Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wednesday and W.I.P


I know I've said it before, but it's encouraging to know there are so many kind friends in blogland who visit and comment and TAKE THE TIME to be a friend.
Thanks to you all who stop by and read and a special welcome to all my newest followers - it's great to have you join in!

I have a few completed projects to share with you - still on a Valentine theme, I seem to be heart crazy at the moment!

This was a really easy quick little candle jar hugger I made just for fun!I also had fun stitching this 6" heart pin keep with letters and numbers for Feb. 14.

In my last post I shared the little x stitch chart and to my shame I've only got this far with it myself lol!I usually work on 18 ct Aida cloth partly because I've been on a learning curve doing x stitch but I confess because I'm a tad impatient and it is quicker to finish up patterns on Aida.
However, I'm not so sure about its prim credentials and the finished x stitch looks so much better, or to coin a word, 'primmer' on linen or osnaburg.
Not having linen, I've gone with osnaburg for this Stacy Nash pattern I've been itching to get started on.
And this is now where I begin to feel the old impatience flaring up. It is so much slower for me and I have to watch for mistakes in the uneven weave of the osnaburg. But I tell myself the end result will be worth it! So this is my WIP for the next few weeks I'm sure!Isn't there something about a piece of needle work in a hoop that just takes you back in time?
I am transported back in my imagination to the days of Jane Eyre or some Jane Austen heroine!
I love the simplicity of that photo and could look at it for ages! But that's just me and my flights of fancy! Don't you ever do the same?

Well I hope you have a great week and thank you all for stopping in!
Best wishes

Friday, 21 January 2011

Check it out!

Just in case - I wanted to post this entry last night but was having problems with my computer so I've just reposted it but it's still as yesterday's post instead of today - wouldn't want you to miss my freebie gift to you so just scroll down to previous post!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Still Got It! And my Valentine Gift to You!

Hi one and all it's so good to have you visit as we near another weekend! That means Feb 14 is closer so I thought I'd decorate just a little and show you a few more of my hand dids as that crafting bug still has me this week also! LOL!

I love Primitive Betty's and here's a little Valentine pin keep I got finished - it's really sweet!

I placed it in front of my heart shaped wire basket on this shelf and put lots of homespun fabric hearts in it.

This is my little teeny weeny kitchen tree with more itty bitty homespun hearts on it.
I made up this door hanger a while back

This is the shelf in my entry way~

I made the heart/love garland and a dear friend of mine gave me the LOVE letter sign.

Now here's my Valentine thank you to you for following and commenting as it's always lovely to hear from you!
I've designed this little freebie Valentine's cross stitch for you to print out - hope you enjoy! (Just right click on image and then click on 'save as') Then print out.
I'd love for you to share your finished stitchery with me to see how it turns out!Wishing you all a great weekend!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Some stitchin' for Valentine's!

Yes, I think the Valentine stitchin' love bug must have bitten me! I've been busy stitching away all last week which is why I'm only getting to posting now.

There are so many talented designers who offer free patterns that I'm struggling to find time to start them all! I've been really trying hard to finish one project before starting a new one! But it's REALLY HARD when ever day I come across more lovely patterns!

Here's what I've managed to accomplish~

Robin, from Bird-in-the-Hand Primitives had this freebie doodle and I drew up a pattern from her doodle for this Cupid and hand sewed him - hasn't he a comical face! I'm always surprised at the faces my creations end up with!
I love the reds in this little pillow and I used 'The Sampler Girl's free Be Mine pattern.

This is such a cute little pin keep from a freebie by Primitive Betty's
This cool blues for winter is a design by Appleseed Prim and I'm pleased with the end result for a pinkeep.

Lastly this is another pattern from The Sampler Girl for Valentine's

I have put some of these on my selling blog already so head over to The Primitive Shelf now to buy!

I've still got loads more ideas and things to stitch so guess what? The housework might just suffer a bit (more) this week! lol!
Have fun this week !

Monday, 10 January 2011

A visit to the Irish Linen Museum to see old Sampler

Today I did something out of my normal routine and probably something I should have done ages ago. I went to the Irish Linen Museum for a visit!
It was prompted by this sampler which I read about in my old high school magazine by a young girl Hannah Morison who it is believed, emigrated with her husband John Burrows to the New World in 1815.
It is believed she was taught the art of needlepoint by a talented seamstress Sarah Dickenson who taught at the Quaker school founded in 1774.

Amazingly it was bought several years ago by a lady in Vancouver, Washington State at a church sale who appreciated the value of such a piece of work from nearly 2 centuries ago and very kindly gifted it back to the town of origin mentioned in the sampler - the very town I grew up in!
So I went to see it on display and can tell you it is a wonderful example of needle point by a girl of only 14.
I toured the rest of the museum with interesting looms and weaving history and beautiful Irish linen cloth and clothes. You wouldn't believe the amount of work needed to prepare patterns in damask and set up the loom.
Anyhow, I really enjoyed my visit.

Here's a link for a virtual visit ~ click here

It has really inspired me to stitch some more so that's what I'm off to do!
Have a great day doing what you enjoy!

Friday, 7 January 2011

New Year and New Doll!

Hello blog pals!
Already one week of the new year gone and I'm only now getting around to posting - mainly because I just needed a break so please forgive me for not visiting and commenting on your blogs.
Not much has been happening until today that is!! I have been busy trying to clean up about home and I tell myself that it's early (very early, too early!! ) spring cleaning!

I had finished cleaning the windows and sat down to lunch today when the postman rang my doorbell and gave me a long awaited package!

Take a look at this awesome rag doll by Faye of Primitive Lace. Faye is one of the sweetest bloggers you'll ever meet and a dear sister in the Lord. She is such a blessing to know!
Her dress and coat are beautiful!

Back in Nov. Faye and I agreed to a swap and what with postal disruptions and poor weather, Faye's gift arrived today! I'm so glad it arrived at last! We both thought it must have been lost in the post and gone for good but it's here - safe and sound all the way from Canada!! HURRAY!!

Now if you've never visited Faye's blog you really are missing out! Faye calls her blogs Primitive Lace and The Blessed Hearth and you need to follow. Faye is not only a talented crafter but a homemaker with a wealth of tips and recipes and encouragement that will bless your heart and home!

Here's a close up of her face and hair - it's just wonderful! I'm so thrilled to have a such an amazing raggy doll!!
She's got the cutest ever little ditty bag with a snowman inside! This pic show a close up of the bag which Faye tells me is made from 'Anne of Green Gables' fabric from Prince Edward Island!
How fantastic is that?!!! I have loved 'Anne of Green Gables' since I was a slip of a girl and one of my dreams is to visit P.E.I some day.

Faye allowed me to name her so I've decided to call her Miss Cordelia as that was what Anne wanted to be called!

I am so pleased we got to do this swap!

Silly me forgot to take a pic of the gift I made for Faye so I hope Faye doesn't mind me 'borrowing' the one from her post.

I'm only just getting back to stitching and have a few projects on the go which I will post about soon as I make more progress on them. Gotta make some Valentine hearts!
Well it's time to feed the hungry here so I thank you for visiting and I hope to get back to 'normal' soon!

Hope everyone is off to a wonderful start in this new year!
Best wishes