Friday, 18 February 2011

Spring Cross stitch Sampler & WIP update

Another weekend is here!

We have a few things lined up, the big one being a party for my FIL's 75th birthday tomorrow and I need to sort somethings out for it. But before things get too busy I just thought I'd let you see my progress on the Stacy Nash sampler I started a few weeks back. I'm making slow headway though as the osnaburg is tough on the old eyes.It should be worth the effort - I hope I can do it justice as I'm prone to making mistakes when counting stitches!

Another reason why the Stacy Nash sampler is coming along slowly is that I let myself be waylaid, because I've been trying my hand at designing a spring sampler based on a verse found in the Song of Solomon 2 v11~ this is my first attempt but it isn't prim enough for my liking ~

So it was back to the grid paper and a change of thread colors and this is what I finished up yesterday. I tea stained it for an aged look but not entirely sure about that lol!

The main thing I love about this is that for the first time I got to stitch on REAL linen 28ct and to my surprise (after a few false starts!!) I found it lovely to work on! So from now on I'll use linen and I have to thank Lisa for helping me out here and sending me some linens to try!
Thanks so much Lisa!

Here's wishing everyone a lovely (almost Spring like) weekend!


  1. Those are just darling Christine! I'm sure you'll find linen much easier to stitch on than the osnaburg!
    Great job on that verse!

  2. Beautiful work! I haven't done any stitching in YEARS! I actually have a very old sampler that my great aunt did when she was just a girl in Germany. I have it framed and hanging on the wall in our dinning room. I absolutely love it. Enjoy your day!

  3. I love those Christine!! I do admire your ability to cross stitch. My eyes are too old and tired to do it but I love the look. I will have to stick to prim stitcheries, and trust me, mine are prim.8-)
    Have a great week-end and enjoy the birthday party. 75, what a blessing!!

  4. Beautiful work, dear.. Hey, wish you FIL happy birthday from Canada, eh.... As far as Spring goes ... I think it will still be awhile in this part of the

  5. Those are lovely Christine! I don't do cross stitch, but I find hand stitching very relaxing to do...spring is coming yay! Just noticed in the garden yesterday that my daffodils are well up, can't wait till they are in full bloom! x

  6. Lovely Christine! Bet you enjoyed working on the linen. The first cross stitch I ever did was on linen and it spoils you:)

    Hope you had a great family time over the weekend,

    Speak soon,
    Shazy x

  7. hi christine
    your stitchin' is beautiful...patterns are great but nothing more rewarding than a finished prim item you were in on from the drawing the verse..♥

  8. Stacy Nash has some neat designs, it's really hard to choose which ones to get! I've come away from there a few times frustrated because I can't get my "wish list" narrowed down enough, lol!

    Those are pretty spring samplers, love them both!


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