Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Hello prim bloggers and friends! Thanks for stopping by for a visit! Another Wednesday as rolled around so I thought I'd let you see that I've managed to actually accomplish something in between times.

But guess what? That genie never showed up!!! I've just had to rename myself Jeanie!LOL!
I really did work and clean and mop and dust etc etc and you know something else?
It's all as bad as ever again!! Housework? Well, I'm thankful I can do it and that I have a family to take care of and food to eat even if there are dirty dishes after. Life is good! We are blessed!

Remember these?

I have put them together with another tea stained star to make a table top runner and as I might have mentioned - I love Americana.
Here it is~I put this together very quickly on my hallway table just to get me in the mood for July 4th!

I also finished the Stacy Nash x stitch and put it in this little frame~

What do you think of this latest creation?
As you just might have guessed by now, I love stars too. This is quite a large star pillow in lovely blue ticking and I painted the wood star black, sanded it a bit and then... I challenged my self to use hubby's drill. To my amazement I even managed to find and fit the correct wood drill bit in it. So that meant I could sew it on for a finishing detail.

There you are, up to speed with all the goings on in my prim den!

Wishing you all a great week, with a thankful heart! Thanks so much for your friendship!
I love hearing from you!


  1. Love your star runner! I'm a star collector too!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I'm waiting on the Cleaning Fairy myself Christine. She must have misplaced my address. Your x-stitch is my favorite. Great job on that girl. I like you runner too. I wish I could sew. Maybe my Cleaning Fairy can teach me to sew too if she ever shows up.
    Enjoy your day,

  3. Very the stars! Pillow is very cute. When you are done with the Genie could you send him my way??!

  4. great job !I have an obsession with tablerunners and place mats.thay are all down in my china hutch busting out the door.I had a hard time finding any prim ones so i went to pat catans and found these towles that were checkered and cut them in twos and stitch up the seams.i love them and now im not changing them as much.i used to get so bored with table that i would change it every week.I will have to try the stars one its just perfect.god bless michelle

  5. Ah yes! I love that Christine! I'm a lover of Americana also... as you know. Haha! Your display on your hallway table is lovely and it gets me in the mood to get all mine out! I'm sorry, but I'm really curious... have you ever lived in the US or have you always been in Ireland? I just think it's so neat that you would be interested in Americana. I think it would be great if you were to get one of Jody's signs. I love mine so much! She does beautiful work and well worth it! It is very much Americana!

    Have a blessed week my friend~

  6. Hello Christine... so nice to read your post and see how you are occupying your days.... What better way than sewing to your heart's content.. eh? I love your runner... I have a thing for them for some reason.. also, your pillow with the ticking is sweet.. I know what you mean about using your husband's powertools... I know I can if he would only give me a
    Bless you, Girl...
    Faye /Primitive Lace
    /The Blessed Hearth

  7. Hi Christine-you have been busy!

    Love the Americana theme and everything turned out so well. The pillow looks great in that fabric:)

    Blessings, Shazy x

  8. Just lovely dear!
    Blessings, Ella

  9. I love what you did with the stars!! And I cleaned yesterday. Not much fun at all!

  10. Love the star runner!!! I'm working on a primitive pie safe...Oh my its a job!!
    Have a great weekend!


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