Tuesday, 30 March 2010

My 1st Blogiversary & New stencil sign!

Hello friends and welcome to my blog today! I hardly thought I'd be typing that one year ago to the day, when I timidly entered the blogging world!
BUT, I'm so glad I did!!
I couldn't possibly have imagined the enjoyment blogging friendships bring everyday to my life, but it's wonderful!I couldn't have believed there were so many kind, caring people out there, but there are, and it's amazing!

So this post is really dedicated to you all who take the time to read - and even leave kind comments.

THANK YOU from the depths of my heart!I'm not saying anything other than I am celebrating my blogiversary by some secret means!!All will be made clear later in the week!!! :-)
At the weekend I received the stencil I'd won from BeCca at Folk Art from the Harbor and was all set to paint but I was really under the weather all weekend with a dose of some nasty virus - feeling more like my self today - and got going.
TAAA DAAA! What do you think of it? I am thrilled with it so thank you BeCca for sending it all the way over the sea! Click here to go to BeCca's fab site and see more of her stencils.
I'm just so pleased that I took this shot as soon as I'd put the paint brush down so I will show you it again when DH gets it on the wall for me!

I got a couple of little items finished up, the first being this Easter pillow using a free pattern from Bird in the Hand Primitives. Just in time too!!

Thought I'd give a prairie bonnet a go and just kinda made up the pattern in my mind's eye as I went along and it's ok but not perfect...Had to hang it on the stairs to try and get it to look any thing like a bonnet or it just looked like a rag!!!Actually, seeing these pics, maybe it STILL looks like a rag!lol! Can't get it to 'pose' for me!!

Well, sweet folks that's about it for now.
Thank you all once again for all your kind words and encouragement to keep blogging.
You are the BEST!!!

Have a lovely week,

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Whatcha workin' on Wed.

There is a word for all seasons in the Bible and I love the verse in Song of Solomon 2. 11-13 that speaks of spring and even times of refreshing from the Lord, 'lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;
The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, ... The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give forth a good smell.' I'm so glad the Lord blesses us so abundantly and fragrantly and calls us to bear fruit for His glory.

Well , I also managed to squeeze in a little stitchin' therapy time this week and thought it was about time I made a start on some patterns i ordered over a month ago from Buttermilk Basin along with some woolen fabric. As I love pineapples, I started this first and here's as far as I've got with it~
I loved the pic in Country Sampler of the twigs and chicks and put together this little display, and made the wee chicks to hang on the twigs. Simple, yet sweet for spring and makes me smile!!:-)

Last week this very special little pillow was returned to me. I say returned because I had given this to my husband's grandmother on her 100th birthday almost 3 years ago. As many of you know, she passed away in January and I am so pleased to get it back to remember her by as I chose the 100th Psalm especially for her 100th and the verse I stitched on it really summed up her life. It was one of my earliest attempts at stitching and now it has a special spot on my rocking chair.

Today is another special day for our family as our one and only son turns 9 ! so HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID! You can see all that's left of his chocolate birthday cake because he takes after me and loves chocolate too! Scrummy! Excuse me while I lick my lips - that was good!
I'm off to consume more calories and hope you all have a great week! Thanks for visiting - your friendship is so heartwarming!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Argory, County Armagh

Spring greetings from Northern Ireland! It was a beautiful day and in order to make the most of it,
The National Trust here which looks after sites of historical and cultural importance, opened their doors for free to the public.

We decided to visit one of our nearest properties in County Armagh called the Argory built in 1820's by Irish gentry and extremely well preserved in its original state. There are also lovely walks and views to enjoy. I found this link to it which allows you to have a virtual visit so click here to take a tour of this beautiful mansion.
Here are a couple of additional pics of the dining room and hall

I love the architecture of these wonderful old places and as soon as you step inside you are transported to a different era.
Even Victorian clothing and dresses were on show as well as how the servants worked in such houses.

All in all it was a lovely way to enjoy the first day of Spring!

Monday, 15 March 2010

I Made some prim daisies - so can you!!

Welcome one and all!
Today I thought I'd share with you the easiest little project to make some grungy prim daisies.
I think they look prim sweet for spring and you could make up quite a few in no time at all!

Here's all you need:
some cream/off-white calico, or cotton or some such fabric; some different homespuns; a little bit of fiberfill,
a few twigs,
needle and thread; coffee and vanilla/cinnamon mixture.

Now here's what to do~
First cut out at least 3 different size circles - just draw around a candle jar or a small bowl and for the smallest circle I used a cotton reel.Layer them as in the pic. above.

Next take a bit of fiberfill and put it under the smallest circle.
Then stitch the three layers together around the center circle as shown in pic. below~
Then cut in towards the center circle all the way around both outer layers, just be careful not to cut in too deep, only about 1/2 inch.
Now all you have to do is coffee stain them and leave them to dry over heat or in the oven at a very low temp so as not to burn them and they should shrivel around the edges and look really grungy - just how we want them!

Lastly, attach each flower to a twig. You can use a glue gun or stitch firmly on the back of the flower head.Arrange in a basket or jar as you please and display for Spring!
Mine are really darker than shown - it just a lovely bright day with lots of natural light that makes them look 'not-so-grungy'!

I hope you give them a try and enjoy them in your home!!

I'm off now to read one of my all time favorite magazines - yes, Country Sampler Home Tours 2010!!!
Didn't think I could get my hands on a copy but my nephew came home from New York where's he's studying for a year and brought it back for me!! Needless to say I'm thrilled!

Have a wonderful week and thanks for your visit!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Spreading a little Spring about!

Hi one and all! Hope the sun's shining where you are! The sunny (but very cold) spring weather continues for us! But even if it's not, I hope by the time you've read this post you feel some warmth and spring freshness.

I managed to get a bit of crafting done - though not as much as I imagined- and attempted to do some spring tweaking! Haha - you thought I was going to say spring cleaning!!lol!

That's on the list but today was time to redo some arrangements in the house for spring.
I am in love with all the bunnies I've seen on blogs and had to make one for myself. I think this fella is more of a hare with such long floppy ears.As for his legs , ummm, I need to figure out how to balance him on two pieces of dowelling in a wood base.

I made up some eggs in homespuns real quick and put them in a rusty wire basket to put on this table~
The basket has Spanish moss in it. This was the first time I'd ever used the stuff. I had no idea it would go everywhere and break into tiny pieces all over the place! Trust me to open it up over a seat covered in a wool blanket. Oh boy, it took ages to clean off and shake out, so then I had to get the vacuum cleaner going as well.

I needed some more of it but this time I went to the kitchen and minimized the spread by cutting off chunks in the bag with scissors. I put some in around this other little bunny~Remember the little bunnies i had in my giveaway? I had to make a couple more for myself and some coffee stained eggs to go in this arrangement for the kitchen table. It really says spring to me and i'm pleased with it.Those are real mini daffodils in it. So spring has just about sprung for us!
As this is Whatcha working on Wed. here's a project I'm working on - a freebie pattern from Bird in the hand primitives - I love Robin's doodles check them out here and visit Leslie too for more whatcha workin' on.

Spring blessing for a lovely week and thanks so much for calling in - it's always great to hear from you!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Are you enjoying more spring like weather? We've certainly had a beautiful sunny spring week here and it's been so nice to feel some warmth in the sun and know that the days are lengthening.

For one reason and another it's been hard to find time to post but today there is a window of opportunity! My eldest is at rehearsals for her school's performance of 'Oliver' the musical and the other two are playing outside with neighboring children. I love it when they can get out of doors and run free.

One highlight of my week was a visit to have a chat with Shazy, some of you might know from Countryprims blog. If you entered her giveaway, you'll have seen what a talented crafter she is.

Well, take a look at this fantastic wall hanging she took the time to make for me!
Isn't it amazing - all hand stitched! I love it so much - thanks so much Shazy!

I have been trying to make some things and hopefully will be able to show you them next week.
In the mean time, here's what I got this week which could be the start of a collection of vintage sewing needfuls.

The background to this is that my aunt, who's now in her 80's, emigrated to California in the late 50's. After many years and family difficulties, she returned to N. Ireland and brought alot of stuff back with her. She never liked throwing anything away but was extremely organized.
Unfortunately she has had to go into a nursing home and my parents are now overseeing her estate and sorting through her belongings. When my mom showed me her sewing box I spotted this vintage set of needles
Can't you just see yourself in a group like these ladies?!!! I thought it was a great find!
I also got these darning wools and wondered if any of you would know how old they are?
I love the vintage appeal of them - mind you who darns socks nowadays? There are some more items I'm going to have a look through and maybe find some more collectibles - you just never know!

I mightn't darn much but I've some stitchin' to do!Hope everyone enjoys a more spring like weekend!
Best wishes

Monday, 1 March 2010

March is here!

Hello sweet prim friends and happy month of March to you all! It was a really spring like day here and I've even been in spring cleaning mood and got quite a bit done so excuse me for feeling a little pleased with myself - gets you in a happy mood too!

Well the happiness continued for me today when I discovered I was the winner of Becca's Feb. stencil drawing and I'm looking forward to using this wonderful stencil~Check out Becca's fab stencils here. I am really pleased to win this as DH is a bicycle enthusiast and collector so this is perfect for us!

Well, with all this going on I've only been able to squeeze in a minimum amount of crafting.
One project, though is nearing completion - it shouldn't have taken this long but any way, I am still thinking of ways of improving my hallway wall decor and have wanted a shelf.
So, I've been sawing some timber and adding a couple of pre-cut ends - this is how it looks so far and I hope to get it done and on the wall asap!Not much else to show you but I'll just keep stitchin' and I'll be back soon but in the mean time check out Shazy's fantastic giveaway at Countryprims.

Hope you have a great week and keep thinking spring!