Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wednesday and W.I.P


I know I've said it before, but it's encouraging to know there are so many kind friends in blogland who visit and comment and TAKE THE TIME to be a friend.
Thanks to you all who stop by and read and a special welcome to all my newest followers - it's great to have you join in!

I have a few completed projects to share with you - still on a Valentine theme, I seem to be heart crazy at the moment!

This was a really easy quick little candle jar hugger I made just for fun!I also had fun stitching this 6" heart pin keep with letters and numbers for Feb. 14.

In my last post I shared the little x stitch chart and to my shame I've only got this far with it myself lol!I usually work on 18 ct Aida cloth partly because I've been on a learning curve doing x stitch but I confess because I'm a tad impatient and it is quicker to finish up patterns on Aida.
However, I'm not so sure about its prim credentials and the finished x stitch looks so much better, or to coin a word, 'primmer' on linen or osnaburg.
Not having linen, I've gone with osnaburg for this Stacy Nash pattern I've been itching to get started on.
And this is now where I begin to feel the old impatience flaring up. It is so much slower for me and I have to watch for mistakes in the uneven weave of the osnaburg. But I tell myself the end result will be worth it! So this is my WIP for the next few weeks I'm sure!Isn't there something about a piece of needle work in a hoop that just takes you back in time?
I am transported back in my imagination to the days of Jane Eyre or some Jane Austen heroine!
I love the simplicity of that photo and could look at it for ages! But that's just me and my flights of fancy! Don't you ever do the same?

Well I hope you have a great week and thank you all for stopping in!
Best wishes


  1. What fun projects! I adore the little heart pillow. If I knew how to sew that would be on my list!

  2. Love your stitches:) Having just returned to crosstitch myself I have to agree. There is something peaceful about it.

  3. Love all your projects. I'm new to cross stitch too & I agree with you on the aida thing. Easier to stitch on, but linen looks much better.

    Have a great evening~Becky

  4. GLad you are enjoying Cross Stitch. I think it can be very relaxing, but agree with you about osnaburg. I think my eyesight is going when I try to stitch on it, but love the end result. Can't wait to see your progress~Ann

  5. Christine, I love everything you make! The cross stitch is truly a labor of love and I admire those of you who take time to create such lovely pieces.
    The heart candle hugger is very cute! I'm on a heart kick right now too ;-)
    Blessings to you,

  6. Christine,
    Your Candle hugger is beautiful! I love jar candles, burn them all the time, but they need to have something like that!
    Cross stitch is one of my favorite hand crafts.

  7. Hey Christine,
    I love your candle jar hugger ~ how cute! and love your cr. st. heart w/the numbers! Sweet!

    I have to tell ya, I finished your freebie design the other day and today I made it into a pillow! I am very happy w/the way it turned out and can't wait for you to see it! Thanks again for a lovely design! Yes, there is something about stitching in some sort of a hoop that just takes you back ~ I agree!


  8. Love all of your stitcheries! The candle hugger is so cute.


  9. Hi Christine:) Don't feel too bad about being impatient luv. I'm sure there's many of us the same way. I know I am at times too. I'm even anxious to see your finished WIP now you see... lol. I love all your work:)

  10. Christine, Love your projects! I x stitched years ago and have been thinking of doing a few small things. I use to do samplers (reproductions) on aida cloth. Usually on 18 or 24 ct. I'm thinking of trying some osnaburg or linen. I love the look of those fabrics. Let us know how your osnaburg project turns out.
    Yes the look of a embroidery hoop laying on a chair, waiting to be picked up and worked on do bring the feeling of yesteryear.
    Happy stitching,

  11. Lovely work Christine and I love your flights of
    Kind of reminds me of someone I know...

  12. I love your valentine projects! The candle hugger is so cute! Your stitching is beautiful :0)

  13. I just love that little candle hugger. Red and hearts I love.

  14. I love the way your little heart pinkeep turned out. It's wonderful. I haven't cross-stitched in a long time. I need to get something going again.
    Have a wonderful weekend Christine!

  15. The candle hugger is cute, love the simple little hearts. That is a darling pinkeep! Love all the colors that you used on it.

    I know what you mean about that Aida cloth, so easy. I haven't ventured out to the linen or osnaburg yet. I know I will get frustrated, lol.

    Yes, that is a great picture!

  16. Hi,
    I love your stitechery! Stop by for a chance at my giveaway of a year subscription to Taste of Home magazine, it's ending in a few days!

  17. Beautiful needlework Christine! The heart came out gorgeous! I'm just getting back into cross stitch and am really enjoying it.

  18. apart from looking at all your great makes, wanted to say FANKS...... for my birfday wishes. :-)
    Lots of luv AMIE SOTO BLOSSOM X

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  20. Hi Christine, your little candle hugger is adorable and I really love your heart pin keep

    I've recently progressed to stitching on linen from evenweave, evenweave is nice and easier than linen to stitch on, but if you want the prim or vintage look then linen is best, I could send you a few small pieces of linen if you wanted to try it out, email me if you do


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