Thursday, 21 July 2011

Our few Days in Lancaster County

Firstly, can I say a BIG thank you to all who left wonderful comments on my last post! It still thrills me no end to think folks out there take time to read my blog! And I want to welcome new followers too! It 's good to have you stop by and even nicer to read your comments!

I'm back with more from our trip and lots of pics! I got my photos uploaded in the wrong order so I'll just go ahead a show you my latest creature - a patriotic mouse! I'm seeing lots of them over blogland and made up a quick and easy pattern and here's how he looks~

The next few pics were taken in Strasburg. In my last post I showed pic of Hodge Podge and this was the shop across the street which did framing but also had four rooms of prims - really nice windows though it was hard to stop the reflection~

The Uncle Sam doll in the above pic was amazing! The pic below shows a small part of their latest fall decorated room~

This was a first for me - finding a real, genuine covered bridge!! I was so excited about this, though I don't know exactly why!!!

It was in a beautiful place over the Pequea Creek and the homes around it were gorgeous!

Of course we made it in to Intercourse and I had to visit the Old Candle Barn and other pretty little prim shops along the Old Phila. Pike. The joke now is on my DH as I can say I'm not the only one who buys from prim shops!!! He bought these bicycle signs!! I do like them too!

Here are some of my purchases, and you all know how much I love Americana!!
Braided rugs are just not available in stores over here so this year I treated myself to a lovely mid sized rug for the kitchen/living area and the colors are along the lines of red white and blue so I'm pleased with it!
And there's more but I'll have to post another time as the kiddos want some love and attention!

Have a great day whatever you're doing and thanks for calling in - it would be great to hear from you!


  1. I wish I could have met up with you!!! You were so close! Glad you enjoyed your time in the area!

  2. That little mouse is darling...great job! Looks like you had a great time...I think the signs your husband got are's hard to find those around these parts! Enjoy the day!

  3. Hey Christine,
    Think it's gonna let me comment this time~ yay!! LOL
    Looks like you found some wonderful goodies and had a great trip. Glad your hubby found some nice things too.
    Your mouse is adorable and you're becoming quite the designer!

    Many hugs,

  4. I can see you all had a lovely time.. I tried to enlarge that pic of you so I could get a closer look but no go.. smile..
    You look beautiful anyway... grin..
    So glad you got yourself some goodies and hubby too..

  5. Awww...your little mousey is adorably sweet Christine!! Love the goodies you found - but I'm especially liking your hubby's signs! He's got a good eye!! Those would be beaucoup bucks in our parts!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time...I'm not as far away as you are, and the closest I've been to the Eastern US is the airports....Such a shame. Ahhh...some day. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. You did a great job on the mouse. You've been to places I've never been to, and I live in the U.S.! It sounds like you had a nice time here.

  7. Hi Christine, I missed your last post but went back to look. What a find on that wool!!! Love all the goodies you found and the mouse you made is adorable!! My dream is to someday go to Lancaster County and other areas with all those prim shops!! So glad you got to go there!!

  8. Hi Christie so glad you had a wonderful trip to PA. I love to go to Lancaster and all its beautiful shops. You got lots of goodies and now its time to play! Thanks for popping into my neck of the woods in blogland. I just ordered a pillow from your selling blog and can not wait to get it...It will be perfect for where I want to place be watching when it arrives.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs ♥*T

  9. Thank you for making my day today with your sweet comments on my blog. You truly gave me a extra kick in my step.
    Love all the treasures you found on your trip and I love the sweet mouse you made!
    Eat lots of popsicles!
    Hugs Trace

  10. Hey Christine. Maybe you and hubby should move to Pennsylvania??????


  11. Great pictures! The mouse is darling!

  12. I had hoped we'd get to Lancaster this summer, but it didn't go that way for us. Hopefully next year we'll do a vacation. I love hearing about your trip; Lancaster is about five or six hours from my home.

  13. I love your mouse!!! The pictures are great!! Enjoy!

  14. This has brought back great memories of our trip to Lancaster Christine! PA is my favourite place and hope to get back next year while we are in Cape Cod....have you come back down to earth yet?
    Carole x

  15. Hello,
    I love your little mice. I love all the goodies you brought back home with you. I have some items for trade or swap on my blog place.


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