Tuesday, 30 November 2010

WooHoo!! My Giveaway Goodies arrived from Wendy!

YES! Today the postie knocked the door and there was my box from Wendy of Ravenwood Whimzies!!!

I'm so thrilled with everything. I have to say a really big thank you to Wendy for being so generous and shipping them to me over here in N. Ireland. Wendy, thank you so much!
Needless to say, being the impatient person that I am, I was like one of the kids on Christmas morning, so keen to open up my pressie! As I lifted the box I could hear something jingle...Hmm, wonder what that could be!!!!
When I carefully opened the box I saw this note and the holiday towel which I will put out on display in my kitchen.Next out peeked the cutest gingerbread man and something else caught my eye - Hershey's Kisses! Delish! And Wendy, the kids say thanks for them too!
This little holiday tuck pillow is the sweetest!Wendy really went the second mile and sent me all these cute goodies; the bell, the darling little snowman with a pocketful of Christmas cheer and wonderful fresh pine scented pot pourri.

And last but not least, the star of the show this awesome Christmas reindeer. I have to tell you he is absolutely prim perfect - Wendy is an amazing crafter! She has more for sale on her blog, just click here to go and visit!Wendy, I love everything and thank you for being so thoughtful and generous! My home will be so much prettier this year with the addition of your gifts!

PS I just wanted to thank everyone for their sweet comments on my last post - you really encourage me!!

Blessings to all

Monday, 29 November 2010

Getting Sorted!

Good Monday afternoon friends!

Has the snow arrived where you are because very unusually for us, we have had a very cold, frosty snowy weekend! The kids are happy and even now out enjoying a snowball fight! It really does make it seem like Christmas is just around the corner.

I'm one of those disorganized Christmas shoppers - I go out without a clue as to what to buy for family and friends and just take what ever appeals on the spur of the moment. Usually it works out OK! That's what I was doing this morning and I'm relieved to say that I've only a couple of presents to find and I'm done! PHEW! It'll be great to be able to craft and stitch up some Christmas items for our home and just ENJOY the lovely atmosphere at Christmas! I've a couple of things in the works, so to speak :-)! Let's just say I'm now completely addicted to Country Stitches patterns - isn't Brenda's work amazing?!! And thanks to her and Shazy my ever helpful friend, I've just discovered the fun that is punch needle!

Now I do admit to this being a hasty first attempt at punch needle - I was so excited to see the end result that I seem to have left it a bit too patchy but here's my first piece from Brenda's free pattern~
I am definitely smitten and will be doing some more asap!! But back to that crazy assortment of odds and ends I needed to finish and discipline myself to sort out before trying anything else!! LOL!

Here's what I've finished, just simple things I created myself: a star tuck pillow~A wall pocket with cute little snowman and his Christmas tree and candy cane~

These twin angels are called Joy and Hope and are also going for a song on my selling blog tonight! Their hair is made up of bells!
Hope you enjoyed stopping by - it was fun getting sorted but there's still lots to do and that's what I'm off to do now!

Best wishes and happy stitches!!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Wishing all my friends in the USA 'Happy Thanksgiving!'


Some say, 'You don't miss what you don't have' but I would love to have a day set aside for Thanksgiving in the UK. It is a blessing in itself to stop and reflect on all the goodness of God to us, nationally, physically and spiritually. We might be more grateful if we did!

I have never been in the US on Thanksgiving and wondered if there are special church services of Thanksgiving?
Apart from turkey dinner, are there any other traditions you keep on Thanksgiving?
Do you think having Thanksgiving makes you more thankful?

I'm just curious and would love to hear from you!

I hope all of my friends in the USA enjoy a blessed day - Give thanks with a grateful heart!

With best wishes for a wonderful Day!

Monday, 15 November 2010

I Can't find the brake!!! Help!

Hello, hello, hello!

Hope there are still blogging pals out there who still remember me?

No, I haven't been hibernating or on vacation - though I wish I was...lol! Things just seemed to go from 0 - 60 in a split second and I can hardly get 2 mins. to do any blogging never mind posting or CRAFTING! Definite signs of withdrawal...lol! I can't even point to anything in particular - i just can't find the slow down button!

I have tried to finish projects and only end up frustrating myself - just take a look at this heap on the floor ~I've only myself to blame for this chaos - I see so many new patterns and ideas/freebies and get all fired up that I start ANOTHER project!

But I have managed to finish a couple of pieces that I'm going to list on my selling blog.

I really hope the pace slackens a bit in the next few days as I got my new patterns in the post from Country Stitches and I'm dying to get started on them!

If anyone can tell me how to better organize my time, I'd love to hear from you!

Hope you have a great week!
Best wishes

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Hello friends!

Yes, it's time to announce the winner of my giveaway and find out who Santa's new owner will be!!

Firstly though, I have to thank all my dear blogging friends for visiting my blog and for all your kind remarks, which give this self-taught crafter real encouragement to stitch some more!

It has been great to meet more blogging friends and I will do my best to visit your blogs asap!
And if you don't have a blog, then please don't be shy but say 'hello' whenever you can as I'd love to keep in touch!

I decided to put all the names on slips of paper and put them in my favorite basket for my 6 y o.
to draw the winner's name~And without any further ado, the WINNER IS!!!!!~

Congratulations to Denise and thanks so much for following my blogs!
I hope to mail Santa to you asap in time for Christmas!

I am trying to find time to finish up some new Christmas items for my selling blog, 'The Primitive Shelf', so please be on the look out for those! I know we all wish we could craft all day but the laundry and other household chores need doing!

Here are a couple of blurry, dark photos of something I'm working on~ just a wee sneak peek!
Once again, thank you all for your friendships!
Best wishes