Saturday, 21 August 2010

Quiet Saturday crafting...

Hello and welcome!

Glad you could visit this Saturday afternoon 'cause we're just taking it easy today!
It's warm and pleasant outside so the kids are playing with the other children in our cul-de-sac and I'm just enjoying some free time to catch up on a few craft projects and do some coffee staining.This is one of the 'prims' I've started for autumn and I'll probably keep 'him' for a shelf sitter.
Can you guess what he's going to be??!!

Seems like fall/autumn is just around the corner here too. The leaves are already turning on this tree in my front garden~
The children are back to school in a week's time, but I'm relieved to say we've done the 'back-to-school shopping.

Many of you prefer fall and i can certainly appreciate the beauty that comes with this season all around us in nature, but I think I prefer summer. I love walking about in bare feet, I love the balmy evenings for a stroll and the warm sunny days when the children can splash about in water and I can listen to them laugh and play.

Whatever you do, I hope you all enjoy the weekend!
Best wishes


  1. Hi Christine,
    Your shelf sitter looks very cute so far and I'm guess a 'scarecrow'???
    After a week of chores and tons of laundry since our return I declared today a craft day too. Was out in the barn trying to clean up my huge mess out there so I could start on a new project, trying to get my mo-jo back.

    It's so nice to have a quiet day for crafting isn't it??

    I'm w/you~ I love autumn, but I'm partial to summer and late spring, when you don't have to put on so many clothes and such.

    Have a wonderful time crafting!

  2. I'm keeping a close eye on that shelf sitter. :-)
    Autumn's coming here too, leaves are already falling. x x x

  3. Hey...I must live in God's country because there is not a colored leaf in sight.. Probably because I am not looking..LOL..I know Fall is on it's way but I so love Summer...
    Your shelf sitter is adorable and I guess it is a retired scare crow and religated to the shelf...Sorry...

  4. Hi Christine,
    Yep, it's definately starting to look like Autumn here-especially at nights-dark and cool!

    Lovely to get some free time to craft and I am looking forward to seeing the finished project:)

    Have a great weekend,
    Blessings, Shazy x

  5. Your shelf setter is so cute already!

    I enjoy summer too for the same reasons you listed but we had over 5 weeks with straight 105 to 115 heat index, every single day!! This cooler 80 to 90 degree temp is so much nicer! I love the colors of fall and the decorating. That is my favorite thing of all.

  6. The leaves aren't turning around here yet, but yours are beautiful. I always preferred summer growing up, but it was a cooler climate than we live in now. I think here in the high desert, I prefer fall. We live on a cul-de-sac too. Isn't it wonderful for kids?
    I was thinking scarecrow, but I'm not sure :-)


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