Friday, 8 October 2010


Hello friends and welcome! Thanks for taking the time to drop by and share a little of my world.
I think that's why blogging has become so special to many of us - when we realize that there are many out there who genuinely show an interest in each other's day to day happenings and events as well as a love of crafting. It's knowing that someone we've never even met in a lot of cases, is willing to pop in for a bit... making time for another person on this earth is one of the nicest gifts to give, at least that's how I feel, so I'm really blessed by all of you who stop by and leave sweet comments - that's priceless to me!

On this Sunday we are having our annual services of Harvest Thanksgiving. The church building is always beautifully decorated with the gifts of fruit and vegetables that people bring.
As I was shopping for some gifts to bring along to church tomorrow, I was so surprised to find Indian Corn for sale. I have never come across this over here before but always admired it in prim fall decorating. I bought some and knew it would look good hanging from my primitive shelf. The colors in it are as good as jewels!!
I did some more decorating with rosehip vines, just tucking some in here and there - now for my persnickety 11 y.o. to say she actually liked what I'd done was a major prim victory to me!!lol!

That's about it as far as 'primming' goes although I have some projects in the pipeline but they'll have to wait for my next post. I've been absorbed in reading quite a bit more than usual.
My niece who's 24 and hopes someday to live in the U.S. or Canada, is now as smitten as I am with the lives of the Amish - she's had to listen to me for the last couple of years LOL! So we've begun our own Amish literature/novel swap when we met up every weekend and I have a hard time setting down any of these books once I start. The last two I read were by Jerry Eicher, who I'd not come across before, but I really enjoyed these two and I'm looking out for others by him.Another project that's on my heart and in my thoughts a lot is some daily Bible reading notes for my Sunday School students - 14 y. o.s. This is going to take up a lot of my time but I feel I need to do this for them - it's a challenge to encourage them to read God's word and learn from it so I'd appreciate your prayers in this.... 'Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly' Colossians 3 v.16. is the key.

I hope to keep up with my prim makedo's etc - love Christmas!
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy!
Best wishes


  1. Hi Christine
    I just love what you have done with the rosehips..looks fab..I couldn't believe our local flower shop were selling dried corn and an assortment of gourds and pumpkins too..I used to go to bible class in my teens and loved it..the teachers made it so much fun..Have a lovely weekend..XX

  2. I agree with you. Stopping by just to share interest in another's life...precious.

    Love all the decor. You have a gift for making things seem 'homey'...but I think I've told you that before. :-)

  3. I too love it Christine when friends visit my blog. We learn so much from and about each other. Several friends have become real blessings to me over time.
    I really like Indian Corn. I have a small bowl filled with ears of it on my kitchen counter. The colors are just beautiful.
    I will pray for you and your work with your Sunday School Class. I used to teach our teens class and they were always so eager to learn. They are the future leaders of our churchs so we definitely need to keep them in the word and encourage them.
    Blessings to you,

  4. I love visiting lots of blogs too, but there are just some that we 'click' with more than others and they become a special part of our lives just as if they were a real friend to us in person. You and several others are in that category and I feel blessed to be a part of yours.
    Love your fall decor and those Amish books~ I'm a big fan of those!
    I'm sure the Lord will bless you for all your efforts w/teens, esp.
    Have a great wkend. Christine!


  5. Another lovely visit, as always ;) Your fall decor looks great as does your new blog layout.

    I've seen the novels about the Amish but I've yet to read one. Several other bloggers have posted about how much they've enjoyed them. A good read is a welcomed winter time treat so perhaps I'll pick one up.

    I too will be praying for you as you work with the youth in your church.


  6. Hi Christine,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I think we are not only sisters in Christ but in our love of the Amish! I will be following your lovely blog, Im so glad to have found it!
    PS, your home is lovely!!!

  7. Christine ~
    Thanks so much for following my blog. That age group is a tough one ~ I know :) Growing up we would visit the Amish settlement that was about 1 hour away ~ it was always a fun trip. Now we are taking our children there. Will be praying for you and the young adults!
    Wanted to let you know that I nominated you for "The Versatile Blogger" award ~ come by for a visit and pick it up!


  8. Hi Christine, you are so right about blogging, you said it perfect!! We can be oceans apart and still share our lives with a kindred spirit.8-)
    I love your decorations, love the sign with the houses.
    Prayers are with you as you work with the teens, God will bless you I know for your efforts.

  9. I look forward to seeing comments to my posts when I check every day. I have very little family. Mom 1oo mile trip to & back & my kids. I really have no friends out here so those I have found here on the blog I enjoy so. Your corn is beautiful. Love it hanging on the peg board.

  10. I feel the same as you, girl. I love my prim blog friends. Hardly any of my friends around here are into it, so I really cherish my time in blogland.

    I love Indian corn also. The gorgeous fall colors blend together so beautifully! It's fun to add it to your fall decor.

    My persnickety 11 y.o. daughter sounds just like yours, lol! She hardly ever likes anything I buy or make. I kid her that my antiques and prims are gonna be hers one day. I adore the berry vines, they really add just the right touch.


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