Thursday, 5 August 2010

Labor of Love

Isn't it amazing how crafting and hobbies can get right into your heart?

I know from seeing the incredible crafts on display from the many blogs out there that crafters really love what they do.It was great to have a break from stitchin' when we were away on holiday in the U.S. but almost as soon as I stepped back into my wee prim den/crafting room, I got the needle and thread out to stitch some.And while I did stitch these up to sell on 'The Primitive Shelf', I just loved sitting down every so often to sew - it was an enjoyable, calming thing to do! That's why I love doing it and I know it's the same for everyone else.
Seems like fall is in the blogging air, so I've labored away for over a week on this, a pattern bought from Country Rustic Primitives.I seem to prefer sewing by hand - if I'm honest, I'm scared of the sewing machine!!

Anyhow, I'm listing these newly stitched prims on my selling blog asap.

Thanks for visiting and a special welcome to new friends too! I love to have company!
Best wishes


  1. Hey Christine,
    Looks like you've been a busy bee since returning home. Those look great!
    I plan on taking some stitching w/me as we leave on vacation in the early morn.
    Have a great wk. and see ya when I return.

  2. I used to do so many "things sitting down"
    Always found embroidery calming. Yep.... by all means... email me and I can do :-) x x x

  3. You have certainly been busy! Yes, hand stitching is so relaxing and family friendly, so what more can a creative spirit want!

    Love those Autumn pieces-even if we are still waiting for that heat wave!lol!

    Happy stitching,
    Blessings, Shazy x

  4. Hi Christine... Lovely work as always.. I seem to do more hand stitching in the winter for some reason... Hope you have a great week-end.
    God Bless...

  5. You have been busy, you sure do great work. I love to stitch and cross stitching looks hard to me. I love yours, great job.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. hi Christine
    Oh your handstitchin' is just neat and I know coz I have some LOL.. :0)

  7. Love your new stitching!! Mike has often asked me about getting one of those fancy machines and I always say no. I think it takes the fun out of it :0)

  8. Your stitching is beautiful! I love the saying on the pillow. That would be cute to stitch up for the crafting area. I like to have personalized things around me when I craft. I guess it's for security, inspiration, I'm not sure. Haha. Anyway, as always... you're doing a wonderful job Christine!


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