Tuesday, 30 March 2010

My 1st Blogiversary & New stencil sign!

Hello friends and welcome to my blog today! I hardly thought I'd be typing that one year ago to the day, when I timidly entered the blogging world!
BUT, I'm so glad I did!!
I couldn't possibly have imagined the enjoyment blogging friendships bring everyday to my life, but it's wonderful!I couldn't have believed there were so many kind, caring people out there, but there are, and it's amazing!

So this post is really dedicated to you all who take the time to read - and even leave kind comments.

THANK YOU from the depths of my heart!I'm not saying anything other than I am celebrating my blogiversary by some secret means!!All will be made clear later in the week!!! :-)
At the weekend I received the stencil I'd won from BeCca at Folk Art from the Harbor and was all set to paint but I was really under the weather all weekend with a dose of some nasty virus - feeling more like my self today - and got going.
TAAA DAAA! What do you think of it? I am thrilled with it so thank you BeCca for sending it all the way over the sea! Click here to go to BeCca's fab site and see more of her stencils.
I'm just so pleased that I took this shot as soon as I'd put the paint brush down so I will show you it again when DH gets it on the wall for me!

I got a couple of little items finished up, the first being this Easter pillow using a free pattern from Bird in the Hand Primitives. Just in time too!!

Thought I'd give a prairie bonnet a go and just kinda made up the pattern in my mind's eye as I went along and it's ok but not perfect...Had to hang it on the stairs to try and get it to look any thing like a bonnet or it just looked like a rag!!!Actually, seeing these pics, maybe it STILL looks like a rag!lol! Can't get it to 'pose' for me!!

Well, sweet folks that's about it for now.
Thank you all once again for all your kind words and encouragement to keep blogging.
You are the BEST!!!

Have a lovely week,


  1. I always enjoy reading and stopping by to say hello but I also enjoy seeing your projects. You are a dear blogging friend. I'm glad you started blogging so I could meet you!

  2. YEAH!!!! Its looks so GOOD!!! I can just say WOW! I am very happy to see it!
    Happy 1 year anniversary on your blog! isnt it fun??? Hugs BeCca xoxox

  3. Happy Anniversary and many more to come! xx

  4. Yay...Happy Anniversary! Way to go! I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work and creativity!

  5. Hey Christine!

    You did a great job on your sign, pillow and bonnet!

    Happy 1 yr. anniversary! So glad we met!
    Thanks for your sweet comments you gave on my blog!


  6. Happy Blogiversary....the sign turned out amazing.

  7. I don't think your bonnet looks like a rag at all! I think you did a great job on it! And I love your pillow too ~ so cute!

  8. Happy Anniversary Christine..You are doing a wonderful job blogging. I love reading it and seeing all your creative doings. I hope you are feeling better soon. Bless you..

  9. One year! Congrats! I hit my one yr right when I was moving, so I'll celebrate my 100 posts. "Blogville" as I call it, it a fun place to visit! Love your sign. It's kinda hard to get a bonnet to pose...if it's a rag, it sure is a pretty one. ; )

  10. Happy Blog Anniversary! The sign, pillow and bonnet look great. You just need to model that bonnet to get it to sit right :-)

  11. Oh girl, I know just what you mean. I have been feeling overwhelmed with having two blogs and all the many blogs I follow. I love reading what everyone is doing, but I literally spend hours at the computer and neglect my home. Thanks for your words today. They are a big encouragement for me on this day!! I have to find a way to balance blogging and my home, but I am determined to make it work because you are right-- I couldn't live without the many wonderful, sweet, caring people out there in blogland! Happy Blogiversary!!

    I love your sign! It's gonna look so good hanging up in your home. Again, congrats on the win!

  12. Take care and KEEP WARM X X X
    Think some of your weather has gone off coarse and landed here too x x x

  13. saw-weet! the bunny pillow....awwww!

    happy 1 year anniversary!!!!!!!!! i'm throwin' confetti!

  14. Happy Blogiversary! I love your pillow! Joan

  15. Happy anniversary! Your blog is always fun to check out.

  16. Awwww Christine I'm sooooo glad the bloggin' bug bit you and you are celebrating 1 yr later ! Blogging is really a wonderful way to find kind, caring, and talented people like you ! And I'm soooo glad that I did. I sometimes get caught up in real life happenings but I always get pulled back to blogging. I just couldn't imagine NOT doing it.
    So Happy 1 yr Blogaversary my sweet friend and may you have many many more !
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  17. Happy Anniversary! Your blog is beautiful! Love your sign and the pillow!


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