Friday, 29 July 2011


Hey friends!
hope you've been enjoying summer this week! We have had a fun filled family week here with great weather and a few outings. Thought I'd share one of the 'high'lights with you of our hike up Cavehill, the hill which shelters Belfast from the north and overlooks the city and the lough.
Even though we only live 10 miles away, I'd never climbed it before, nor had the kids, but my mountain bike lovin' hubby has cycled over it several times - though I don't know where he found the breath for the climb, it's steep and scary on the way down.

This is the view from a street way below~

It took about an hour to climb at a slow rate! But the views from the top are fantastic - we could see for 25 miles to the south toward the Mourne mountains~ (click to enlarge)

Below is the view northwards up Belfast lough where the ferries head out towards Scotland~

On the way down we went through the beautiful grounds and gardens of Belfast Castle, a popular venue for weddings~

The gardens are well laid out and there is a special mosaic of the castle cat, a legend which says as long as a cat lives in the castle, there will be good fortune to all in the castle~
Here's a couple of things I finished this week. I made another mouse this time from wool felt in a beige mouse color and have made her into a harvest mouse getting ready for fall!

Then was this pinkeep from Primitive Betty. It's so pretty - sunflowers and crows work well together!After all that hustle and bustle it's time to sit down and put my feet up and have a cup of tea!

Thanks for all your lovely comments and I hope you have time to leave a little comment - I'd love for you to say 'Hi!'
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Lots more holiday snaps and goodies!

Hi friends. Just wanted to post a bit more about our trip - hope you aren't bored but I love reliving it!!

Last year I told you about the gorgeous B&B we stayed in in Amish countryside andsaid I'd love to go back some day - well hubby is so good to me and we were able to stay at Stony Hill Barn B&B again this year and it is just so lovely as are the owners and their family - our children really enjoyed playing there with their children and pets! Here are a few pics of the interior~

Beautiful prim touches everywhere and the beds are the comfiest - so says our daughter!

Here are just some of the prims I had to bring home with me!

Love the little pouch which is handmade in Ohio

We drove to Lititz which is a very picturesque town - we loved Wilbur chocolate too!
Sorry to say that we had camera woes and lost those photos :-(

But I did get this lovely table runner -

and the old basket with some greens and old bobbins,

I liked these little jars and just have to find the right spot in the cupboard for them~

Couldn't resist another Americana basket!
At the Old Mill Shoppes I loved these stacking boxes - the colors are wonderful,

Hope you enjoyed!

We are having beautiful weather and are having dinner on the patio tonight per the children's request and believe me we don't get to do that often with our weather!
Best wishes and heartfelt thanks to you all for visiting!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Our few Days in Lancaster County

Firstly, can I say a BIG thank you to all who left wonderful comments on my last post! It still thrills me no end to think folks out there take time to read my blog! And I want to welcome new followers too! It 's good to have you stop by and even nicer to read your comments!

I'm back with more from our trip and lots of pics! I got my photos uploaded in the wrong order so I'll just go ahead a show you my latest creature - a patriotic mouse! I'm seeing lots of them over blogland and made up a quick and easy pattern and here's how he looks~

The next few pics were taken in Strasburg. In my last post I showed pic of Hodge Podge and this was the shop across the street which did framing but also had four rooms of prims - really nice windows though it was hard to stop the reflection~

The Uncle Sam doll in the above pic was amazing! The pic below shows a small part of their latest fall decorated room~

This was a first for me - finding a real, genuine covered bridge!! I was so excited about this, though I don't know exactly why!!!

It was in a beautiful place over the Pequea Creek and the homes around it were gorgeous!

Of course we made it in to Intercourse and I had to visit the Old Candle Barn and other pretty little prim shops along the Old Phila. Pike. The joke now is on my DH as I can say I'm not the only one who buys from prim shops!!! He bought these bicycle signs!! I do like them too!

Here are some of my purchases, and you all know how much I love Americana!!
Braided rugs are just not available in stores over here so this year I treated myself to a lovely mid sized rug for the kitchen/living area and the colors are along the lines of red white and blue so I'm pleased with it!
And there's more but I'll have to post another time as the kiddos want some love and attention!

Have a great day whatever you're doing and thanks for calling in - it would be great to hear from you!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Road Trip is over...

Hello again - we're back home after 16 terrific days in the States on a bit of a road trip! So I'm just popping in to say 'Hi!' and share a few highlights for now as I don't seem to be fully over jet lag and I'm making too many typos!! Hope I still remember how to upload the photos!!!

We certainly had a fantastic time seeing the sights and enjoying eating out at so many great restaurants, making the most of the sunshine and sea etc!

As you can well believe, I was on a mission also whilst in the USA. I wanted to stock up on supplies that are just well nigh impossible to find over here and the main one I wanted was wool fabric. What a search we had even in PA and MD. for wool. Seems like everyone is closing down.
We detoured thru Cockeysville MD to find Cockeysville Country Store which I'd found online and seen the wool in store. We arrived and found a sweet lady in a neighboring antique store who told us the store had closed and gone out of business. Needless to say I was disappointed, big time :-(

But I did not despair completely! Until I arrived and saw these signs at the Olde Peddler Wool store in Morgantown PA. I couldn't believe it that another store was going to close and thought that we were too late. We went in and I only saw knitting wool - not what I needed and that's when i nearly cried until I saw a little twisty stair case and it was like going over the rainbow to find this!!! Two rooms of wool and with 50% OFF!!!! By this point my kids knew for sure that their mother was deranged and shook their heads despairingly!!LOL!

The owner was so lovely to chat with and explained that she was closing to spend more time with family - I was just so relieved to get so much lovely wool at bargain prices! Here are some of the colors I picked out - yummy wool!I also found Hodge Podge in Strasburg PA, a great little shop selling cross stitch supplies and such so it was fun picking out threads and linen and a few charts for the winter months.

Along the way I also picked out some more fabrics and patterns - so enjoyable when you can browse a shop full of dry goods!
Well I'm going to have to call it a day and get some shut eye but thanks for stoppin' by and I hope to be back early next week with some more tales of our trip!

See you then!
Best wishes