Monday, 29 November 2010

Getting Sorted!

Good Monday afternoon friends!

Has the snow arrived where you are because very unusually for us, we have had a very cold, frosty snowy weekend! The kids are happy and even now out enjoying a snowball fight! It really does make it seem like Christmas is just around the corner.

I'm one of those disorganized Christmas shoppers - I go out without a clue as to what to buy for family and friends and just take what ever appeals on the spur of the moment. Usually it works out OK! That's what I was doing this morning and I'm relieved to say that I've only a couple of presents to find and I'm done! PHEW! It'll be great to be able to craft and stitch up some Christmas items for our home and just ENJOY the lovely atmosphere at Christmas! I've a couple of things in the works, so to speak :-)! Let's just say I'm now completely addicted to Country Stitches patterns - isn't Brenda's work amazing?!! And thanks to her and Shazy my ever helpful friend, I've just discovered the fun that is punch needle!

Now I do admit to this being a hasty first attempt at punch needle - I was so excited to see the end result that I seem to have left it a bit too patchy but here's my first piece from Brenda's free pattern~
I am definitely smitten and will be doing some more asap!! But back to that crazy assortment of odds and ends I needed to finish and discipline myself to sort out before trying anything else!! LOL!

Here's what I've finished, just simple things I created myself: a star tuck pillow~A wall pocket with cute little snowman and his Christmas tree and candy cane~

These twin angels are called Joy and Hope and are also going for a song on my selling blog tonight! Their hair is made up of bells!
Hope you enjoyed stopping by - it was fun getting sorted but there's still lots to do and that's what I'm off to do now!

Best wishes and happy stitches!!


  1. Fantastic, I think your first punch piece looks wonderful!!!! I love Brend's patterns as well.

  2. You are SO creative. Good luck with your shopping and stitching.

  3. Very cold & frosty here. It was good hearing from you today. I have only purchased a few gifts for the kids so far. Gift shopping is not my thing. Would love to just do gift cards. Maybe someday. Kids still want to open packages under the tree. I received a free punch needle by subscribing to a craft magazine. Never have used it yet. Another some day. Is is easy? Your santa is cute. All of your crafts are great. I love the bells for angel hair. Blessings!

  4. You made some really cute it's there! Love the star tuck! So cute!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Hello Christine.. You sure are accomplishing a lot. God bless ya....I love your star pillow. Have you been checking the mail? LOL.

  6. Hi Christine, I love all your goodies!! Your punch piece looks great to me, that is something I haven't tried yet. I love your star pillow and the angels are just toooo cute!!
    No snow in Texas, but it is very rare for us to see the white stuff. If it does snow it last just long enough to make a big mess!!8-)

  7. I haven't tried punching or hooking but think about it often. Love your projects. The bag with the snowman is adorable, as is the star.

  8. Hello there Christine, good to see you in blogland!
    All of your creations are darling. I haven't learned the punch needle craft yet but I sure love the looks of it.
    Oh, we have plenty of snow here in S.E. Idaho! Way early too but we will take it as it feeds our water supply. Ski resorts are jumping for joy! Record early openings for a few.
    Stay warm.

  9. You've been a busy bee Christine! Everything turned out really cute!

    I'm still working on some Chr. gifts, not much else tho'.

    On Thanksgiving Day it was so warm that my hubby wore shorts and I had on FLIP FLOPS!! Very unusual for us, but it's supposed to get colder this wk.

    Have a good one!

  10. Hi Christine!

    No snow here yet but the weatherman said it's a possibility for Weds. and Thurs. I'll take a little just to get us in the mood.

    Once upon a time I took a punch needle class. I did finish one project (don't ask where it is lol). Your Santa is very cute as is the star pillow and the dolls with jingle bells for hair. I'm on vacation next week and I'm really hoping to have time to be crafty.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. All so very cute...its beginning to look like Christmas...Have fun!!

  12. Hi Christine
    I think your punch needle is just fab and it is so much fun trying new things...lovin' your new bits and the tree star a great little tuck..hoping the postie can get through with the rest of my Christmas LOL..♥

  13. I love your "Joy" and "Hope" angels. Those are my daughters middle names, so we're always on the lookout for those words on things (much easier to find than Serena and Micaela) :-) The little star tuck pillow is adorable too!

  14. How cute Christine! Your creations are darling! I love how creative you are... using bells for hair, the little tree and candy cane to go with the snowman, it's all so cute!

    I think your first attempt at punch needle is wonderful! I'm too scared to try it, lol!


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