Saturday, 21 August 2010

Quiet Saturday crafting...

Hello and welcome!

Glad you could visit this Saturday afternoon 'cause we're just taking it easy today!
It's warm and pleasant outside so the kids are playing with the other children in our cul-de-sac and I'm just enjoying some free time to catch up on a few craft projects and do some coffee staining.This is one of the 'prims' I've started for autumn and I'll probably keep 'him' for a shelf sitter.
Can you guess what he's going to be??!!

Seems like fall/autumn is just around the corner here too. The leaves are already turning on this tree in my front garden~
The children are back to school in a week's time, but I'm relieved to say we've done the 'back-to-school shopping.

Many of you prefer fall and i can certainly appreciate the beauty that comes with this season all around us in nature, but I think I prefer summer. I love walking about in bare feet, I love the balmy evenings for a stroll and the warm sunny days when the children can splash about in water and I can listen to them laugh and play.

Whatever you do, I hope you all enjoy the weekend!
Best wishes

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Of necessity...

It is said that a change is as good as a rest so yesterday I decided to down tools in the sewing department and pick up a paint brush in an attempt to make a new sign or too for the kitchen.
I printed out then cut out the words OLD SIGNS and stenciled in reverse so to speak as I painted over the letters the peeled them off. This was an idea I got from Suzanne's wonderful blog, Pieced Pastimes.
It was definitely trickier trying to stick them down on the wood and not let the paint bleed through but with some patience and help from the girls we got this far:
Today when the paint was dry I had stain to hand as I've been varnishing the hardwood window frames around our home, so I applied some to the sign
Doesn't look as though I got it on evenly from this pic but as I put in my post title, some things are born out of necessity.

I just can't believe the hike in shipping prices from the US on international orders.
I can fully understand why so many who are hosting a giveaway restrict it to the 48 states.
This week I wanted to order some craft goods from the US from a well known craft supplier from whom I had received goods before but, boy was I in for a shock when I saw the cost of shipping on a few bits and pieces like rusty pins, pip berry - just small lightweight items.
Can you guess the shipping on those few bits?
If you reckoned on $30 you're nowhere near right - try $69.00 - yep that much! I was horrified and had to cancel immediately in case I fainted or my hubby would have when he saw it!

So I soldiered on and made up my own stencil and there you have it, less than perfect, but a prim lover's got to do what a prim lover's got to do and learn from it!

However, I made the mistake of taking a peek on Ebay for something I would really love for our home to primify it of course!!LOL! We are talking about a piece of furniture so I found one at an amazing price - shipping not too bad - until that is I said I lived across the Irish Sea and guess what - yep, the shipping costs doubled!
Needless to say it came and went... Oh well...
But when I think of the plight of others in Pakistan where there are thousands without a home, I am so thankful for all we have - we are blessed!
Forgive this little rant of mine - next time I promise to be in better form!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

This 'n' That

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! For now the weather is being nice to us and we've had a few sunnier days in a row - so we've been out and about making the most of it. Yesterday the kids and I set off on our bicycles and rode to a nearby wood and they ended up splashing about in the river.Wish I'd thought to bring the camera and show you some of the views. :-(
I've been creating of course in between times and after a treat of ice cream in the evenings! Yum!
I love penny rugs and bought myself a circle stencil in Michaels which is great for cutting different sized circles.
So after lots of sizing and cutting and blanket stitching I've made a diamond shaped penny rug!
I got some new wool felt on holiday and love the colors.
I also put one of Carole's rusty old bed springs to good use with the bird made from a pattern by Tennessee Ridge Primitives.It's always good to get prim supplies and as well as the rusty springs I had been on the look out for 2" high wooden reels on which I can attach pinkeeps. Thanks to Michele from Soggibottom for sending me these and they will be used very soon as I've started the pinkeeps.
Thanks to all you bestest of blogging friends who wished us well on our 17th anniversary in my last post. We went out to dinner that evening and had a lovely time.

Well that wraps up things for the time being and I hope you all have a blessed weekend.
Best wishes

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

17 years ago...

I'm going to be a bit self-indulgent today and take a trip down memory lane to Aug 10th 1993, the day we were married!
It was a wonderful day with family and friends and great weather. I certainly felt like a princess and couldn't stop smiling.I don't normally do 'dressing up' as I've always been a bit of a tom-boy and would prefer less fuss but I loved my wedding dress! For me, it had just the right amount of detail without being 'over-the-top'. It was made of silk and had a small train but it was the bows and drop pearls which I really loved.So I took it out of its storage box to admire it and re-live the day and hope you don't mind if I share some photos of it with you.Little buttons down the back~And I love the sleeves with bows and matching buttons,I still have my veil which had little crystal drops around the scalloped edge with little bows ~
My wedding ring is very special and one we designed to reflect the verse of Scripture which means a lot to us in our married life together from Ecclesiastes 4 verse 12, 'a threefold cord is not quickly broken'. I loved the plaited idea of the threefold cord representing the Lord in our marriage and I can truly say we have been blessed in our 17 years together.
Thank you for letting me ramble on and enjoy the memories!
Hope to be back soon,
have a great week!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Labor of Love

Isn't it amazing how crafting and hobbies can get right into your heart?

I know from seeing the incredible crafts on display from the many blogs out there that crafters really love what they do.It was great to have a break from stitchin' when we were away on holiday in the U.S. but almost as soon as I stepped back into my wee prim den/crafting room, I got the needle and thread out to stitch some.And while I did stitch these up to sell on 'The Primitive Shelf', I just loved sitting down every so often to sew - it was an enjoyable, calming thing to do! That's why I love doing it and I know it's the same for everyone else.
Seems like fall is in the blogging air, so I've labored away for over a week on this, a pattern bought from Country Rustic Primitives.I seem to prefer sewing by hand - if I'm honest, I'm scared of the sewing machine!!

Anyhow, I'm listing these newly stitched prims on my selling blog asap.

Thanks for visiting and a special welcome to new friends too! I love to have company!
Best wishes

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Lookie here....

It's a woohoo kinda day today!! Today I loved what the postman brought - not just one lovely parcel but a 2nd lovely package!
I know others have maybe got theirs already, but mine came today, woohoo - yes, the premier issue of 'A Primitive Place' magazine!! I've had a quick look through butI'm saving it 'til I get some time alone.....!

But on to the 2nd box! I have been on the look out for rusty bed springs for a while now to use in craft projects and lo and behold my good blogging friend Carole of 'Primnraggedy' just listed some on her new selling blog 'The Primitive Crow's Nest'! (The link is on my sidebar)As I opened the box to see the springs I saw this sweet prim gift wrap paper and wondered what
Carole was up to!! Well, she had tucked in this lovely surprise package of the cutest prim items~
There are prim tags and bowl filler hearts and a heart cookie cutter as well as the most delicious smelling cinnabun tart melts, 'Amish Quilts' - just perfect!

Thanks so much, Carole for such a lovely surprise!!

A question before I go... How much can you pack into a medium size suitcase?
When I got home from 'Primland' I put all my purchases on the kitchen table to see, and this is it:
A nice little booty, methinks! And to think our suitcases were even below the weight limit...
Oh well -
I'll know for again....

Best wishes!