Friday, 7 January 2011

New Year and New Doll!

Hello blog pals!
Already one week of the new year gone and I'm only now getting around to posting - mainly because I just needed a break so please forgive me for not visiting and commenting on your blogs.
Not much has been happening until today that is!! I have been busy trying to clean up about home and I tell myself that it's early (very early, too early!! ) spring cleaning!

I had finished cleaning the windows and sat down to lunch today when the postman rang my doorbell and gave me a long awaited package!

Take a look at this awesome rag doll by Faye of Primitive Lace. Faye is one of the sweetest bloggers you'll ever meet and a dear sister in the Lord. She is such a blessing to know!
Her dress and coat are beautiful!

Back in Nov. Faye and I agreed to a swap and what with postal disruptions and poor weather, Faye's gift arrived today! I'm so glad it arrived at last! We both thought it must have been lost in the post and gone for good but it's here - safe and sound all the way from Canada!! HURRAY!!

Now if you've never visited Faye's blog you really are missing out! Faye calls her blogs Primitive Lace and The Blessed Hearth and you need to follow. Faye is not only a talented crafter but a homemaker with a wealth of tips and recipes and encouragement that will bless your heart and home!

Here's a close up of her face and hair - it's just wonderful! I'm so thrilled to have a such an amazing raggy doll!!
She's got the cutest ever little ditty bag with a snowman inside! This pic show a close up of the bag which Faye tells me is made from 'Anne of Green Gables' fabric from Prince Edward Island!
How fantastic is that?!!! I have loved 'Anne of Green Gables' since I was a slip of a girl and one of my dreams is to visit P.E.I some day.

Faye allowed me to name her so I've decided to call her Miss Cordelia as that was what Anne wanted to be called!

I am so pleased we got to do this swap!

Silly me forgot to take a pic of the gift I made for Faye so I hope Faye doesn't mind me 'borrowing' the one from her post.

I'm only just getting back to stitching and have a few projects on the go which I will post about soon as I make more progress on them. Gotta make some Valentine hearts!
Well it's time to feed the hungry here so I thank you for visiting and I hope to get back to 'normal' soon!

Hope everyone is off to a wonderful start in this new year!
Best wishes


  1. The doll just melts my heart and I don't even collect dolls!

    Have a blessed and wonderful weekend.

  2. Miss. Cordelia is just precious! I am sure she will love her new home :0)

  3. Cordelia is just amazing! Love all the detail of her, including the ditty bag and snowman-the name just suits her perfectly. Faye sure is one talented crafter and I too enjoy reading her blogs-What a great swap you both had:))

    I'm procrastinating with the cleaning!lol!

    Shazy x

  4. Hi Christine
    Happy New Year to you...I think your raggedy is just gorgeous I am a real doll lover and love Annies too..she is fab..I am just getting back to normal this week too after the long holiday and also been snowed under..It is a great feeling..roll on ♥

  5. Hi Christine.
    Lovely lovely doll created by the utterly lovely and charming Faye. Lucky you :-)
    Faye would say your blessed. :-) I think you are too :-) X X X

  6. Always so much fun to do a swap w/a fellow blogger friend. Your rag doll is a cutie and I love what you sent her too!

    Trying to get my stitching mojo back after a long needed break.

    Have a great wkend Christine! Happy New Yr!


  7. What beautiful little doll Christine! So special and the Santa and stocking you made for Faye is equally beautiful. Very glad to hear that it wasn't lost in the mail!
    Blessings to you,

  8. Aw, your raggedy doll is adorable! So glad she finally made it to her new home where I'm sure she will be loved lots. Your Santa and stocking that you sent to Faye is very cute too!

  9. Miss Cordelia looks so sweet. What a fun swap! Happy New Year. Glad things are settling for you.

  10. Oh, Christine dear... I am sooo glad she finally arrived. The name Cordelia is lovely:)
    I want to thank you for your friendship and for my wonderful stocking and calender you sent me.. i love them, too. I was afraid I was not going to get to keep the stocking as Shonda kept carrying it around the day she was here helping me She loved it too..
    So thank you dear for your prayers compliments and yes I do count it all blessing.....

  11. Both gifts are adorable! I'm on my way to check out her blog. If it's anything like yours, I'll love it!

  12. What an adorable doll Christine, you must be over the moon....the Christmas stocking you made is also gorgeous and I'm sure was well received! I too have been having an early "spring" clean..... much as I love the Christmas season, I do enjoy getting back to normal again! x

  13. Hi Christine,
    What yummy-scrummy swappy gifts :)
    Love your raggedy doll from Faye and your Santa in a stocking gift is lovely!
    I'm reeeeaaally trying not to think about the! ;) But once everyone's back at school and colleg on Monday I'm going to have to face!
    Have fun,
    Hugs Wendy x


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