Saturday, 17 September 2011

Fall Jack and Window Blinds

Happy Saturday everyone!

Been having a very busy but satisfying one here! When you get things DONE it feel s soooo great! The sense of accomplishment is enjoyable right now!

I don't often get bargains on ebay but I bought this pattern last week and made this guy~

Would you please welcome Jack, ready for Fall!
He's really quite tall, about 26" or so and is for sale on my selling blog!

Thought I'd try and hide the switch with the basket but guess you've all seen it already! DOH!

The other major task completed and ticked off my To-Do list was to finish and hang the Window blinds for my 2 kitchen windows. Now they are not the 'prim-est' of blinds but the fabric is a near perfect match for the tiling and colors used in our kitchen.
I bought a roman blind kit and after waiting so long I'm pleased with the outcome~

(sorry this one's so dark)
This is the large window overlooking the back garden~
The colors inthe kitchen are pretty much neutral creams and beige with accent black tiles and counter tops .
I found these little crab apples along the road and put them in a little basket for a touch of color
and here's another little fall gathering in the kitchen~

So that's my Saturday and there's one more favorite treat to look forward to - DH is bringing Chinese food home for dinner - no burnt offerings tonight then! LOL!

Have a blessed week end everyone!


  1. Hi Christine!
    Glad you are having a lovely Saturday-what could be better than creating, getting jobs accomplished and no dinner to make????

    I love how fall jack looks-love his outfit and your blinds are just perfect-I love stripes! Great job:)


  2. Awww...your Black Jack is so sweet! Love him!! And your blinds look great! I think they have a homespun-y feel - kind almost like ticking....That's a project yet on my list - it's been there forever - very small area in our dining/kitchen area so all the window treatments need to be the same - but I have all different shapes and sizes of windows....grrr... (Wanna come visit and help?) ;o) Happy Saturday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Jack is wonderful. Quite a nice fellow for "hanging" around.

    Your new window treatments are great, nice and bright and cheery.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Black Jack is quite the handsome fellow ~ so cute! Your blinds look great. I have Roman blinds in my kitchen window ~ I love the nice clean look they have.

  5. Black Jack is very sister made me a Prim cat holding a big candy corn...but Don thinks it's too early for him to go outside...he says wait until October...I may sneak him out next week! I just finished changing out my front took all morning! Now on to the kitchen! Love your blinds...we have wooden roman blinds...our kitchen is neutral too...milk chocolate walls...white cupboards and brown speckled with cream and black counter tops. I love the Fall mouse too...darling! Have a great weekend!!

  6. I think the blinds look nice and Black Jack is a cutie!

  7. I'm with you Christine...there's not much better feeling then to check off things on the ToDo List.. makes ya feel so positive..
    Love your Jack and I think the blinds look nice..I especially love your Mouse holding the Pumpkin..way to adorable..

    Have fun and enjoy the rush of checkin off more on that ToDo List!!


  8. Love your Fall Jack, Christine.. Your blinds are wonderful too.. I have been thinking of making some for our bedroom.. A kit makes much more sense..
    Hope you enjoy your Chinese...

  9. Mr. Jack turned out so primitively handsome Christine! and your blinds look very nice on your window.
    The shelf w/the fall gathering looks adorable!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed your Sat. Mine was a fun one shopping at 2 quilt shops nearby ~ both were having a sale!!! :)))

  10. I looove Jack!!! And I so wanted to get some crabapples from my husband's cousin and we just didn't get there yet...I want to string them and let them dry as a garland.

    I envy that you can make things like the blinds which by the way are lovely!


  11. Jack is soo cute. He is a good addition to your family. Did you leave him hanging or sit him down to rest. I love that you just found apples on the side of the road and plopped them in your kitchen for decor. That my kind of decorating. Your blinds look great. Good job for hanging them yourself. I know it's not easy screwing things inside the top window frame:{ -Steph-

  12. The curtains came out really nice! Love your fall decorating. I need to do mine so badly! Wanted to yesterday, but other projects were more important. Enjoy your week!

  13. Do you give your e-mail out? I like to email the people who comment on my blog.

  14. You've been a busy lady :) You're Jack looks very nice, and I love your blinds!
    Have a wonderful week :)

  15. Hi Christine, I hope you enjoyed your chinese!

    You have been busy, love your blinds, you did a fantastic job on them and your Jack looks so prim!

    Have a lovely week,

  16. Goodness, you've been one very busy girl! I've been looking back through your posts at all the wonderful handmades you are creating... awesome job! It does feel so good to get things marked off the list, I so agree there! Glad you are getting things done.

    Keep creating! Have a delightful week~

  17. Love your blinds Christine!
    But Jack has stolen my heart. His britches are so stinkin cute.
    Have a good week friend!

    ps. make sure you stop by my blog friday!
    havin a give away!!

  18. Hmm, the neutral-colored Roman blinds that you bought complement the dark-colored windows, as the pictures tell. Or is it just dark in the picture? LOL @ Jack!

    [Winfred Eibach]


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