Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Storage & Stuff...

This is my new - by that I mean 'new-to-me' - pine cupboard. It's great to have it for a couple of reasons~ it used to belong to my hubby's grandmother and we were more than fond of her, so to have something that she owned is special, but for a more practical reason I'm glad to have it as I desperately need storage solutions for my craft/prim den/computer room.

The room itself is pretty small - compact and bijou- or in our common phraseology, you couldn't swing a cat in it, and I hasten to add that I've never tried to swing a cat in it and never would, so cat lovers, pleased do not be offended!!!

I do like how it fits into the room - the pic below is what you see as you walk in, it is directly facing the doorway.

Well, I couldn't wait to get all organised and pretend to be efficient and neat and tidy so I'll show you a few pics of my efforts at straightening things up, because by tomorrow, things will hardly be so ship-shape as I rifle through my stash in a hurry to finish something!
Some pics of wool and fabric I tried to sort out!!

Now while all this is great, I confess to being a wee bit disappointed with my latest storage solution - where do I put all the other STUFF? I've so many other plastic bags crammed full of odd bits and pieces, scraps, makedos, decorations for different seasons and I am tired of tripping over them but I seriously underestimated how much stuff I have lying around.

What do you do to store your stuff? I've bagfuls in the attic space and we don't have a basement. If you've got any clever solutions, please HELP!!

Oh well, I suppose this is what happens when you keep stitchin' and makin' stuff and finding more great freebie patterns!
I found this free harvest pattern on Pamela Dervarits beautiful blog 'Our Pioneer Homestead' blog.
She is a very talented girl and her blog is inspirational.

The only other stitchin' done this week was another freebie from Kountry Porch Primitives.
I have simplified the pattern though - just for time's sake.

I just wanted to post a couple of other links for any one interested in Amish fiction and recipes etc. It's got some free Amish short story downloads and reviews and is

Also I would love to give some encouragement to a fellow blogger not long started and would love you all to visit and follow Felicia's blog Raggedy Creations. She makes wonderful penny rugs and you'll be entertained by her stories about her cat Tucker James so head on over and sign up!

Thanks so much for stoppin' in!
Best wishes


  1. Christine ~ thought you might like this older post of mine about 1 of our visits to Holmes County Amish County & a recipe for Amish French Toast. Enjoy!

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  2. Love your new cabinet Christine!! And so fortunate that it is a family keepsake as well. You don't have a basement?? Wowsers...that stinks...I'd be lost without ours as that is where I have my storage area. But, seeing as I have a teeny, tiny, house, even that does not suffice, so I've gotten somewhat creative with storage upstairs as well...and, luckily, many of my "loves" double as storage - such as stacks of old vintage suitcases (I use them to keep many of my hooking patterns, punch patterns, etc.); old boxes (with a lid - all the better!) - wonderful for everything from decorations to crafting supplies and wool stashes; crocks (they double as a decorative collectible and a place to store other collectibles such as rolling pins, kitchen necessaries, etc). I also store my spare blankets and coverings in an antique firewood box...old sewing machine drawers hold my flosses, etc. It's a challenge, but can be a fun one as well! Good luck! Love your new stitcheries...and yikes, you're quick!! Those patterns just were posted!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Love the cabinet. It seems there's never enough room for the fun stuff. I've taken over our hallway linen closet for fabric and I purge every spring to make room for the new.

    That "swing a cat" remark got me gigglin' . . . never heard that before:)

  4. I keep my fabrics and patterns in baskets that my mom bought at auctions. It gives a prim look, but they are too big to fit on a shelf. I'd love a cupboard like you have!

  5. Good Morning, dear.. I haven't read the comments but I am sure that someone gave you some great ideas for storage.. I use a trunk and a windowseat for odds and ends but I so love your new piece... Such a lovely old cabinet and to be a passdown is even nicer..
    Love your stitching.. You are always so busy.. Have a great August.. I am glad you are home..

  6. What a wonderful treasure! I just love treasured things from family best of all.How special. And that you can use everyday and appreciate. Thanks for sharing friend.
    Hugs Trace

  7. I love the cabinet. It's even better because it's and heirloom. I have things from my Grandmother too and I love them so much more. Plus you have treasures inside too. I love the way fabric looks all folded up and stacked. Good job.

  8. Love the cabinet...I keep small wool pieces wool in totes that stack abouve my sewing machine...and bigger pieces in bigger totes in the closet...other things in baskets and husband made a fllor to ceiling wall unit for me in the spare room...I filled it!

  9. Love your new cabinet Christine! A wonderful piece of furniture that fits right in w/your style!
    Boy, you must be one fast stitcher! LOL
    As for storage, I am now in a much smaller craft room so I find that those $$ store black baskets w/the open weave work great for wool, reg. fabric and also all of my cross st. fabric making everything look nice and neat to boot. I'll have to post some pics in the near future so you can see, but not sure if you have those over there where you live.


  10. Love your pine cupboard Christine. I have several handcrafted pine pieces in our house. I like how the wood darkens with age. Can't help with your storage problem, I have the same problem. My mom always wants to give stuff away, but I like my "stuff". Take care.


  11. Your storage area looks fabulous. So pretty!

  12. Hi Christine
    I am a sucker for old pine and just love your cupboard..the way you have it dressed is gorgeous and love the shelf too..I am sorry to say I have no solutions to storing notions and fabric I think even if I had a warehouse sized room it would be bung full to bursting LOL..♥

  13. Hi there :)
    I just love that cupboard, how great to have something from someone special.
    You have a great happy to be a new follower.
    Have a great day~Stacy


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