...

Hello and here's wishing each and everyone of my sweet blog pals a happy September!
Is anyone else as confused as I am with this new blogger thing goin' on?  I don't like change!
Probably because September also means the children leave me again for a new year at school and I miss them - squabbles and all! - and my b'day is this month and I'm reminded that I'm getting older! 
Forgive me for sounding a bit down for I'm also reminded of God's goodness to me for another year in His faithfulness to us and that there is plenty in the harvest in our land so we are blessed! 
There you go! I feel better all ready - better to count our blessings and it does me the world of good!
But to get to the title of my post, I am torn this way and that over a couple of things.
Nothing serious I'm glad to say.  I'm torn between making more Fall things and came across some patterns I'd forgotten about, or do I go full steam ahead and make Christmas stuff? 
As you can see I did make this fun candy cone bag with 'trick or treat' on it from a free pattern you can download from Country Sampler website.  As I can't get the magazine over here I go online to see pics from the latest edition and get a 'fix' that way!!
But as you can see I've also made a start on These for Christmas - don't know yet whether or not I'll do a Christmas craft fayre coming up in Nov.
The other thing that's been on my mind recently is whether or not to keep my selling blog going.  There's not much interest and I can put that down to several reasons so maybe I'm thinking it would be better just to offer things on this blog or is an Etsy the way to go? I really don't know!!
I know I'm not the most talented stitcher and crafter in the world but I just can't tell what would sell best?
I had thought cross stitch would do well and I love doing it but then it takes ages to complete some and interest fades.  Maybe I've just got too much going on....
Anyhoooo... your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for visiting and making my day!
Best wishes


  1. Hi Christine.. I agree that change is hard to take sometimes but when we count our blessings I am sure that change is one of them.. smile..
    What is different about Blogger.. I have not had time to find out...
    As far as what to do... Only you know what is selling and such..
    Michaels is a big craft outlet here and they have stopped selling almost all cross stitching supplies and replaced it with yarn..
    Amazing, eh?
    I need to learn to knit and to crochet better..
    Hugs ...

  2. I'm a big fan of etsy buying and selling.But if you sell on there seems you have to stay on top of it by listing regularly and promoting some.You could always join like PAFA Prim and folk artist group they do lots of promoting for their members.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Life is full of changes. I am not one to change things. I love it when things stay the same. But, that doesn't allow us to grow as people. Anyway, only you know what is right for you. Your heart will tell you just what you need to do. What I do know is that blogging is really hard to do if you are trying to generate traffic and sell. You already know that though. I think I spend just as much time networking as I do blogging. I know lots of people who sell on etsy and that seems to work out well for them. Do some research and make some Christmas things in the meantime. It will all work out. Wish you luck. -Steph-

  4. Christine ,
    I am in pretty much the same boat on the selling thing right now so sorry Im not much help , I am however having decent luck at selling in groups on facebook ! Keep your chin up it will all come to light , until then let the stuffin fly and start Christmas ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  5. Hey Christine. I don't think anyone is selling many things these days what with the economy the way it is. Why don't you just sell things on this blog and have one. You can add pages at the top like I did. You can do up to 10 add on pages and they look like tabs. Good luck.


  6. I think people are not buying like they used's hard sometimes...I have an Etsy site and do OK...but I wish I could get more seem to have a ton of followers here, so maybe just sell from both...what I do is show things on my blog and refer to my Etsy far as Fall and Christmas...that's a tough one...I have a ton of both that I want to accomplish...there's never enough time!! Good luck...and by the way...I think you are talented and I sure like that candy's adorable!!

  7. Oh Sweetie - I don't have much good advice to offer, as I have never sold things online (other than Ebay) - I can only share my perspective as a buyer. I truly like Etsy and have had nothing but good experiences purchasing items there. However, my problem is time....I can come across a shop I like, and favorite it, but I don't know when there are "updates" or new items listed....and I rarely have time to just go back in and "browse" through shops. What works best for me, again as a buyer, is if you show your new listings on your blog with a link to your Etsy shop. A selling blog (or even page/tab) is great too - but, silly me - I didn't even realize you HAD a selling blog until now I guess, so I wasn't a follower and had no idea when you listed new things. (I've fixed that now!);o) I also like the group forums - like PAFA, OFG, TDIP, EWM, etc. - and I used to be able to keep up with the 2x/mo. updates, etc., but have fallen behind on them as well - so, again, for ME, I like it when the artisan "reminds" me on their blog that there are updates out there or coming.....Does that make any sense??? If you'd like, I'd be happy to share examples of a few sellers that I follow that make it hard to miss their updates...:o) As for fall vs. Christmas....I'm in fall mode, and won't be thinking Christmas for a while - but I'm always behind the times. Sorry - no help here re Blogger - I haven't noticed any changes but I'm sure it depends on what web browser you're using. Good luck!!! Happy September! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Hi Christine. I typically offer items for fall until mid-October and then change over to Christmas pieces. As for selling on-line, Ebay has worked well for me. I'm not sure what's available in your area, but maybe you could look into selling through a gift shop.

  9. Hi Chritine!
    Happy September to you too and also for your birthday:)

    I can't advise re fall v's Christmas, but for me (because I know I don't have much time) I am bypassing Fall creations-despite the temptation. I remember last year, I made mostly Fall and had very little time for Christmas creations-especialy as Christmas can be so busy. I do love everything you have been making though!

    Happy stitching,

    Shazy x


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