Monday, 7 February 2011

A BIG Thank You!

Happy Monday, everyone!

I just want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who left lovely comments on my last post!

You are all so kind and a real blessing to know!

As you know if you left a comment you were automatically entered in my giveaway~ here's what the lucky winner receives~

A handmade ditty bag with Spring x stitched on to it

One of the Sampler Girl's x stitch patterns I made into a pin keep for Valentine's Day~

I wrote out everyone's name and folded them into this willow jar ~ my big paw wouldn't fit in so I asked my 9 y.o. son to pick a winner~
And here's the winner!! Congratulations I really hope you like !

Thanks for following Brenda! Just email me your details and I'll gladly mail off your winnings asap!

Once again let me thank you all for following -leaving comments that uplift and encourage!
You make me smile! That's a true gift of friendship!

Hugs for a happy week!


  1. Congratulations Brenda! You are one lucky lady!

  2. Such lovely gifts Christine! Congratulations to Brenda!

  3. OMGOSH!! Thank you so very much for picking my name! Especially thanks to your son!! I love everything that you have included in the giveaway. I have been so sick for the past 4 days with a cold and sore throat and you have just made me feel 100% better! (ok, maybe, throat still hurts). Again, thank you!! I'll email you shortly!

  4. Congrats to Brenda on that great win and how very kind Christine-such a lovely range of goodies!

    Thanks for visiting and leaving your lovely comment,

    Have a good week,
    Shazy x

  5. What sweet gifts! Congrats to Brenda!

  6. Beautiful giveaways Christine! Congrats Brenda!!

  7. That was a fab giveaway Christine...lucky you Brenda!

  8. What a charming competition puller :-)
    I am very interested in one of your side stickers :-) I have only just noticed it :-)

    Congratulations Brenda x
    :-) x x x

  9. Congrats to Brenda and thank you Christine for being such a DEAR...

  10. Congrats to Brenda. Love your blog Christine.

  11. Hi Christine, congrats to Brenda!! I totally missed that post. That was during the grandkids adventure I think.8-) I think I missed a lot those 10 days....I'm still missing part of my mind.8-)
    Have a great day!!

  12. Hi Christine
    Lovely giveaway and crongrats to Brenda..she is one lucky girl..♥

  13. Congratulations to Brenda. She's receiving some wonderful gifts!!
    Have a great weekend Christine.


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