Monday, 10 January 2011

A visit to the Irish Linen Museum to see old Sampler

Today I did something out of my normal routine and probably something I should have done ages ago. I went to the Irish Linen Museum for a visit!
It was prompted by this sampler which I read about in my old high school magazine by a young girl Hannah Morison who it is believed, emigrated with her husband John Burrows to the New World in 1815.
It is believed she was taught the art of needlepoint by a talented seamstress Sarah Dickenson who taught at the Quaker school founded in 1774.

Amazingly it was bought several years ago by a lady in Vancouver, Washington State at a church sale who appreciated the value of such a piece of work from nearly 2 centuries ago and very kindly gifted it back to the town of origin mentioned in the sampler - the very town I grew up in!
So I went to see it on display and can tell you it is a wonderful example of needle point by a girl of only 14.
I toured the rest of the museum with interesting looms and weaving history and beautiful Irish linen cloth and clothes. You wouldn't believe the amount of work needed to prepare patterns in damask and set up the loom.
Anyhow, I really enjoyed my visit.

Here's a link for a virtual visit ~ click here

It has really inspired me to stitch some more so that's what I'm off to do!
Have a great day doing what you enjoy!


  1. Wow Christine, what a tour!! I can only imagine seeing it in person. That sampler is beautiful, how awesome for someone to be so giving and return it to it's origin. A treasure indeed.
    Have fun stitching!!8-)

  2. hi Christine
    What a wonderful trip out you have had and to think the history in this piece of work and the miles it has travelled..just amazing..looking forward to pics of your next stitch so beautifully..X

  3. Sometimes we find the most interesting things right under our noses! That sampler is amazing and to think the one who stitched it was so young. They were also used to teach very young girls their alphabets and also different types of stitches.

    Thanks for sharing Christine ~ how interesting!

    Have fun stitching!

  4. Oh WOW!! That is so awesome! I would love to visit a place like that! You are so very fortunate to have that kind of history close enough to visit. So amazing that pieces traveled around like it did and how sweet of the lady that bought it to gift it back to the town. Very interesting Christine, thanks for sharing!

  5. Well, Christine..just another thing I love about the Irish .... their
    No, really I have collected linens and lace for many years and I treasure the Irish...
    Glad you had a lovely day..

  6. What a beautiful sampler! I'll bet you had a wonderful time!!

  7. Good for you! Looks great inside-I'm ashamed to say I have only made it to the coffee shop!!!
    Very interesting re the sampler-is Sarah Dickenson not who Brenda (Country Stitches) was talking about-something rings a bell-is she maybe reproducing one of her samplers?? I can't remember what it was I read:(

    Glad you got some free time out-I enjoyed reading that:)

    Shazy x

  8. Christine, Thanks for sharing this with us. The sampler is beautiful. What a generous RAK the purchaser made! ~Ann


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