Friday, 25 June 2010

Friday challenge - Tah Dah!

I just about did it and finished (more or less!) the challenge I set myself on Wed. to complete a project for Friday. It's 11.15pm with us and I wanted to keep my word! We have been out all evening as we took the children to a vintage motor cavalcade - my son love all sorts of cars, lorries and tractors. It was noisy and the air was thick with exhaust fumes but the fellas just love it as the engines revved and roared up and down the road. But on to the challenge...

Remember the stars makedo that looked like this on Wed.?

I made up the 3rd littlest star and painted and stained them. I used the only paints I had in the house and am not entirely convinced they are the deep enough shade they need to be.
So there's plenty of coffee stain and a good dusting of cinnamon involved in the effort to make them aged and grungy. Not sure the photos show this up . But here they are in all their prim red, white and blue glory...I wrapped some rusty wire heart garland around them too for an xtra detail and I may possibly add a small crow as the pattern has. So here's a closer look,
In fact now I see these pics, I think more staining is needed as the red seems pinkish but perhaps it was just the lighting. It is a deeper red in reality.

Well by now it's time to head to bed - much beauty sleep required, lol! (If it hasn't worked by now... know what I mean?!!)

Oh BTW, if you recall I mentioned ordering a new Beverley Lewis novel to read on the flight, well it came today and I've been very good and not even opened the packaging yet... just to be!

Have a good night and happy weekend!
Thanks again for being the nicest blogging friends and leaving lovely comments!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Happenings and news

Hello friends!

Thanks for visiting!
My first bit of news and happenings is to give a fellow blogger from N. Ireland a plug on the launch of her selling blog, The Primitive Crows Nest. Carole is a multi talented crafter so please check this out!
I think I'm already in 'winding down - holiday mode' lol! I've started a few relatively simple sewing items and can't get around to finishing them! it's lazy of me, I know, but the weather has been gorgeous here and we've been outdoors as much as possible.
I made up this Annie shelf sitter for fun, to use up the Americana fabric -my kids are always really amused at the hair-do's I give them and Cerys had as much fun giving this doll funny hair as with any of her own dolls!

This is one of Twigs' 'Primitive Blessings' free patterns - they're great but I'm not sure how to finish it off - any suggestions?And yet another project is this - a star make-do from Tennessee Ridge Primitives which I LOVE but have to paint and stain - oh boy I need to finish something!

Right, I'm going to stop messing about and get something done so I promise to have the stars make-do finished for Friday in between packing the suitcases! So check back then and let me know what you think!

As for our trip to the US in a few days time, we're getting so excited. I love the food, the craft shops and of course primitive, country stores. Just can't wait!
The plane flight is 8 hours and I got this book to read whilst traveling but I peeped inside the first pages and it was too late! I couldn't stop reading! It's a good, lightweight read and I'll definitely read the next in the series which comes out in a couple months. ( It's OK, I've already ordered a Beverly Lewis novel from Amazon to read instead!lol!)

Before I go there is a prayer request I need to mention for a young mother who just gave birth to her son last Wednesday and 2 days later was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma and has already had surgery. Please please pray for this young mum, her husband and 2 daughters that The LORD would be a very present help in trouble.

Thanks so much for reading this and for your interest.
Hope to hear from you and will post on Friday my finished stars.
Blessings to you

Friday, 18 June 2010

Summer Sale at The Primitive Shelf!

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know I'm having a sale on my selling blog for one week only!

The items for sale there are all reduced and include postage and packing!

I will be going on our long awaited family holiday next weekend so please order within the next week so I can ship it to you before I go.
Click here to go to The Primitive Shelf
Here are a couple of items for sale~

Have a great weekend and thanks for your interest!

Friday, 11 June 2010

A freebie Americana pattern for you!

Good morning and welcome! If you love Americana as much as I do, then this freebie pattern is for you - a sort of thank you for visiting and following my blog!
I just finished this penny rug style candle mat/table runner that I designed myself and thought I could share it with anyone who is interested in making one for themselves.
Trust me, it's very straightforward and easy to do!I used some wool felt in black and of course red white and blue and some DMC floss for the blanket stitch around the border and to sew on the stars as well as 1776.

The black background piece of wool felt measures 12"x9" but you can re-size for whatever you need.
I appliqued the 3 stars on top of each other and then stitch the white lines on with three smaller stars in red, white and blue at the end of each line.I also stitched tiny little stars on each line to make it more like a firework.I stitched 1776 in the top left corner in red white and blue to finish it off!
There are variations I can think of such as doing the letters U S A in stead of stars at the end of each line or doing a longer runner with the design at each end. Just a few alternatives for you!

Please feel free to use this pattern and have a happy 4th July!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hi everyone!

Just had to let you know about this great pattern giveaway!

Check out Renee's wonderfully prim creations - click here!

Have fun!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Great weekend & MORE Americana!

Hello and welcome! What a lovely weekend we had! It was our annual Sunday School picnic in the park and the weather was hot and sunny, the fun was great and the food was yummy! Couldn't ask for better than that!I thought I'd share some photos of the park. We were on a spot overlooking the lake but sheltered beside the wall of the ancient medieval fort and keep.

This is inside the wall of the fort as it is today for the public to enjoy and below here I am in one of the lookout turrets - can you see the small aperture at my elbow? That was where the archers would have taken aim at the enemy!

This is a view from the fort towards the village and the former court house.

Here are two of my brood enjoying the slides with one of their cousins. I had a go too but we all got burns from the protective cover! Ouch!I have been trying to put out more of my Americana bits and bobs. I don't know that I'm entirely pleased with the look but here goes~

I also got this cross stitch finished and it's being listed on my selling blog today.

Well, that's us all caught up on the happenings and goings on in my small corner!
I'm so glad you called by and would love to hear from you!
Have a great week!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

What's this I see? A gift for me!

Hello one and all, thanks for dropping in - it's great to catch up as I can't believe that it's been a week since my last post.
As ever life is busy and full of activities which call us away from the computer and when the weather's so pleasant, it's a given that we want to be outdoors and my front garden is calling loudly!I received a package in the mail the other day and I wondered what I had ordered online and had forgotten about - hands up if you've ever done that!lol! Not this time however! My sweet friend Shazy of Countryprims blogspot, picked up on my love of Americana and made these beautiful items for me!The quality of Shazy's work is amazing! My 11 year old daughter even said they looked 'professional' but that is exactly what they are!

I have already started to work them into my summer decorating, though this is a slow task, just bit by bit...

Here's where I put the lovely little doll - she seemed to be made for this spotThis is a display on top of one of my kitchen cupboards - the colors always cheer me up!
Had to include a pic of my primitive shelf!!! Still love it!

Speaking of the primitive shelf, I've been busy stitching another x stitch sampler and I've just finished up this little one~ it's a Primitive Betty's pattern~Thanks again for all your sweet comments - you keep me going! I still really enjoy blogging and the friendships I find here!
Best wishes and enjoy summer,
until next time!