Friday, 30 April 2010

My new shelf is on the wall!!

Hello friends! I am so pleased (at last) to be able to show you all my newest prim shelf which DH put up for me after I asked him ever so nicely!!! It was as well he did it and not me for a sizable piece of plaster cracked whilst he was drilling it in!! I can't believe I have had it propped up in a corner for so long but that's all to do with being a patient wife - daren't rush my man!It's just so much fun picking out prims to put on my new shelf! But I should quickly explain where we put the shelf. In our home there is a central hall which is fairly narrow and a bit dark as you make your way down to the back of the house. To the left is the dining room and to the right is the kitchen and family room. So there was a blank dull wall staring me in the face and I knew it was the perfect spot for a shelf!! I had put my favorite homespun star there (the one in my profile pic.)
But onto more important things; here it is~Now I'm showing this first for a reason, the reason being the ugly switch directly under the shelf - definitely not what I want anyone staring at! Instead I tweaked things around a bit more - and had more fun- until I was pretty pleased with the look of the arrangement and no more switch!Do you see that I added the primitives sign over the shelf to complete everything! It's one from my good friend Shazy, from Country Prims blogspot.

Here's a look from farther back and then from way down the hall nearer the foyer~

Oh and that's one of my next projects to keep tuned for: I'm going to repaint the lower half of the walls along here to primify it more! And here's just one more pic of it with the flash off to get the glow of the candle~I have to tell you about the lamp candle holder as it's very special. I have two of them and at the time I didn't know anything about primitives but loved them anyhow. We got them on our honeymoon nearly 17 years ago in August. We honeymooned on the island of Cyprus and found a special little restaurant that we loved Called 'The Gypsy Star' ( all very romantic, but please don't be sick!!lol!) On the tables they had these candle lamps so as a memento of our honeymoon we bought two and now here I am using them in my prim decorating!

In my last posts I said how much I love Americana and dear friend Angie asked if I'd ever lived in the USA and how come I love Americana, seeing as I come from N. Ireland! - so I'll explain here! (Whew, this is turning into a long post for me - hope you're hangin' in there!)
While I've never actually lived in America, I've been fortunate enough to visit quite a number of times and in different parts. Both my DH and I have close relatives who live in California and we have stayed with them on several occasions and that's when my love of all things Americana began - My husband loves to visit for another reason and that's root beer! A&W to be precise!!
We can't even get it over here so every year we have to go and get him his fix of A&W!!
And since I discovered primitive decorating we've visited the East coast the last couple of years so I can shop! You can be sure I bring BIG suitcases and pack them full!
God willing we are coming again this July to Maryland and Pennsylvania - I love to visit the Amish. So if any of you have insider knowledge re those places for prims please let me know!!

That's me typed out I hope you stayed with me!
Thanks so much if you did!
Best wishes for a great weekend!


  1. Wow, Christine, your decorating looks
    really good! I love your lamp and I am a
    big fan of A & W Root Beer! Lancaster,
    PA is a good place to go for prims!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Great idea to cover the switch. Stacked benches are so perfect. I really like that sampler you had on the shelf. The lamps are even better with the story behind them. Happy shopping come July. Yes Lancaster Pa is a good place for pims as Karen said.

  3. Never been to Maryland or Pennsylvania so can't offer any advice but I know from the Amish here in Iowa, a lot of them sell their goods from home. I'd drive on secondary roads and look for their homemade signs!
    Love the second version of the shelf. And the stacked stools. clever! ★ Linda

  4. Wow! Loved how your shelf display turned out! Looks great w/all your prim items! Can't wait to see what color you paint down below.

    Neat story about your honeymoon table lamps, how sweet!

    Wish you were coming closer to Ky. ~ I'd love to meet you! I could show you tons of shops up in Ohio and around here. I have lots of Americana decor too!

    Thanks again for 'stopping by' the other day~ you and Shazy crack me up! I feel like I have my own N. Ireland fan club! LOL

  5. Hi Christine... I loved visiting you... Your shelf looks lovely especially with the doll hanging there.. Arn't crafts wonderful? Prim ones ...they cover a multitude of sins..well, not really but misplaced
    Bless you..

  6. It looks great!Im turning into a shelfaholic I I just cant get enough and the kids say "come on mom dont you got enough stuff"i think there gonna call hoarders on just smile a big ole grin and say "this shall all be yours someday.take care and god bless michelle

  7. It's beautiful... I love how you "hid" the switch.
    Unless you say, no one will ever know.
    Be blessed!

  8. Great gathering of prims and placement of your shelf. I would love to go to the East Coast, Maine, Connecticut., down to the wharf, fresh shrimp, lobster..I'm dreaming now. Be sure and post pics when you paint your lower walls.

  9. Simply wonderful. Your placement of your prims proved to be the icing on the proverbial cake! :)

  10. Yea Christine! Your shelf looks great there!
    love how you have decorated it-all very prim:)

    Getting nearer to your hols now-I'm sure you can't wait. Lets hope there is no more ASH:))

    Have a great weekend,
    Blessings, Shazy x

  11. I'm new to your blog, and have enjoyed my visit very much. Love your shelf, and the total arrangement. Will look forward to seeing what color you paint your wall.
    thanks, Debbie

  12. Hiya' Christine ! It's been soooo long since I have stopped by and said hello ! I sure have missed my blogging pals and I am sooo glad I stopped in today. I just LOVE your new prim shelf ! I had no idea you loved americana ! We are doing an americana swap on the Prim Pals forum and I'm working on a few things to add to my selling blog too. Sure wish you were coming closer here too. I don't know much about Pennsylvania or Maryland but I'm sure we have some Prim Pals here in the bloggin' world or even over at Prim Pals forum who may be able to give ya some tips. We have several pals there from Pennsylvania. You and Shazy should stop by for a visit on the forum if you have time ;0) Ohhhh and I think the story behind your candle lamps is just the sweetest story ! Hope your week starts off wonderful !
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  13. I am residing in Lovely New England Dear. Have you been to Sturbridge, Ma ???? Loads of lovely history /americana/prims/ antiques.....
    And Yankee Candle!
    Hugs, GG

  14. Yes, I love your shelf and your nifty way of hiding the switch.. very clever! I like the benches below too. Very prim display. What a neat story about the lanterns! That makes them extra special!

    Thank you for sharing. I felt like I was prying by asking you that question, but I was really curious! Haha! My boys are root beer lovers too so I can understand about that. I wish I was closer to where you are going. I would love to meet up with you, even if it was only for a minute or two but I'm in central US... far from the coast, far from New England and all those old wonderful states. =[

    I know you will enjoy your time there so much and your eyes will be filled with so many prim goodies!!

    Have a delightful week my friend~

  15. I was looking through your blog and found this post: sounds so familiar! I think we have quite a lot in common! Feels good to have found somebody else in Western Europe that shares this love for americana!!



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