Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Come for an Autumn walk...

The weather here has been beautiful and I'm making the most of it by trying to exercise outdoors as much as I can. I'm always on the look out for new places to walk and enjoy the scenery - nature's decor is unbeatable!

Today I went for a walk with my camera to show you our local village which is where my Dad grew up. It's very historic, settled way back as a military fortress first and then later developed by the Georgians as you can see in the architecture in the main street.

There is a very impressive and lovely tree lined avenue up to the parish church~And at either side of this there are identical cottages for the sexton~There is a main street which is on a hill and lined with some original buildings ~

At the top of the hill are some very important buildings. This one used to be the court house but is now the tourist information centre~

This is the only public view of the Castle which is the official residence of the Queen or members of the Royal family and dignitaries when they visit Northern Ireland~
To the right of this is a terrace of lovely red brick Georgian homes~Opposite the old court house is the walk to the fort through the arch and then I walk around the lake in the forest park - so peaceful on this autumn day~

It's back out of the park now and back up Park Street, one of the prettiest, with the quaintest of stone built cottages~

This is a newly built terrace of homes and I was glad to see they tried to keep to the original style of the street~

Well I hope you enjoyed this walk and you're not too much out of breath as that hill can be tough!!

Hope you get a chance to get outside and enjoy autumn too!
Best wishes


  1. How beautiful!! I wish I was there in person walking with you but this was second best!

  2. Beautiful Christine. Wish I was on that walk!

  3. Hi Christine
    Firstly thank you for awarding me ♥..I just loved visiting your village it is truly beautiful..my favorite is the stone cottage with the lovely green painted door and window frames and I loved the wreath on the door of the newer houses..It was a grand day for a walk out and thanx for sharing it..XX

  4. Christine,
    I wish I could walk with you. Wow, your pictures are beautiful.

  5. Christine,

    You live in a lovely, lovely spot on earth and such a place for a hearty walk. I have dreams of walking someday in Scotland where my grandparents were born. I think it must share the same type of beauty. I can't wait to poke around your blog some more and peek in on all your crafting adventures.

    In Christ,


  6. It would have been my dad's birthday today, so how could I not take such a beautiful walk with you. :-)xxx

  7. Oh what beautiful pictures! I would love
    to go walking to see such beautiful sites!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  8. This is just beautiful. I would love to see this in person; maybe someday... But thanks for helping me dream.

  9. That is my kind of walk Christine, and your photos are amazing! I was lucky enough to attend a Royal Garden Party in Hillsborough...such a stunning Castle!
    Carole x

  10. My goodness, how beautiful! That's inspiration enough to get out and walk. How pretty! Thank you for sharing with us.

    I got my pillow in the mail yesterday and I just love it. Your stitching is so beautiful! Thanks so much!

  11. Hi Christine, what beauty!! I can see why you take that route to do your walk. When I walk I see mesquite trees and caliche roads. 8-) Thanks so much for the blog award, so sweet to choose me. I always so enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing Ireland with us. 8-)

  12. Hi Christine,
    I tried to leave a comment earlier-not sure what happened.
    Good ole Ireland looks not too bad...such a lovely village,

    Thanks for nominating me for the versatility award-I'm honoured:)

    Speak soon,
    Shazy x

  13. Hi Christine.. Thank you so much for taking me for the walk... And for waiting for me..lol...
    You know how much I love Ireland so it was so wonderful to see what you see everyday!!
    Thanks for sharing in such a unique way...

  14. Oh Christine, it's beautiful! I'd love to go for a walk with you too. You know, my husband's grandfather came over here from Ireland. I wish I knew a little more about him and where he came from. My husband looks more like his Italian side of the family than like his Irish side though :-)

  15. Thanks for the stroll through town. It was lovely!

  16. Just beautiful...thank you for letting me walk along with you!

  17. So beautiful. To think my ancestors left there hundreds of years ago to settle here in the US. We are very proud of our Irish blood. But we are also Scottish and American Indian (Catawba tribe). But no matter who my mother talks to she always insist we are just Irish. I wish i could visit there. Such beautiful pictures. Blessings, Janice-Black Creek Primitives

  18. Oh my word girl, that is a gorgeous walk! Do you know how fortunate you are to see this beauty every time you walk?? Wow, it is beautiful! All I get to see when I walk is trees and more trees. Lol! Thank you for letting us join you on your walk, just wish I was there in person to see it!


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