Saturday, 16 April 2011

Cutter Quilt Fun

Hello friends! How are you this fine Saturday?

I am feeling good as we are going to take it easy the next couple of weeks with the kids being off school and no hurry to do much except enjoy the fine spring weather and have fun! (Spring cleaning has been conveniently assigned to a hiding place somewhere in the back of my mind and given a rest too!!!)

So I got to enjoying myself with a whole day of sewing whatever I wanted!!! How good does that sound?!!! The kids were happy to play outside with friends and come in only when refuelling was required!

I happily took my scissors to an old quilt which was crying out to be made into spring/Easter makedo's and of course I gladly obliged!

I got to making this Easter Egg make do on an old bobbin - I fastened the Easter banner on with rusty pins and that way I can easily change it if I need to~

Next off I made this sweet as can be little bag and attached the Spring with pins again and put in some dried fir branches which kinda resembles sweet annie - well maybe if you don't look too closely! ;-)

These are quite bright pics but the quilt is in lovely spring colors tho' I have tea stained them and they do look more aged in reality.

And OH the luxury of having nothing pressing to do but sew! I even managed to cross stitch this freebie from Primitive Betty's - can't have too many peacock sticheries!

I'll probably make it into a pinkeep and sell it then - just didn't have time to do that as hubby just came home with dinner - my favorite, Chinese take away! Yumm!
Now that's pretty near a GREAT day in my book!

Hope you all enjoy your day!
Best wishes!


  1. Love what you did with that quilt! The colors are just perfect for Easter. So pretty!

  2. Love the egg make-do and perfect for easter...great to take timeout for yourself now and again..we are slowing up for the hols too and doing some fun things along the way...I made up your freebie bunny pattern and love it thank you..enjoy the spring break with the kids..XX

  3. Wish I had an old quilt I could make the eggs like yours.

  4. Sounds like just about perfect to me! Wish I could find a day like that around here!lol

    Great idea for the egg makedo and the itke bag-the colours are lovely and 'springy'

    Have a great weekend,

    Shazy x

  5. Your creations look wonderful! Love the quilt design, very pretty!

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  7. What a sweet Easter 'egg' and ditty bag from that cute cutter quilt!! (say that fast 3 times) LOL
    How clever of you Christine!

    Gotta love a man who brings dinner home w/him so the wife can play, oops, I mean SEW!!! LOL

    Have a great week my dear Irish friend!

  8. Sounds like a great day. Cute decorations, too!

  9. I LOVE your Easter makedo have inspired me to search my craft room for a bobbin! The little Easter bag is lovely and it's so nice to see the lighter colours of spring...enjoy your Easter break! :0)

    Carole x

  10. Hi Christine :)
    Love your Easter egg on the bobbin, what a cute idea... mind if I copy it? :)
    And even though its waaaay past my bedtime here my tummy is rumbling at the thoughts of Chinese takeaway...YUMMY
    Hope you have a fun Easter Holiday with the children
    Hugs Wendy x

  11. Hi Christine.. now that sounds like my kind of week.. I don't see many weeks like that so you enjoy takin it easy!!
    I totally love all your Old Quilt Srping Decor.. it is just adorable... I have some pieces of Quilt and I think I might make myself a few things for myself...Thanks for the great idea's!!

    Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi...


  12. Good prim bear I see :-)
    Love the bag idea too :-) Why didn't I think of that !
    lots of herbs coming up in the garden, need a bag to put them in to dry Thanks Christine :-)xxx

  13. Hello Dear.. Better late than never as we say over here. smile.... love all you have done with the old quilt...
    You say Chinese take away and we say Chinese take out... smile..
    Enjoy yourself for the next few days...

  14. Hi Christine--Looks like your cutter quilt had the perfect colors for spring projects and they turned out great. Love the sign attached with safety pins! Thanks much for dropping by my blog. Happy stitching! ~Roberta

  15. It's been really chilly around here so it's been easy to spring clean. I'm glad it's over with so now I can spend my time outside... as soon as it warms up. =]

    How FUN to have a whole day of sewing! That must be nice. The egg make do is so cute, I have not seen one before, love it! Darling little bags! I really like the spring banner on them and the color is perfect!

    Take out too? Now that is a perfect day in my book! =]


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