Saturday, 27 August 2011

Meet the Twits!

Hello friends - just popping in to introduce you to my newest family members, who landed this week!
Meet the Twits, three little owls made from wool and wool felt, perfect for autumn decorating!
I found the pattern and tutorial on TolenTreasures blog - just click here to go to the blog and you will see it on the right sidebar.

They look ready for the cooler weather all huddled together in this wood tote in my kitchen!
In fact my two girls love them so much, I've duly promised to make them some owls too - only they will be made in bedroom color co-ordinating felt!

Ohh, and we had another visitor here yesterday when my brother and niece came for dinner and brought Oscar, their adorable little S hi-tzu - he's so well behaved and fluffy and ever so cute!

I hope everyone has a great weekend - we are watching the news updates here, re. Irene and I sincerely hope it turns out to sea and fizzles out.

Best wishes

Monday, 22 August 2011

Stitched Up

Hurray! I finally got a couple more pillows stitched up!

I must be feeling rather sluggish with this sinus infection and when I was cross stitiching I had to stop every so often because my head would be spinning! Not good!

I used a Country Rustic Primitives pattern but re-worked it in parts to make a tuck pillow.

And the other pillow I finished was this fruit bowl for fall pattern by 'Bits and Pieces by Joan'.
It's made from wool - love the colors and I think most bloggers are ready for fall!

I have these listed on my selling blog if you're interested in purchasing any or if you'd like any of my designs made up for you, I'd be only too happy to oblige!

This is also listed - a multi colored penny mat~

Have a lovely week, friends!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Dear blogging friends, I was totally overwhelmed by all your congratulations to us on our wedding anniversary and regarding my woolie pineapple!

THANK YOU doesn't seem enough, so by way of special thanks and my way of letting you know how much I value your visits, I'd like to offer you a freebie pattern I've designed for fall.

It's a candle mat you could make from wool or wool felt or even fabrics of your choice!

It features some applique acorns but you could just as easily do pumpkins or leaves or pears etc!

Here's how mine looks~Here's how it looks with a candle~

Below is the template pattern which I hope you'll be able to download - click to enlarge~


Cut one of each size of oval background fabric.

On the top layer, trace on the words and berry strands and stitch them in in dark colored floss.
(I used 6 strands of DMC dark brown for the words and 3 strands of the same color for the berry strands.)
Stitch on the pip berries using 2 strands of floss doing a French knot.
Using the templates, cut out 4 of each part of the acorns and stitch into position.
Now you are ready to blanket stitch the top layer onto the base layer of your mat, using 3 strands of floss.
Repeat the whole way around the outer edge of your mat.
Admire your handiwork and enjoy in your fall decorating!

Once again, thank you for your thoughtfulness and visits - life has been so blessed since I started blogging!

Best wishes

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Woolie Wednesday & Our 18th Wedding Anniversary!

Hello sweet friends, I'm just popping in for a quick post as this is our 18th wedding anniversary and as hubby is off work today, we are going out and hope to enjoy a lovely meal together and reminisce about our wedding day and where the last 18 yrs have gone!

I treated myself to the luxury of some sewing time to finish this woolie project - something I have always wanted - a wool pineapple!

I didn't tea stain it and I'd love to hear from you - what do you think? To stain or not to stain?

Thanks so much for your visit!
Hope you all have a great day!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Wonderful Penny Rug Giveaway!

As soon as I saw this gorgeous pumpkin penny mat it was love at first sight!

But seeing as you are all the sweetest blogging friends I thought I'd let you all in on Felicia's fantastic giveaway which runs until Aug. 31. Just become a follower of her blog Raggedy Creations.

Hurry on over to her blog and sign up and click here

Saturday, 6 August 2011

A Couple of My latest Prim Creations

Have you ever found yourself stitching, working or involved in some project and then an idea pops into your head and you just HAVE to set other things aside and follow the impulse?

Well, yesterday I was back home with the kids after spending the morning at the play park and we'd had lunch. I was settling down to work on a fall pattern when I had to put it aside and make this instead~
I have long admired prim swans and whilst on holiday in Lancaster County, I looked at the wooden carved swans for sale but always put them back - I just couldn't bring myself to pay the kind of prices being asked and had to remind myself we had a budget (though sometimes I did forget.... oops!)

Next best thing, I took to making a pattern myself and after a few hours this is what I came up with~

The only difficulty was turning it right side out and stuffing the head! But other than that the end result was what I hoped for and wanted for this dough bowl~

The other prim creation I got around to making yesterday was this bread board paddle. Had to get Dh to fix the jig saw but then I was on a roll and up to my eyes in black paint - yes, I am a messy crafter :-)
I got a little arrangement going on with it that hints of fall~

And last but not least a sneak peak at the original fall pattern I was supposed to be stitchin' yesterday! Loving those colors! And yes, that's some of the wool I bought!
Well that's about it for this week, friends! I'm so pleased you called in for a visit and would love to hear from you!

In the mean time, enjoy the weekend!
Best wishes

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Storage & Stuff...

This is my new - by that I mean 'new-to-me' - pine cupboard. It's great to have it for a couple of reasons~ it used to belong to my hubby's grandmother and we were more than fond of her, so to have something that she owned is special, but for a more practical reason I'm glad to have it as I desperately need storage solutions for my craft/prim den/computer room.

The room itself is pretty small - compact and bijou- or in our common phraseology, you couldn't swing a cat in it, and I hasten to add that I've never tried to swing a cat in it and never would, so cat lovers, pleased do not be offended!!!

I do like how it fits into the room - the pic below is what you see as you walk in, it is directly facing the doorway.

Well, I couldn't wait to get all organised and pretend to be efficient and neat and tidy so I'll show you a few pics of my efforts at straightening things up, because by tomorrow, things will hardly be so ship-shape as I rifle through my stash in a hurry to finish something!
Some pics of wool and fabric I tried to sort out!!

Now while all this is great, I confess to being a wee bit disappointed with my latest storage solution - where do I put all the other STUFF? I've so many other plastic bags crammed full of odd bits and pieces, scraps, makedos, decorations for different seasons and I am tired of tripping over them but I seriously underestimated how much stuff I have lying around.

What do you do to store your stuff? I've bagfuls in the attic space and we don't have a basement. If you've got any clever solutions, please HELP!!

Oh well, I suppose this is what happens when you keep stitchin' and makin' stuff and finding more great freebie patterns!
I found this free harvest pattern on Pamela Dervarits beautiful blog 'Our Pioneer Homestead' blog.
She is a very talented girl and her blog is inspirational.

The only other stitchin' done this week was another freebie from Kountry Porch Primitives.
I have simplified the pattern though - just for time's sake.

I just wanted to post a couple of other links for any one interested in Amish fiction and recipes etc. It's got some free Amish short story downloads and reviews and is

Also I would love to give some encouragement to a fellow blogger not long started and would love you all to visit and follow Felicia's blog Raggedy Creations. She makes wonderful penny rugs and you'll be entertained by her stories about her cat Tucker James so head on over and sign up!

Thanks so much for stoppin' in!
Best wishes