Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Lookie here....

It's a woohoo kinda day today!! Today I loved what the postman brought - not just one lovely parcel but a 2nd lovely package!
I know others have maybe got theirs already, but mine came today, woohoo - yes, the premier issue of 'A Primitive Place' magazine!! I've had a quick look through butI'm saving it 'til I get some time alone.....!

But on to the 2nd box! I have been on the look out for rusty bed springs for a while now to use in craft projects and lo and behold my good blogging friend Carole of 'Primnraggedy' just listed some on her new selling blog 'The Primitive Crow's Nest'! (The link is on my sidebar)As I opened the box to see the springs I saw this sweet prim gift wrap paper and wondered what
Carole was up to!! Well, she had tucked in this lovely surprise package of the cutest prim items~
There are prim tags and bowl filler hearts and a heart cookie cutter as well as the most delicious smelling cinnabun tart melts, 'Amish Quilts' - just perfect!

Thanks so much, Carole for such a lovely surprise!!

A question before I go... How much can you pack into a medium size suitcase?
When I got home from 'Primland' I put all my purchases on the kitchen table to see, and this is it:
A nice little booty, methinks! And to think our suitcases were even below the weight limit...
Oh well -
I'll know for again....

Best wishes!


  1. Lucky you! I can not wait to get my first issue. You sure got a lot of prim goodies in that suitcase.

  2. Hi Christine
    OMG I can't believe what you put in the suitcase..just amazing and what a lovely surprise parcel you got..My Mag just arrives today too and boys are in bed so gunna log out and have a good read now LOL.. :0)

  3. Wow you did well with that suitcase Christine...I have never managed underweight baggage, in fact it's always over what it should be! Bet you can't wait to get to your magazine, that will be a great read! I'm glad you were pleased with your springs...can't wait to see what you create with them!

    Carole x

  4. You amaze me! Don't understand how you got those breakables home in one piece!!!

    I think you would win the competition!lol!

    Such lovely goodies from Carol-can't wait to see what you make and such a delightful lot of yumminess on your table-just couldn't get the pic to enlarge enough!lol!


    Blessings, Shazy x

  5. Hi Christine..Like Shazy I couldn't get the pics to enlarge enough!! LOL!! That is an amazing stunt you pulled off getting all those finds home!! I don't know if I got that much in my car..
    Lovely gift from your friend too...
    Have a great week..

  6. That's my mate Christine.... ha ha....
    CRAME IT IN ! I notice that there aren't any blackberries in it then ! :-)
    x x x
    Still got cotton reels. offer still stands x x x

  7. What a nice surprise in your mailbox girlie!

    Those were really sweet prim gifts and also a lot of really cute items you crammed in that suitcase! Wow, I'm impressed!!!

    Thanks for making us drool once again! LOL


  8. You did well Christine. Methinks your a good packer :-)

  9. Don't ya just love prim surprises?! I'm totally impressed that you fit all those goodies in the suitcase and got them all home unbroken! My favorites are the red ware plate and the little jug. I can't wait to see where you place everything.

  10. How sweet of Carole! What cute little goodies she surprised you with. Prim friends are so great, so generous!

    I can't believe you brought all that back in a suitcase, that's awesome! I'm sure you had a blast decorating with all your wonderful treasures!


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