Friday, 10 December 2010

Cheapest, Easiest Prim Tree ever!

So this is what I've been playing about with this week - my Christmas trees!

I've longed for a feather tree and don't tell my hubby, but I've ordered a 'proper' one.
In the meantime I found a way to make a 15" twig tree and it only cost a few pounds.
I found this online from England which makes postage cheaper than from the US and is perfect for the branches as it is wired.

It came in a 25ft long garland and is easy enough to cut.
It cost just over £3 - about $5-6 and I've used it for other decorations.
So next all I did was get a small branch about 15" long and started to make the top most branches first by wrapping around it tightly around the branch at one end, leaving a 2" twig sticking up straight.I wrapped it around a cut it to the length of twig I thought looked about right for a tree. I could make two branches at a time by letting my working end be the next branch.
I just kept on repeating this process gradually making the lower branches a bit longer as I worked my way down. This is how it worked on down~
When I was satisfied with my little tree I put it in a plastic pot filled with modeling clay and tied burlap around the pot - here's how it looked then~

Just to tidy up the top of the pot I put some moss in the pot. Then I hung some dried orange slices on it for a prim finish and here it is! Gotta say I'm chuffed to bits with the result!!

I've still not finished other bits and pieces of my decorating for Christmas but here are some photos of my little tree in the kitchen~

~ and our main tree~I love traditional reds and whites on the tree so it's more whimsical than prim but the kids love it and so do I!! Maybe one day I'll have a tree done entirely in prim decorations!lol!

I even have an Americana teddy to hang on the tree!

Hope you enjoyed the pics and the trees. I gotta get to work on the rest of the house!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. Really cute and sounds easy.
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    You will find tips to create a friendlier blog. Like doing away with the 3 step word verification for comments.

  2. Hey Christine - Love the little tree and it is so simple to make - I'll have to try my hand at it. Merry Christmas dear!

  3. Great idea, I just saw an episode where Martha Stewart made a feather tree. They are so pricey. I'm looking for a charlie brown type sampling look for a tree. I may try to make it! Thanks for sharing your decorations, I love all the red.

  4. Hello Dear... Such a great idea... very creative:) Has the post gone on strike? LOL..I am beginning to get anxious...
    Have a great weekend...

  5. Christine, that's at neat idea. I love how your prim tree turned out. My Grandmother has a real antique feather tree. I want it sooo bad.

  6. The little prim tree you made is adorable! I envy you if you're getting a real feather tree - can't wait to see it!

  7. Hi Christine, I love the little tree you made. I would love to find some of that, might have to be next year since the Christmas stuff is gone in my town.8-) I love your little kitchen tree and the snowman, you know me and snowmen. Your main tree is really pretty too, mine isn't prim, too many memories in all those non-prim ornies. But I make up for it in other places.8-)
    Can't wait to see more!!

  8. What a sweet little tree! I too love the feather trees and I'm just green with envy that you're getting a real one. I can't wait to see it.

    Hurry and get the rest of the house done so we can have a peek.

  9. Christine the pictures of your trees are beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing how to make a simple little tree-I've been wanting to make one up for sometime and I even have some of the same greenery to use that I picked up a a thrift store for 75 cents!!! Thinking, oh some day I'll use it! Now I will for sure!
    Blessings to you~

  10. Love all your trees Christine! Beautiful!

  11. You are so talented Christine! What a neat idea to make that first little prim tree like you did! How clever!

    Your other trees are just darling!


  12. All your trees are very festive and cute.. I love the prim cute!
    Merry Chistmas!!

  13. Hi Mary,
    Your home is lovely, I have been enjoying getting to know you through your blog! Please stop by and visit me sometime! Your tree is wonderful.
    Have a wonderful Holiday!

  14. PS, That was supposed to be Hi Merry Christmas, not Mary! lol

  15. I love your prim tree! Thanks for the great tutorial. Very budget friendly too. :)

  16. What a great idea! I love how your little tree turned out and what's best is how you decorated!! That is awesome!!

  17. Love your tree Kris! Thanks for the tutorial!

  18. Hi Christine, Love your prim little orange tree...I'm going to have to have a go at one of them :) And I love your family tree too, full of memories just as they should be
    Hugs Wendy x

  19. Hi there-don't know how I missed this post!

    What a great idea! I'm on the lookout for a feather tree too-but they are a tad bit hard to find here:(

    Love your other trees too -your decorations on your big tree are LOVELY!

    Looking forward to seeing your next tree:)

    Shazy x

  20. I love your little prim tree Christine!! Your main tree looks nice with all your red and white decorations :0)

  21. Your little tree is adorable!! Thanks for showing us how you made it.

  22. I love your little tree; thanks for the instructions!

  23. What a nifty idea to make your own prim trim like that! Sounds like something I could handle, hehe. The orange slices really prim it up!

    Love all your trees, even your Americana bear. We have one traditional tree with all the kids' ornaments from over the years then the rest of the trees are mine. =]

  24. Hi Christine
    I just love your handcrafted tree and the simple dried oranges hung..prim perfect..your other trees are lovely too and I am looking forward to more of your pics..hope your keeping safe and warm..♥

  25. I love the tree and the orange slice ornaments. I asked Santa for a new dehydrator so I can make some ... had some years ago but they went by the wayside. I also had some grapefruit and apple slices that were all so pretty! I enjoy your blog! merry christmas to you


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