Monday, 7 March 2011

Willow Tree Tutorial

Hello friends and welcome! I've just had a go making a spring like weeping willow tree and hope you find these tips helpful in case you'd like to have a go too!

Here's what you need;
*sturdy branch cut to about 9-10" long
*florist tape in brown
*strips of green and white fabric for the leaves and blossoms
*wooden base with hole - you need to drill a hole the diameter of the branch
*brown paint for the base
*wire cutters

I started by cutting out leaves and blossoms and then I cut 10 lengths of the wire which were about 12" long - they need to be a bit longer than the branch in order to twist the wire around the branch to hold them in place.

Next I cut several lengths of the florist tape and began with a white 'bud' of fabric. I wrapped the tape around the fabric - it helps that the tape is quite sticky, so all you need to do is press it around the fabric very firmly and keep wrapping it around the wire as you work your way up the wire, adding leaves of green fabric as you go.

This is what a finished branch looked like~

This is repeated for each branch. T
Then twist the wire of each branch around the top of the branch and cover in the florist's tape.
Wrap the remainder of the branch in tape. Glue it into the painted base and finish with some moss around it.

I hope yours turns out well - I'm looking at these pics and think they look like a dead plant!
I'm good at killing plants! Not very green fingered at all!

Wishing you all a lovely Spring week!


  1. Well aren't you a clever gal??? LOL Those are great tips and yours turned out just prim perfect!

    Have a great week Christine!

    warm hugs!

  2. Looks fine to me Christine. I'm fine with plants, it's normally only washing machine's that never fair that well under my tender loving care :-) x x x

  3. Hi Christine
    Great tutorial and your willow looks fab..loving your header pics..♥

  4. Hi Christine,
    Love your willow tree! :)
    You're sooo talented with all your creative ideas, I really liked your cross-stitch from your last post too :)
    Hugs Wendy x

  5. You are such a sweetie, Christine to figure that all out and then to share it with everyone.. Looks prim perfect..

  6. Ha! that sort of plant would suit me-everything else seems to die here:(-plants I mean!

    Very creative Christine and I'm loving the cheeriness of your blog background and header pic.

    Hugs, Shazy x

  7. Well done Christine! Your blog looks lovely, very springlike!
    Carole x

  8. You did a wonderful job, both on the tree and the tutorial!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend :-)


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