Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Falling for Fall!

Autumn greetings, prim friends!

The weather here has been very autumnal with a big drop in the evenings and that unmistakable nip in the air. During the day though, it has been mild and quite pleasant, always good for the kids to make it outside for more playtime after school.

I've been noticing the change in the leaves and among the hedges along the wee country roads around these parts and since taking up prim crafting I now really enjoy the hues of autumn.
Over here we celebrate the harvest but folks don't decorate their homes for the season. So I think it must be the prim influence that has won me over to enjoying more about this beautiful time of the year.

One drawback is that nowhere can I find bittersweet garlands or vines so I just make do with what I have closer to home - suppose that's in true primitive spirit as I must use whatever is available and improvise! There is an abundance of rosehips and they are lovely shades of orange and red so I went on a ramble and clipped off some today.
I finished up this sign and think the hips look well around it.

I also found some acorns and put them in this pitcher on my kitchen shelf~

It's always fun making up new prims and I got busy and made this hanging for the door~

I got this little x stitch done up - it's a freebie from The Stitcherhood.Here's a pumpkin doll I made from my own pattern and I'm loving how she turned out with her crow!

That just about wraps up things in this post as my kids are asking for help with homeworks!

Have a great week,
Best wishes


  1. Your fall decor is very pretty Christine. Yes us prim lovers do have to make do a lot of times when we are decorating. Your new creations are fabulous. Wish I could sew.
    Enjoy your week.

  2. Your Pumpkin gal is Fabulous!The crow and pumpkin is pretty cute too.great job!have a great evening blessings michelle

  3. I think the rosehips are very pretty. I love your pumpkin head doll too!


  4. You have been busy Christine...love your fall decor & your blog is looking good also! x

  5. It looks like your house is ready for fall Christine. Everything looks wonderful. Here in the desert we don't have any of the vines either, unless they're the fake kind :-) We did wake up to cooler weather today though, a welcome change :-)

  6. Looks like you'll have to start a new trend over there ~ decorating your house for each season. LOL
    I'm loving all your fallish prim goodies ~ they are so cute and you did a great job on them!

    Have a great wk!

  7. Hello Christine... Yes, Fall is arriving right on time, eh? I love your decorations... especially your pumpkin doll.. You know me and dolls...lol...
    Terry and I went for a wee drive tonight and picked some rosehips, too... They are so plentiful this year.. I am waiting for Shonda to come and help me decorate with them for the weekend.. I also picked purples fall asters and stuck them in the pots.. They actually look kind of good... lol..

  8. The Fall sign is my favorite....
    All your Fallish goodies are awesome


  9. Hi Christine
    I just love the rosehip idea will have to pop out and get some LOL..I have a large crock to fill..your new makes are fab and love the door greeter and sign..XX

  10. Hi Christine-you sure have been busy!

    The rosehips look great-might have to steal that one:))

    Love all your creations-they all turned out great-love how the pumpkin head doll looks and your sign turned out great too,

    Speak soon,
    Shazy x

  11. I think the rosehips are perfectly beautiful!
    Linda ;)

  12. Hi Christine, everything looks prim fall perfect!! 8-) I love the rosehips, a very nice touch with the sign. You did a great job on everything.

  13. Just love all your Fall touches!! Your stitchery is wonderful and your pumpkin doll is so cute!!

    Have a wonderful day!!

  14. Hi Christine, thanks so much for becoming a follower on my blog and entering my giveaway and posting a link here. I'm now following you as well and have added you to my favourite blogs list so I can keep up with what you are doing in Ireland! Love your rosehips and acorns, they look lovely. Your crow & pumpkin & your pumpkin doll are great and I love your stitchery! Looking forward to following your blog as you "prim up" Ireland! Deb

  15. Your pumpkin girl is just adorable!!!! Blessings, Dianntha

  16. Wow, I can't believe people there don't decorate for fall! Since it's my very favorite time of year, I would be really sad if I couldn't shop it every year. You improvised quite well! I love the rosehips, they are almost the same beautiful fall color as bittersweet. They blend in well with fall decor. Your home made prims are wonderful! The pumpkin doll is adorable! Great job you creative girl!

  17. Oh, and thank you for that free pattern tip! It's so cute, I'm gonna hunt it down.


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