Monday, 12 April 2010

Happy Monday and a birthday!

What a beautiful day again! When the sun's shining it's great to be outside, which is where I'll be asap! But just had to pop in and say hello and play catch up. The kids are still off school on their Easter holidays until Thurs. and we've been out and about enjoying ourselves.
As a result I've put some ideas on the back burner for a time but here's some of what I've been up to with my little needle and thread.
So pleased to finish another of the Buttermilk Basin patterns and I think I'll do another one the frame them and get them on display.

I made another prairie doll and designed the apron she's wearing.
The fabrics of the doll and her apron have been coffee stained but don't seem to show up as dark as they really are.
The other little job I did was with a hammer and a couple of nails. My DH came home and saw the hammer on the counter and said, 'Oh no! - what have you been doing?' but this time I didn't knock off a lot of plaster when I hammered in the nails!lol!

I have had these plates for ages and wanted them either side of the kitchen window.Now please don't be shocked at the very bare look of my kitchen window. My problem is I just cannot make up my mind as to which kind of window dressing I should go for! So I'm still searching for ideas...
I had to wait until evening to take a pic of them both up as the light was too strong earlier.
Anyway this is a bit better...Today is another special day in our home as our firstborn, Caralyn is 11 today!! She's getting to that self-conscious stage and doesn't like having her photo taken so this is one from last year that she likes of herself!!Happy birthday, Caralyn - we all love you so much!

Hopefully, I'll get some time to post again later in the week if I have any more done!
Take care until then and thanks so much for visiting! I love to hear from you all!


  1. Happy Birthday Caralyn!!
    I love your new doll Christine. Your apron stitching is just fabulous.

  2. Love those plates Christine! I have some very similar! LOL

    Your doll is soooooo cute! You did a great job on the apron!

    Happy B'day to your daughter!

  3. Happy birthday to Caralyn!Hope she had a great day:)
    Your stitcheries look great and I love those plates too!
    Shazy x

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  5. Christine your primitives are wonderful. I especially like the flowers and the tutorial that went along with it. Happy Birthday to Caralyn!!! My daughter turned 11 in January. They sure are growing up, eesh, hehe.

  6. Oh what a babe....
    Happy Birthday Caralyn.
    Your going to keep your mum on her toes in a few years, or maybe you keep her on her toes now. x x x Enjoy your birthday... they are very special x

  7. Hi Christine...Happy Birthday to your dear daughter..I have 2 grandsons who are 11..
    Love your plates and your cupboards. Are they a mustard colour?
    You do great work with your little needle and thread. Have a good week...Blessings..
    Faye / Primitive Lace

  8. first, happy b-day, Caralyn! secondly that pear piece is adorable!!!! the doll is sweet and those plates are perfect where you placed them.

  9. Happy birthday to your daughter. That is a great picture of her. I have a 14 yr old daughter and know all about what you mentioned! I was also a teacher for kids of this age.

    I love all the items you shared with us on this post. Great job!
    My old home in Michigan was much more homey than this one in Florida. (we are leasing for now) I had bare windows for months until I decided! I had a very country kitchen in Michigan and a window similar to yours over the sink. I put a small hook into the wall on either side an attached a wire. Yes, wire, then put a mustardy plaid country styled valance on it. Yes, it swooped down and I loved it !!!

    Funny about the hammer...sounds like me!

  10. Happy Birthday to Caralyn! Love the Prairie Doll Christine. She is just Lovely!
    Blessings, Ella

  11. Your stitchery is beautiful Christine and I love the little Prairie doll...hope your daughter had a lovely birthday!

  12. Well Happy Birthday to Caralyn!

    That's another nice stitchery you're working on, love it too! But I'm really loving that apron you designed. Very, very cute! The prairie doll is adorable too. Great job Christine!

    Your plates are nice. I love stars and houses, those plates would look great in my home. =]

    I wish I could give you ideas on your window dressing.. but every single one of my windows has mini blinds with no coverings... yet. I'm still trying to decide what to do. The possibilities are endless which makes the decision making too overwhelming for me. Haha!

    Have a blessed week~

  13. I love your prairie doll! Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter. They grow up so fast!

  14. Nice things you have! And I love the prairie doll...she is too cute!

    Happy Birthday wishes!

  15. Hope you enjoyed your time with the kids off from school. Love the look of your house! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  16. I got the sweetest bday card from you yesterday! Oh THANK YOU for making my day. I'm doing a happy dance. ;-)


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