Monday, 26 July 2010

'Primland' part 1 and more goodies!

Happy Monday!Ever heard of 'Primland'? Well it's the prim equivalent of Disneyland for prim lovers!!lol!It's the term coined by my 3 kiddies for my treat on our holidays when we stayed in Lancaster County Pa for a couple of nights and I got to visit as many prim shops as I could!! Of course I was in my element and couldn't go from one store to the next fast enough!! I had to cram as much into those few short days as possible to make up for the rest of the year as there are no longer any prim style stores in Ireland :-(My thoughtful hubby had searched through pages of vacation rentals and found the perfect place for us to stay for those two nights.We stayed in Stony Hill Barn B&B in Quarryville. It is in the midst of the most beautiful countryside and surrounded by Amish farms. The rooms were immaculate and so tastefully decorated not to mention comfortable and cozy!
This is the twin room where the kids slept:
Here's the master guest room:I loved the quilts and primitive touches everywhere:Even the breakfast muffins were delish - the smell was yummy!This is a wonderful place to stay and I would love to go back!
But the shops at Intercourse were calling and off we went - The 1812 Gathering room and The Old Candlebarn are great to browse through - I bought some battery operated candles there and this -

I was hesitant about bringing these home but it worked out OK as I brought them in my hand luggage! Got them home intact - whew!Crocks and stoneware are well nigh impossible to find over here - well anything prim in fact.
At one store I fell in love with a burgundy colored honey cupboard but sadly they were unable to ship it and any other way was too expensive.

That's it for now as I've been on this computer way too long and the children need my undivided attention for a while!

I'll be posting part 2 in a few days so check back soon and thanks so much for visiting!


  1. That B&B looked like the perfect place! Nice and homey. Love your goodies! I would love to go there some time!!

  2. It looks like you had a very nice time and the B&B is charming! How thoughtful of your hubby to go out of his way to find things that interested you. I love the "primland" comment from the kids, sounds like my kind of place too!

  3. Oh Christine-I wouldn't want to leave that Barn either!lol!

    What delightful decor-I could quite happily roll in those quilts:)

    Love your more goodies-great job at getting those home-I'm hugely impressed!

    Looking forward (impatiently) to part 2! Ha!

    Blessings, Shazy x

  4. Wow! what an amazing place you stayed in! It looks like someone's home! Your hubby did great in finding it for you.
    I LOVE those quilts on the bed, but esp. the star ones!
    I absolutely love Amish country too!
    I love the nickname 'Primland' ~what a hoot!'
    I can't wait till part 2 either!

    Have a great wk. Christine!

  5. Hi christine
    Oh what a fantastic B&B just the perfect your buys and so looking forward to part 2.. :0)

  6. Hi Christine.. I think I need to go back there!! LOL..I could certainly fill my car up again as everyone seems to love the stuff that I have in the shop and it is going..
    You had a lovely place to stay and it sounds like you had a great time...

  7. Oh these pictures bring back memories! I live in PA and hubby and love going to Lancaster, and we went back in November before he left to go to Afghanistan. Just the two of us. We had a beautiful time. Lovely pictures!!!

  8. I would love to visit there! The B&B is awesome looking....Love all your prim finds!
    Glad your treasures made it back home OK!

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Your trip sounds wonderful and it looks like you found some lovely prim things. Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself here in the USA.

  10. It looks like you stayed at a wonderful place. I love all of those quilts too. You found some nice prim pieces, especially love that little crock at the end.

  11. Oh my!! That bed and breakfast is beautiful!! It is decorated so lovely too.

    I love the goodies you took home with you. I love cabinets with drawers. They are so adorable. I'm glad your crocks survived the trip!

  12. Hi Christine...what a beautiful place and LANCASTER is basically my second home! We go there several times a year...even though we are 14 hours west we still make the trip....I can't say enough about the area...and it's not because of the 'tourist''s the surroundings that draw us.
    Great post.


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