Saturday, 15 May 2010

Today is a new day for a post!

After a good night's sleep, and so many encouraging comments for which I thank you sincerely,
it's time to post and keep my word :-)

I have been busy with my needle and thread all week! I bring my sewing with me when I go to school to collect my little one. I need to be there early as the car park's always choc-a-bloc busy and I like to have a good spot. I finished this x stitch freebie from Primitive Betty

It's done on Aida 18ct - does that make it less prim?

Yesterday was an enjoyable day. Shazy and I met up for coffee and some fabric shopping and of course a good chat!
I got some more osnaburg and some pretty, tiny floral fabrics from Moda.Not a huge stash, but I'm saving my pennies for a big splurge I intend to have in several weeks in a certain place in Pennsylvania renowned for its quilting shops! Dear hubby is already turning pale at the thought!lol!

I've been trying for that balance between blogging and household chores and while the house isn't immaculate at least it has seen the vacuum cleaner and floor mop and detergent this week!

Another thing on my list is trying to shed some winter weight gain so I've dusted off my bicycle from the garage and headed out only to realize I'm not as fit as I thought! Mind you it's very hilly around about these parts! My posterior didn't appreciate it either, to put it politely!

Saturday is a busy day, but I just wanted to post and encourage everyone to let us know how you are doing too. Human contact, even via blogging is good for the heart!
Love to hear from you!
Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Good morning Christine, I don't have a blogspot of my own but I do enjoy reading yours and the other interesting ones that are posted.. I know it must take time out of your day to keep up with your spot. I'm disappointed that others have decided to stop blogging. The contributions of their life experiences, decor "tweaking", and just plain fun added so much to my day. Keep up the good work. Blessings, Charlotte

  2. Hello ~ thanks so much for checking up on me! Like you, I'm struggling to find time for blogging (reading and posting). I suppose having something fun or new to blog about would help :) I've also jumped on the exercise bandwagon and bought an elliptical machine. Exercising at 41 is certainly not the same as when I was 21!

    Your little x stitch pillow is so cute. I've been playing catch up with my scrapbooking.

    We've been blessed with a gorgeous day today so we're heading out to the flea market. I hope the sun is shining as brightly for you.

    Hugs ~ Tonya

  3. Hey, i wanted to let you know I am not giving up helps me keep tract of my projects and i find so much inspiration. I love your crow pillow....great job! Beth

  4. Charlotte, thanks so much for such a lovely comment! I'm glad you did take the time as I feel I've made a new friend now!

    Thanks Tonya and Beth too for stopping by as it's lovely to hear from you!

  5. Think bloggers probably think as you and I do.
    Need some exercise, the bike was a good idea. Lots of hills around here too :-)
    x x x Give my regards to Shazy x x x

  6. Just read the last comment or two, :-)
    I never have time to blog at the moment.
    Sun is out, sun is out, sun is out..... have to get out there quick in case it goes back in. :-)
    x x x

  7. love the little crow pillow. i have the pattern ,too but i haven't stitched it yet.

  8. You have been very busy Christine... Don't you love buying fabrics? I bet you are getting excited for your trip..
    Thanks for posting...
    God Bless..

  9. Love the Crow pillow Christine....

  10. I love the crow pattern! In my opinion... as long as it's grubbied up, then that's all that matters, that's prim enough. Hehe!

    I'm glad you and Shazy were able to meet up. That makes for a delightful day! There's nothing like getting to spend time with a friend... and to add fabric shopping-- that's awesome!

  11. Hi again buddy!
    Love the litle cross-stitch pillow:)You are a busy bee!

    I know what you mean about blogging. At the minute with me, it is 'as and when'. I would love to have more time, but it's all about balance. I don't intend to give it up, as I so enjoy the contacts, plus it keeps me motivated with my stitching.

    Soooo glad you are keeping with it, as I love your posts:))

    Have a great week,
    Blessings, Shazy x


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