Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Gone for another year...

Didn't Christmas just fly past?!!!
Hope everyone enjoyed themselves - we did and the children filled the house with screams of excitement on Christmas morning - I love watching their faces, that's my favorite part of Christmas! Okay, I DO love my Christmas dinner too! My parents came over for Christmas lunch and we had a lovely meal together. On Boxing Day we visited my husband's parents and enjoyed more food and family time together.

My oldest couldn't believe her eyes when she realized her dreams had come true and she was finally holding her very own ipod touch!

I also wanted to show you a new Santa I made from Mr Jingles pattern by The Olde Country Cupboard. I didn't make legs for him but adapted him slightly and made his coat a bit longer to prop him up instead. Here's what he looks like, free standing, in the midst of some fairy lights which I am tidying away for another year. I've already got the main tree etc packed away and thoroughly cleaned the main living room and it feels GOOD to have the room back to basics ... I feel a strong need to de-clutter the house in the next few weeks. We just seem to have accumulated STUFF and I need to clear it OUT!

Still, it's kind of sad putting away all those Christmas decorations when we look forward to Christmas so much and then it's over in a flash!

But here's hoping 2011 is a great year too!
I thank each one of my blogging pals for making 2010 so great! You have been so generous with your comments and encouraging remarks that I am indebted to you for taking the time to be my friends... Thank you!

Wishing each of you a blessed New Year!

Friday, 24 December 2010

White Christmas Wishes to all my Readers!


Dear blogging friends,

How this year has flown by! It has been another year of blessings, great and small!
I've been blessed to make so many more blogging friends and want to thank you for leaving such wonderful, kind , funny comments, especially on these last couple pf posts - I am really blown away!


And thank you for opening up your homes and hearts to me and SHARING!

No more dreaming of a white Christmas here, we've got TONS of the white stuff! Here are some shots of our Winter Wonderland walk~

And here's our snowman!!

I sincerely hope everyone enjoys a wonderful time with family and friends this Christmas and that we all thank God for His most precious gift in that He GAVE His ONLY begotten SON!

God bless dear friends.

Thursday, 16 December 2010


I am soooo pleased with my new penny rug which I just finished stitching up! And I have to say again that I LOVE Brenda Gervais' patterns at Country Stitches. Even though this is an older pattern, as soon as I saw it on the website, I was in love! (It was a little Christmas treat for myself :-) -Do you ever give yourself little treats like that? P-)
And I'm not disappointed - what do you think of it?

Isn't the Santa gorgeous? I love the reindeers and little snowflakes!

It's about 34" in length and by just stitching a little every now and then when I got the chance it didn't seem to hard to blanket stitch 31 'tongues'.

Isn't this a great detail on the 3 tongues?!!

I also got a couple of other x stitch patterns finished but with sick girls at home this week I haven't yet fixed up some other Christmas arrangements done. Thankfully they are on the mend and we hope it all goes and we can enjoy Christmas.

This is such a pretty freebie pattern from Threadwork Primitives byNan and looks just right in the greens.
We're watching snow falling here tonight and it might keep us indoors tomorrow. I hope it doesn't stay too long because we have some family get togethers planned for the weekend.

Well, I hope everyone is warm and cozy and not stressing out over all the season's rush!
Enjoy it and remember to thank God for His unspeakable gift!

Thanks so much for your visit - I love the company!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Cheapest, Easiest Prim Tree ever!

So this is what I've been playing about with this week - my Christmas trees!

I've longed for a feather tree and don't tell my hubby, but I've ordered a 'proper' one.
In the meantime I found a way to make a 15" twig tree and it only cost a few pounds.
I found this online from England which makes postage cheaper than from the US and is perfect for the branches as it is wired.

It came in a 25ft long garland and is easy enough to cut.
It cost just over £3 - about $5-6 and I've used it for other decorations.
So next all I did was get a small branch about 15" long and started to make the top most branches first by wrapping around it tightly around the branch at one end, leaving a 2" twig sticking up straight.I wrapped it around a cut it to the length of twig I thought looked about right for a tree. I could make two branches at a time by letting my working end be the next branch.
I just kept on repeating this process gradually making the lower branches a bit longer as I worked my way down. This is how it worked on down~
When I was satisfied with my little tree I put it in a plastic pot filled with modeling clay and tied burlap around the pot - here's how it looked then~

Just to tidy up the top of the pot I put some moss in the pot. Then I hung some dried orange slices on it for a prim finish and here it is! Gotta say I'm chuffed to bits with the result!!

I've still not finished other bits and pieces of my decorating for Christmas but here are some photos of my little tree in the kitchen~

~ and our main tree~I love traditional reds and whites on the tree so it's more whimsical than prim but the kids love it and so do I!! Maybe one day I'll have a tree done entirely in prim decorations!lol!

I even have an Americana teddy to hang on the tree!

Hope you enjoyed the pics and the trees. I gotta get to work on the rest of the house!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Hello dear friends!

Hope everyone is keeping well and full of the joys of the season!
I am putting some items on special offer over at my selling blog
Just click here to go grab a bargain!

Here's one of the items listed, a cute as can be snowman looking for a new home before he melts!!
We've had quite a bit of snow and yesterday the children were all off school much to their delight!
They tried to make a snowman but the snow is too powdery even for a good snowball fight!

We still managed to make it out to the continental Christmas markets in Belfast City centre but I found it a wee bit disappointing - all very same-y and no primitves :-(

But I'm still stitchin away at one of my Christmas projects and hope to finish it soon and will post pics then!

Have a blessed week!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Holly's Dress

Holly stared wistfully at the dress. It was beautiful. Not too fussy, not too frilly: just perfect.
The little sprigs of holly against the crimson cotton background made it look so pretty.
In a reverie, Holly imagined herself entering the church hall next Saturday for the annual Sunday School Christmas party, wearing the dress...
'Holly, we're ready to go.' Her mother's voice stopped her daydream abruptly. Holly and her mother had come into town on a few errands and her mother had only gone into the dress store for some buttons.
'Are you ready to go?' inquired her mother, 'You look as if you've forgotten something!'
'Oh mother, I was just wondering...' Holly's voice trailed off.
She couldn't bring herself to ask for a new dress. She knew times were hard for their family. Her father worked long hours on the construction site and his wages barely kept food on the table let alone clothe Holly and her brothers in finery. 'Make do and mend,' was one of her mother's cheerful sayings and Holly heard it a lot for her mother had few luxuries but still managed to look neat and tidy and glowing with contentment.

As her mother put her hand on the door knob, Holly couldn't resist a backward glance over her shoulder for a last, longing look at the dress.

They stepped out into the cold December air and wrapped their thin cloaks more tightly about themselves and hurried homeward as quickly as they could. At least there was a warm fire burning when they entered the house, casting a rosy glow across the room, which was furnished sparsely enough, but it was home, a place of love and happiness and belonging.

Holly's mother began heating up the pot of stew and Holly began setting the table.
'Only a few days until your birthday, Holly,' said her mother, 'I'll bake a special cake and put nine little candles on it and we can all eat it after supper. Won't that be a treat!'
Holly nodded and smiled. She knew her mother would try to give her some little surprises on her birthday, but oh, wouldn't it be wonderful if.... No, she must push all thought of the dress aside, no matter how much she wanted it.

When Holly came home from school a few days later, her mother met her with a broad smile.
'While you were at school, I went and picked some holly boughs from the wood and got some extra candles to make the place all lovely for your birthday and for Christmas! You know it has to be holly , for our special daughter Holly born nine years ago today! Happy birthday, Holly!'

The house smelled lovely and Holly knew they would all enjoy her mother's cake tonight.
But what was this? On the table beside her mother was a brown parcel tied up with red ribbon.
Her mother was smiling that broad grin again and her eyes danced with happy anticipation.
'Open it.'
'OHHH!' gasped Holly. 'How did you know? Oh mother, it's the dress I wanted so much!'
She gazed at her mother in happy bewilderment.
'Well, I saw you turn to look up at when we were leaving Jonson's store last week. I recognised that longing gaze in your eyes, so I've been busy baking and selling my cakes and cookies and with a few pence I'd saved for your birthday and Christmas, I got you the dress. I thought you might like to wear it on Saturday to the Sunday School party.'
Holly could only hug her mother tightly as the tears almost choked her. Her own mother was the best gift she could have. Her own mother knew her so well, read her thoughts even. Her own mother did all she could to make their days as bright and loving as she could!

It was her mother's turn to well up with tears as Holly stepped out of her room on Saturday afternoon, wearing her new dress for the party.
'Oh Holly it's so perfect for you!' she cried, 'The little sprigs of holly and the rich red color suit you so well! Come and I'll tie this red ribbon in your hair.'
'Mother, you are the best mother in the whole, wide world!' exclaimed Holly, embracing her mother again.
'We couldn't have found you a better dress in all the world!' laughed her mother and kissed her,
'A dress with holly for my own precious Holly!'
The End!

I gave myself the whole day off today from housework that is lol! and this is what I was doing instead and enjoying every minute of it while it snowed outside!
I got this lovely Christmas fabric from The Homespun Loft and couldn't wait to make up these dresses, so it got me thinking about a very special dress I got one year a long time ago...!

Hope you are all warm and cozy and enjoying the festive pics of all the lovely Christmas decorating - I know I am!
Have a wonderful weekend!